This is my music collection. All original releases in various formats: vinyl, CD, VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray and cassettes.

UPDATED 24th of September 2017

Band/Artist Title Year Format Specs. Label

1349 Liberation LP Picture disc, ltd/2000
16 Horsepower Low Estate CD
16 Horsepower Live 2DVD
A Canorous Quintet Silence of the World Beyond LP G/F, red/purple marbled vinyl, poster, #18/300
A Canorous Quintet The Only Pure Hate CD
A Canorous Quintet As Tears/The Time of Autumn LP G/F, red vinyl, poster, #337/500
A Mind Confused Out of Chaos Spawn 7″EP Insert, #136/1000
A Mind Confused Anarchos CD
A-440 feat. Ted Neeley & Yvonne Iversen Ulysses: The Greek Suite 2LP G/F
Abandon In Reality We Suffer CD Digifolder, ltd/500
ABBA Arrival LP
ABBA The Album LP
ABBA Super Trouper LP Cardboard printed inner sleeve
ABBA Gold (Greatest Hits) CD
Abbath Abbath LP G/F, transparent green vinyl, poster, ltd/250
Abbath Abbath CD Digipak
Abhorrence Completely Vulgar 2LP G/F, smokey grey vinyl, booklet, ltd/400
Abigail Williams Legend CD
Abigail Williams Legend MLP Frost/black splatter vinyl, ltd/150
Abigail Williams In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns CD Slipcase
Abigail Williams In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns LP Insert
Abigail Williams In the Absence of Light CD Slipcase
Abigail Williams Becoming 2LP Triple G/F, bloodred/black splatter vinyl, ltd/150
Abigail Williams Becoming CD
Abigor Verwüstung/Invoke the Dark Age CD
Abigor Opus IV CD
Abigor Fractal Possession 2LP G/F
Abigor Fractal Possession CD Digibook
Ablaze My Sorrow If Emotions Still Burns CD
Ablaze My Sorrow The Plague CD
Ablaze My Sorrow Anger, Hate and Fury CD
Abruptum Evil Genius CD Digipak
Abstrakt Algebra Abstrakt Algebra CD
Absu Abzu CD Digipak
Abyssos Together We Summon the Dark CD
AC/DC Let There Be Rock LP
AC/DC Highway to Hell LP
AC/DC Back in Black LP
AC/DC Flick of the Switch LP
AC/DC Fly on the Wall LP
AC/DC Who Made Who LP
AC/DC Blow Up Your Video LP
AC/DC Back in Black – The Ultimate Critical Review DVD
Acacia Tills döden skiljer oss åt CD Digipak, ltd/500
Accept Accept LP
Accept Balls to the Wall CD
Accept Metal Heart LP
Accept Metal Heart CD
Accept Kaizoku-Ban LP
Accept Russian Roulette LP
Ace Frehley Frehley’s Comet LP
Ad Inferos Sinn MC Demo
Adele 21 CD
Adolphson-Falk Över tid och rum LP
Adolphson-Falk I nattens lugn LP
Adramelech Psychostasia CD
Aerosmith Toys in the Attic LP
Aerosmith Pump CD
Aerosmith Get a Grip CD
Aerosmith Big Ones CD UK press
Aerosmith Nine Lives CD
Aerosmith A Little South of Sanity 2CD
Aeternus Beyond the Wandering Moon CD
Aeternus A Darker Monument CD
Afflicted Rising to the Sun 7″EP Yellow vinyl, ltd/1000
After Shave/Galenskaparna Bästisar från Bara sport till Beige 1982-2000 CD
Afterworld Dark Side of Mind CD
Agalloch The Mantle CD
Agathodaimon Serpent’s Embrace CD
Ages The Malefic Miasma LP
Ages The Malefic Miasma CD
Agony The First Defiance LP
Ahab The Call of the Wretched Sea CD
Ahab The Divinity of Oceans CD
Ahab The Giant 2LP G/F, ltd/500
Ahab The Giant CD Digipak, ltd
Ahimsa Swig MC Demo
Ahola Stoneface CD Digipak
Airdash Thank God It’s Monday LP
Ajattara Itse CD
Ajattara Joulu-single 2005 CDS
Ajattara Äpäre CD
Ajattara Noitumaa CD
Akercocke Antichrist CD Ltd
Al Di Meola Land of the Midnight Sun LP
Al Di Meola Elegant Gypsy LP
Al Di Meola Casino LP
Al Di Meola Splendido Hotel 2LP
Al Di Meola Splendido Hotel CD
Al Di Meola Electric Rendezvous LP
Al Di Meola Tour de Force – “Live” LP
Al Di Meola Scenario LP
Al Di Meola Di Meola Plays Piazzolla CD
Al Di Meola The Collection CD
Al Di Meola & World Sinfonia The Grande Passion CD
Al DI Meola/John McLaughlin/Paco De Lucia Friday Night in San Fransisco CD
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill CD
Alannah Myles Alannah Myles LP
Albena Zaharieva Våra kvällar CD
Albert Järvinen Patchy Moss – 30 Big Ones 2CD
Alcatrazz Island in the Sun 12″EP
Alcest Écailles de lune CD
Ale Möller Band Bodjal CD Digipak
Alex Skolnick Trio Last Day in Paradise CD
Alexander Borodin/Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Polovtsian Dances/Symphony No. 5 Op. 64 CD Sleeve
Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army LP
Algaion Vox Clamentis CD
Alghazanth The Polarity Axiom CD Slipcase
Alghazanth Wreath of Thevetat LP G/F, ltd/400
Alghazanth Vinum Intus 2LP G/F, ltd/400
Alice Cooper Constrictor LP
Alice Cooper Trash LP
Alice Cooper The Beast of Alice Cooper CD
Alice Cooper Along Came a Spider CD Digipak, ltd
Alice in Chains Facelift CD
Alice in Chains Dirt CD
Alice in Chains Them Bones CDS
Alice in Chains Jar of Flies CD
Alice in Chains Alice in Chains CD
Alice in Chains MTV Unplugged CD
Alice in Chains MTV Unplugged DVD
Alice in Chains Black Gives Way to Blue CD
Alicia Keys Songs in A Minor CD
Alison Moyet Raindancing LP
Allan Holdsworth Atavachron LP
Allan Holdsworth Sand LP
Allan Holdsworth Secrets LP
Allan Holdsworth Secrets CD
Allan Holdsworth with I.O.U. Metal Fatique LP
Allegiance Hymn till hangagud CD
Allegiance Blodörnsoffer CD
Allegiance Vrede CD
Altar Red Harvest CD
Alvheim I et fjort fortid CD
Amanda Carlsson Wasting Time CD Demo
Amon Amarth Once Sent from the Golden Hall CD
Amon Amarth The Avenger CD
Amon Amarth Versus the World 2CD US press, ltd
Amon Amarth Fate of Norns CD
Amon Amarth With Oden On Our Side CD
Amon Amarth Wrath of the Norsemen 3DVD Digipak in slipcase
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God CD/DVD Digipak
Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods 2CD Box, digipak, cardsleeve, poster, ltd
Amoral Wound Creations CD Finnish edition
Amoral Decrowning CD Sticker
Amoral Reptile Ride CD
Amoral Show Your Colors CD
Amorphis The Karelian Isthmus LP Transparent green vinyl, ltd/3500
Amorphis The Karelian Isthmus CD
Amorphis Tales from the Thousand Lakes CD Digipak, ltd
Amorphis Black Winter Day CD
Amorphis Elegy LP
Amorphis Elegy CD
Amorphis Far from the Sun CD
Amorphis Silent Waters CDS
Amorphis Skyforger CD
Amorphis Silver Bride CDS
Amorphis Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes 2CD/2DVD Digipak
Amorphis Magic & Mayhem – Tales from the Early Years CD
Amorphis The Beginning of Times CD Digibook, ltd
Amorphis Circle CD/DVD Box set, poster, ltd
Amos Lee Last Days at the Lodge CD
Amsvartner The Trollish Mirror CD
Amsvartner Dreams CD
Anathema A Natural Disaster CD
Anathema Hindsight CD Digibook
Anathema We’re Here Because We’re Here CD/DVD Digibook, ltd
Ancient The Cainian Chronicle CD
Ancient Det glemte riket CD
Ancient Eerily Howling Winds – the Antediluvian Tapes CD
Ancient Wisdom …And the Physical Shape of Light Bled CD
Anders Nilsson Ariel CD
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe LP G/F
Andreas Varady & David Lyttle Questions CD Digipak
Andreas Öberg Band Sweet Soul on the Radio CD Demo
Andromeda Extension of the Wish CD
Andy Gibb Andy Gibb’s Greatest Hits LP
Andy Summers/Robert Fripp I Advance Masked LP
Andy Timmons That Was Then, This Is Now – the Best of X-tacy CD
Andy Timmons Band Resolution CD
Angra Angels Cry CD
Anita & Televinken Televinken i Barnens trafikklubb 7″EP
Ann Louise Comin’ Home LP
Anne Sofie von Otter Home for Christmas CD Digipak
Anne-Lie Rydé Anne-Lie Rydé LP
Anne-Lie Rydé I mina rum LP
Anne-Lie Rydé Det bästa CD
Anne-Sophie Mutter Tango, Song and Dance CD Asian press
Another Life Memories from Nothing 2CD Ltd
Anthrax Spreading the Disease CD
Anthrax Among the Living CD
Anthrax Make Me Laugh 12″EP Poster, ltd
Anthrax Persistence of Time LP
Anthrax Persistence of Time CD
Anthrax Sound of White Noise CD
Antonín Dvorák Piano Quintet Op. 81 & Piano Quartet Op. 87 CD Menahem Pressler, piano & Emerson String Quartet
Antonín Dvorák/A. Glazunov Violin Concertos CD Nathan Milstein, violin
Antonín Dvorák/Camille Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto/Piano Concerto No. 2 CD Rösl Molzer & Dubravka Tomsic, piano
Antonio Carlos Jobim Finest Hour CD
Antonio Vivaldi Four Seasons/Gloria/Stabat Mater 3CD
Antonio Vivaldi Music Goes On – the Four Seasons/Concerto Grosso CD The Music of San Marco/Alberto Lizzio
Antonio Vivaldi Seasonal Romance Vivaldi CD P. Vladimirov, violin; Philharmonica Symphony Orchestra
Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons LP G/F, N-E. Sparf, violin; Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble
Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons CD Orchestra stabile dell’accademia di S. Cecilia/B. Molinari
Antonio Vivaldi/L. van Beethoven/F. Schubert Four Seasons/Symphony No. 5/Symphony No. 8 2CD Musici di San Marco/Radio Symphony Orchestra Ljubljana
Anvil The Story of Anvil DVD
Apocalyptica Plays Metallica by Four Cellos CD
Apocalyptica Apocalyptica CD
Apollyon Diaboli Gratia CD
Appendix/Nirvana 2002/Authorize/Fallen Angel Split 7″EP Insert
Aquilus Griseus CD Digipak, bottle opener
Aquilus Arbor CD Ltd/300
Aram Khachaturian Violin Concerto/Concerto-Rhapsody CD Mihaela Martin, violin
Arcana Isabel CDS Ltd/3000
Arch Enemy Black Earth CD Digipak
Arch Enemy Stigmata CD
Arch Enemy Burning Bridges CD
Arch Enemy Wages of Sin 2CD
Arch Enemy Anthems of Rebellion CD
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine CD
Arch Enemy Live Apocalypse 2DVD
Arch Enemy Rise of the Tyrant CD/DVD Slipcase
Arch Enemy Revolution Begins CD
Arch Enemy Dawn of Khaos CD Promo
Arch Enemy Khaos Legions CD
Archgoat Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites) CD
Arckanum Kampen CD Digibook
Arckanum Antikosmos LP Booklet, poster, ltd
Arckanum Antikosmos 7″EP Ltd/1890
Arckanum þþþþþþþþþþþ LP G/F, ltd
Arckanum Helvitismyrkr CD
Arckanum Fenris Kindir LP Red translucent vinyl, ltd/150
Arckanum Fenris Kindir CD
Arcturus My Angel 7″EP Blue cover, ltd/1100
Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia LP Picture disc, ltd/1000
Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia CD Digipak
Arcturus La Masquerade Infernale CD
Arcturus The Sham Mirrors CD
Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel 2CD
Arcturus Sideshow Symphonies CD Digipak
Arcturus Arcturian 3LP/2CD Box, G/F, test press, poster, hardcover book, certificate card, ltd
Aretha Franklin Through the Storm LP
Ari Koivunen Becoming CD
Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One Space Metal CD
Arkhon Infaustus Perdition Insanabilis CD Digipak
Armagedda The Final War Approaching CD
Armagedda Ond spiritism LP G/F
Armagedda Ond spiritism – Djæfvulens skalder Anno Serpenti MMIV CD
Armagedda I Am CD Digisleeve
Armageddon Crossing the Rubicon CD
Arpeggio Love and Desire LP
Artension Forces of Nature CD
Artension Sacred Pathways CD
Artension New Discovery CD
Arthemesia Deus Iratus CD
Arthemesia a.O.a. CD
Arve Tellefsen Intermezzo CD
Arve Tellefsen Arco CD
Arvo Pärt Fratres CD
ASAP Silver and Gold LP G/F
Ashes Death Has Made Its Call CD
Ashes And the Angels Wept CD
Astor Piazzolla Astor Piazzolla 10CD Box
Astor Piazzolla Adiós Nonino Live DVD
Astor Piazzolla y su Noneto Tristeza de un doble A CD
Astrophobos Arcane Secrets CD
At the Gates Gardens of Grief 12″EP Printed innersleeve, ltd/1000
At the Gates The Red in the Sky Is Ours CD Digipak
At the Gates With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness CD Digipak
At the Gates Terminal Spirit Disease CD Digipak
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul CD
At the Gates The Flames of the End 3DVD Digipak
At the Gates Purgatory Unleashed – Live at Wacken CD Slipcase, patch, guitar pick, ltd
At the Gates At War with Reality LP G/F, blue marble vinyl, booklet, poster, ltd/200
At the Gates At War with Reality CD Mediabook, ltd
At the Gates/Grotesque Gardens of Grief/In the Embrace of Evil CD
Atem Raadeltu CD Demo
Atem Hiljaisuutta vasten CD Demo, ltd/100
Auberon The Tale of Black… CD
Audioslave Audioslave CD
Audioslave Out of Exile CD
Audioslave Revelations CD
Aura Noir Dreams Like Deserts MLP
Aura Noir Hades Rise CD
Aurora Borealis Relinquish CD
Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal CD
Austrian Death Machine A Very Brutal Christmas CD Digipak
Autopsy Retribution for the Dead CDS
Autopsy Macabre Eternal 2LP G/F, blue vinyl, ltd/2000
Avatarium Avatarium CD Digipak, ltd metallic edition
Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold CD
Average White Band Soul Searching LP
Average White Band Feel No Fret LP G/F
Azaghal Noituuden torni MC Demo, ltd/250
Bachman Turner Overdrive Head On LP G/F
Bad News Bootleg LP
Badmouth Blue Ribbon Days CDS Digipak
Bane Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness CD
Baptism Grim Arts of Melancholy CD
Barents International Chamber Choir Live at S:t Jacob’s Church, October 19, 2003 CD Demo
Barents International Chamber Choir In Concert CD
Baroque Bouquet Plant Music LP
Barren Earth Curse of the Red River CD
Barren Earth The Devil’s Resolve CD
Barry White Gold – the Very Best Of 2CD
Barry White & Friends The Orange Collection 2CD Slipcase
Basil Poledouris Conan the Barbarian CD OST
Basil Poledouris Robocop (Original Soundtrack) LP
Bathory Bathory LP White goat
Bathory Bathory LP
Bathory The Return…… LP
Bathory The Return…… CD
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark LP
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark CD
Bathory Blood Fire Death LP G/F
Bathory Blood Fire Death CD
Bathory Hammerheart LP G/F, insert, ltd
Bathory Hammerheart CD
Bathory Twilight of the Gods LP
Bathory Twilight of the Gods CD
Bathory Requiem CD
Bathory Blood on Ice LP
Bathory Blood on Ice CD
Bathory Destroyer of Worlds LP
Bathory Destroyer of Worlds CD
Bathory Nordland I CD Digipak, ltd
Bathory Nordland II CD Digipak, ltd
Bathory Nordland I-II 2LP G/F, red vinyl
Bathory In Memory of Quorthon – The Vinyl Box 7LP Box, booklet, poster, ltd
Batushka Litourgiya LP G/F, poster, ltd
Batushka Litourgiya CD Ecopak in slipcase, ltd/500
Bazar Blå Tripfolk CD
Bazar Blå Nysch CD Digipak
Beastcraft Into the Burning Pit of Hell CD Digipak
Beastcraft Dawn of the Serpent CD Digipak
Beastcraft Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen CD Digipak
Beastcraft The Infernal Gospels of Primitive Devil Worship LP G/F, transparent red vinyl, ltd/200
Beastie Boys Anthology: the Sounds of Science 2CD
Bee Gees Spirits Having Flown LP G/F
Before the Dawn My Darkness CD Digipak
Behemoth The Return of the Northern Moon CD Digipak in slipcase
Behemoth …From the Pagan Vastlands CD Digipak in slipcase
Behemoth And the Forests Dream Eternally CD Digipak in slipcase
Behemoth Grom CD
Behemoth Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) CD Digipak, ltd
Behemoth Slaves Shall Serve CD Digipak, ltd/5000
Behemoth The Apostasy CD
Behemoth Evangelion CD/DVD Digipak in plastic case, ltd
Behemoth The Satanist 2LP G/F, white vinyl, book
Behemoth The Satanist CD/DVD Box, digibook, posterflag, cross, pin, waffles
Behemoth/Damnation And the Forest Dream Eternally/Forbidden Spaces CD
Beherit Engram CD
Béla Bartók Sonata for Solo Violin SZ 117/44 Duos for Two Violins CD György Pauk & Kazuki Sawa, violin
Below Across the Dark River LP Purple/red splatter vinyl, poster, #85/100
Below Upon a Pale Horse LP Dim-grey marbled vinyl, poster, insert, #123/200
Benny Jansson Save the World CD
Berger Knutsson Spering Live Vol. 1 – at Glenn Miller Café CD
Bethel Northern Supremacy MC Demo
Bethlehem Dark Metal CD
Bethlehem A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog’s Ear CD
Bette Midler The Rose – The Original Soundtrack Recording LP
Bette Midler Thighs and Whispers LP
Bewitched Atrocities in A Minor CD
Big Brother & the Holding Company Cheap Thrills CD
Bill Conti Masters of the Universe (Original Soundtrack) LP
Bill Evans Jazz Masters CD
Bill Evans/Jim Hall Undercurrent LP
Bill Haley and His Comets Rock Around the Clock LP
Bill’s Boogie Band & Jukka Tolonen Live ‘n’ Lively in Helsinki LP
Billy Falcon Billy Falcon’s Burning Rose LP
Billy Swan Rock ‘n’ Roll Moon LP
Biohazard Mata leão CD
Birgitta Wollgård & Salut Kurragömmalek LP
Bix Beiderbecke The Ultimate Collection CD
Björk Debut CD
Björk SelmaSongs CD
Björk Vespertine CD
Björn Afzelius Riddarna kring runda bordet LP
Björn Afzelius & Globetrotters Exil LP
Björn J:son Lindh Ramadan LP G/F
Björn J:son Lindh Cous cous LP G/F
Björn J:son Lindh Våta vingar LP G/F
Björn J:son Lindh Musik LP
Björn J:son Lindh Atlantis – Bilder från en ö LP
Björn J:son Lindh Världen vänder LP
Björn J:son Lindh Svensk rapsodi LP
Björn J:son Lindh/Staffan Scheja Europa LP
Björn J:son Lindh/Staffan Scheja Spirits of Europa Opus II LP
Björn J:son Lindh/Staffan Scheja Europa Opus III – Bridges LP
Björn Skifs Watch Out! LP
Black Label Society Sonic Brew CD
Black Label Society Stronger Than Death CD
Black Label Society 1919 Eternal CD
Black Label Society The Blessed Hellride CD
Black Label Society Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned: Live with the Detroit Chapter DVD
Black Label Society Hangover Music Vol. VI CD
Black Label Society Mafia CD
Black Label Society Kings of Damnation 2CD Digipak, limited edition
Black Label Society Shot to Hell CD
Black Label Society The European Invasion: Doom Troopin’ Live 2DVD
Black Label Society Skullage DVD
Black Label Society Catacombs of the Black Vatican LP/7″ G/F, download card, ltd
Black Label Society Catacombs of the Black Vatican CD Digipak, black edition
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath CD Digipak
Black Sabbath Paranoid CD Digipak
Black Sabbath Master of Reality LP Embossed cover
Black Sabbath Master of Reality CD Digipak
Black Sabbath Vol. 4 CD
Black Sabbath Sabotage CD
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy LP
Black Sabbath Mob Rules CD
Black Sabbath Born Again LP
Black Sabbath The Eternal Idol LP
Black Sabbath Dehumanizer CD
Black Sabbath Undead and Alive DVD
Black Sabbath 13 2CD/DVD/2LP Box set, digipak, G/F, art print, 13 photo prints
Black Trip Radar CDS Digisleeve, promo
Blackstar Barbed Wire Soul CD
Blackwater By Day & by Night CDS Sleeve
Blackwater High Coast Heroes CDS Sleeve
Blackwater River CD Sleeve
Blind Guardian Battalions of Fear CD
Blind Guardian Follow the Blind CD
Blind Guardian Tales from the Twilight World CD
Blind Guardian Somewhere Far Beyond CD
Blind Guardian Imaginations from the Other Side CD
Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middle-Earth CD
Blind Guardian A Night at the Opera CD
Blind Guardian Imaginations Through the Looking Glass 2DVD Digipak in slipcase
Blind Guardian Beyond the Red Mirror 2LP Gatefold, blue vinyl, #173/200
Blind Guardian Beyond the Red Mirror CD Digibook, ltd
Blodfest I kong Skjolds navn CD Ltd/1000
Blodskald Vidundret CD
Blodsrit The Well of Light Has Finally Dried CD
Blondie Parallel Lines LP
Blood Red Throne Monument of Death CD
Blood Sweat & Tears The First Album LP
Bloodbath Breeding Death CD
Bloodbath Breeding Death 12″EP Picture disc
Bloodbath Breeding Death 12″EP G/F, etched vinyl on B side, ltd/799
Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage CD
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh CD Slipcase
Bloodbath Unblessing the Purity CD Slipcase, ltd/2000
Bloodbath Unblessing the Purity 10″EP G/F, blood red vinyl, #760/1000
Bloodbath The Wacken Carnage CD/DVD Digibook
Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery LP Ltd/500
Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery CD Digibook
Bloodbath Bloodbath Over Bloodstock DVD Digibook
Bloodbath Grand Morbid Funeral LP G/F, silver vinyl, poster, ltd/500
Bloodbath Grand Morbid Funeral CD Mediabook, patch, ltd
Bloodrose Into Oblivion CD
Blot Mine Ashcloud CD
Blue Öyster Cult Secret Treaties CD
Blue Öyster Cult Curse of the Hidden Mirror CD
Blues Brothers Briefcase Full of Blues LP
Blues Pills High Class Woman CDS Cardboard sleeve
Blut aus Nord Memoria Vetusta I – Fathers of the Icy Ages CD
Blut aus Nord Fathers of the Icy Age – Memoria Vetusta I LP Gold vinyl
Blut aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God 2LP G/F, blue vinyl, ltd
Blut aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God CD Digipak, #131/777
Blut aus Nord Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry LP Folder, G/F, booklet, poster, slipmat, art print, #38/100
Blut aus Nord Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry CD Digipak, cardboard print, #27/100
Blåblus Better Days Are Coming LP
Blåblus De’ e’ vi som spelar på skivan LP
Bo Hansson Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings LP
Bo Hansson Ur trollkarlens hatt LP
Bo Kaspers Orkester På hotell CD
Bo Kaspers Orkester Amerika CD
Bo Kaspers Orkester I centrum CD
Bo Kaspers Orkester Hittills CD
Bo Kaspers Orkester Vilka tror vi att vi är CD/DVD Digipak, signed by the band
Bo Linde The Complete Sonatas and Duos for Violin CD Ulf Wallin, violin; Love Derwinger, piano
Bobby McFerrin The Voice CD
Bobby McFerrin Paper Music CD The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Boletus Satanas Enter the Beyondness CD Demo
Bolt Thrower The IVth Crusade CD
Bolt Thrower Mercenary CD
Bon Jovi Bon Jovi LP
Bon Jovi 7800° Fahrenheit LP
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet LP
Bon Jovi New Jersey LP
Bon Jovi Bad Medicine 12″EP
Bon Jovi Keep the Faith CD
Bon Jovi Cross Road CD Digipak
Boney M. Take the Heat Off Me LP
Boney M. Nightflight to Venus LP
Boney M. Oceans of Fantasy LP
Bonnie Tyler Natural Force LP
Borknagar Borknagar CD
Borknagar The Olden Domain LP Picture disc, ltd
Borknagar The Olden Domain CD
Borknagar The Olden Domain LP Insert
Borknagar The Archaic Course CD
Borknagar Quintessence CD Digipak
Borknagar Winter Thrice CD
Boston Boston LP
Boston Don’t Look Back LP G/F
Boston Third Stage LP G/F
Brad Mehldau Art of the Trio 4: Back at the Vanguard CD
Bronk Bronk 2 CD Digipak
Brotherhood of Man B for Brotherhood LP
Bruce Dickinson Tattooed Millionaire LP
Bruce Dickinson Accident of Birth CD Slipcase, poster, sleeve
Bruce Dickinson The Chemical Wedding CD
Bruce Dickinson Scream for Me Brazil CD
Bruce Springsteen The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle CD
Bruce Springsteen Human Touch CD
Buddy Rich Giant Steps CD
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club CD Slipcase, book
Burzum Det som engang var LP
Burzum Burzum/Aske CD Digipak
Burzum Hliðskjálf CD Digipak
Burzum Belus CD Digipak
Burzum Fallen LP G/F, clear vinyl, ltd/3000
Burzum From the Depths of Darkness CD Digipak
Burzum Umskiptar CD
Bush The Science of Things CD
Bäckström/Hedin/Knutsson Triptyk CD
Bäsk Släkt CD
Cacophony Go Off! LP
Cadaver Hallucinating Anxiety LP
Cæcilie Norby Silent Ways CD Digipak, signed by Cæcilie Norby
Camel Music Inspired by the Snow Goose CD
Camel Moonmadness CD
Camel Rain Dances LP
Cancer Death Shall Rise LP
Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus LP
Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus 2CD Slipcase
Candlemass Nightfall LP Lyric sheet
Candlemass Nightfall 2CD
Candlemass Ancient Dreams 2CD
Candlemass Samarithan 7″EP Red vinyl
Candlemass Samarithan 12″EP
Candlemass At the Gallows End 12″EP
Candlemass Tales of Creation LP
Candlemass Live 2CD
Candlemass Chapter VI LP
Candlemass Dactylis Glomerata CD
Candlemass Dactylis Glomerata LP Insert
Candlemass From the 13th Sun CD
Candlemass From the 13th Sun 2LP G/F
Candlemass Documents of Doom 2DVD
Candlemass Doomed for Live – Reunion 2002 2CD
Candlemass Solitude/Crystal Ball 7″EP
Candlemass Candlemass CD Digipak, ltd
Candlemass The Curse of Candlemass 2DVD
Candlemass King of the Grey Islands CD Digipak, ltd
Candlemass Lucifer Rising 2LP #482/xxx
Candlemass Lucifer Rising CD Digipak
Candlemass Death Magic Doom CD
Candlemass Psalms for the Dead 2LP/7″ G/F, gold/black vinyl, booklet, poster, postcards, ltd/300
Candlemass Psalms for the Dead CD/DVD Mediabook, ltd
Candlemass Death Thy Lover 12″EP G/F, red vinyl, insert, ltd/300
Candlemass/Entombed Candlemass vs. Entombed CD Digipak
Cannabis Corpse Tube of the Resinated LP Poster
Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated CD Digipak, ltd
Cannibal Corpse Gallery of Suicide CD
Cannibal Corpse Gore Obsessed CD
Carbonized No Canonization 7″EP Blue labels version
Carbonized For the Security LP
Carcass Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious CD
Carcass Heartwork LP
Carcass Heartwork CD
Carcass The Heartwork EP CDS
Carcass Swansong CD
Carcass Wake Up and Smell the Carcass CD/DVD Slipcase
Carcass Surgical Steel LP G/F, clear vinyl, poster, ltd/200
Carcass Surgical Steel CD Digipak, ltd
Cardinal Sin Spiteful Intents CD
Carl Orff Carmina Burana CD Slovak Philharmonic Chorus, Bratislava SO
Carlos Santana Oneness, Silver Dreams – Golden Reality LP G/F
Carlos Santana The Swing of Delight 2LP G/F
Carlos Santana Blues for Salvador LP
Carnage Dark Recollections LP
Carnal Grief Nine Shades of Pain CD
Carole King Tapestry CD
Carole King Fantasy LP
Carpathian Forest Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods CD
Carpathian Forest Strange Old Brew CD
Carpathian Forest Morbid Fascination of Death CD
Cathedral Forest of Equilibrium CD
Cathedral The VIIth Coming CD
Cavus Fester and Putrefy CD Digipak
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales CD
Celtic Frost To Mega Therion CD
Celtic Frost Monotheist CD
Cemetary Sundown CD
Cemetary Last Confessions CD
Cemetary Phantasma CD Digipak
Centinex Decadence – Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos CD
Centinex World Declension CD Digipak
Ceremonial Oath The Book of Truth 2LP G/F, booklet
Ceremonial Oath Carpet LP Insert, #496/500
Chaka Khan What Cha’ Gonna Do for Me LP
Chaos Feeds Life …Strike Upon You MC Demo
Chaos Feeds Life …Strike Upon You CD
Chaosbreed Unleashed Carnage CD
Chaosbreed Brutal CD
Chaossworn Chalice of Black Flames CD Demo, ltd/21
Chaossworn Chalice of Black Flames CD
Charles Mingus Jazz Masters Deluxe Collection CD Digipak
Charlie Parker The Anthology 2CD
Cheap Trick All Shook Up LP
Cheap Trick Budokan II CD
Chelmno Under Our Cemetery CD Ltd/500
Chet Baker Cool Jazz 2CD Slipcase
Chicago 17 CD
Chickenfoot Different Devil CD Digipak
Children of Bodom Something Wild CD 1st edition w/ old logo, signed by the band
Children of Bodom Children of Bodom CDS
Children of Bodom Downfall CDS
Children of Bodom Hatebreeder CD
Children of Bodom Tokyo Warhearts – Live in Japan 1999 CD A5 box, postcards, ltd/10,000
Children of Bodom Hate Me ! CDS
Children of Bodom Follow the Reaper CD Digipak
Children of Bodom You’re Better Off Dead! CDS
Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll CD
Children of Bodom Trashed, Lost & Strung Out CDS
Children of Bodom Trashed, Lost & Strung Out DVDS
Children of Bodom In Your Face CDS
Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet? CD
Children of Bodom Chaos Ridden Years – Stockholm Knockout Live DVD Digipak
Children of Bodom Blooddrunk CD/DVD Digipak
Children of Bodom Hellhounds on My Trail CD Ltd
Children of Bodom Relentless Reckless Forever CD/DVD Digipak, ltd
Children of Bodom I Worship Chaos CD/DVD Digibook, ltd
China Sign in the Sky LP
Chœur des Moines de Chevetogne La Pentecôte CD
Chris Cornell Euphoria Morning CD
Chuck Berry Rhythm & Blues Rendez-Vous LP
Chuck Brown/Eva Cassidy The Other Side CD
Chuck Schuldiner Zero Tolerance CD
Cirith Ungol King of the Dead LP
Clandestine Blaze Fire Burns in Our Hearts CD 2nd edition
Clandestine Blaze Night of the Unholy Flames CD 2nd edition with lyrics booklet
Clandestine Blaze Fist of the Northern Destroyer CD 2nd edition with lyrics, ltd/1000
Clandestine Blaze Deliverers of Faith CD
Clandestine Blaze Church of Atrocity CD
Claude Debussy Clair de lune CD
Claude Debussy Nocturnes/Images CD
Claude Debussy Préludes and Études for Piano, Vol. 2 CD Fou Ts’ong, piano
Claude Debussy/Maurice Ravel La mer/Piano Concert in G Major CD Sleeve, Mee-Chou Lee, piano
Clawfinger Deaf Dumb Blind CD
Clawfinger Use Your Brain CD
Clawfinger Clawfinger CD
Clifford Adams The Master Power CD
Club for Five Uni CD
Club for Five Rekiretki CD
Club for Five Ihmiset CD
code Nouveau Gloaming CD
code Resplendent Grotesque LP G/F, grey vinyl, A5 booklet, ltd
Codeon Source CD
Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head CD Slipcase
Coldworker The Contaminated Void CD
Colin Hay Looking for Jack LP
Condor Condor LP Poster, ltd/200
Condor Unstoppable Power LP Poster, insert, ltd/200
Convulse Inner Evil 12″EP Insert, ltd/100
Convulse Inner Evil CD
Convulse Evil Prevails LP G/F, clear vinyl, ltd/100
Cornelis Vreeswijk Visor, svarta och röda LP G/F
Cornelis Vreeswijk I elfte timmen LP
Cornelis Vreeswijk Cornelis bästa CD
Corpse Molestation Holocaust Wolves of the Apocalypse CD
Count Basie One O’Clock Jump CD
Count Basie and His Orchestra The Best of Count Basie 2LP
Counting Crows August and Everything After CD
Counting Crows A Long December CDS Sleeve, promo
Country Road/Kikki/Christopher Country Songs LP
Covenant In Times Before the Light CD
Covenant Nexus Polaris CD
Coverdale/Page Coverdale/Page CD
Cradle of Filth The Principle of Evil Made Flesh CD
Cradle of Filth Vempire or Dark Faerytales from Phallustein CD
Cradle of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace LP Picture disc, ltd/500
Cradle of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace CD
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast CD
Cradle of Filth Midian CD
Cradle of Filth Bitter Suites to Succubi CD
Cradle of Filth Lovecraft & Witch Hearts 2CD
Cradle of Filth Damnation and a Day CD
Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine CD
Cradle of Filth Hammer of the Witches CD Digipak, ltd
Craft Void CD
Crazy Lixx In the Night CDS Digipak
Cream Fresh Cream CD
Cream Disraeli Gears CD
Cream Live Cream LP
Creative Source Pass the Feelin’ On LP
Creedence Clearwater Revival Live in Europé 2LP G/F
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle CD
Creedence Clearwater Revival Featuring John Fogerty Chronicle – 20 Greatest Hits LP
Crematory (GER) Crematory CD Digipak
Crematory (SWE) Denial CD 2nd press with fixed audio problems
Crimson Midwinter Random Chaos CD
Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash CD
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Déjà Vu CD
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young So Far LP
Cryhavoc Sweetbriers CD
Cryptic Death Enthropic Human Nature CD Demo
Cryptic Death Whores of Mankind CD Demo
Cryptic Death Black Earth Funeral CD Demo, 1st press with red cover, ltd/50
Cryptic Death Black Earth Funeral CD Demo, 2nd press, ltd/50
Cryptic Death Black Earth Funeral CD Demo/promo with two tracks, ltd/50
Cryptopsy Whisper Supremacy CD
Cryptopsy None So Live CD
Cult of Fire Triumvirát CD Digipak
Cult of Fire Mrityu Ka Tapsi Anudhyan LP G/F, poster, booklet
Cult of Fire Mrityu Ka Tapsi Anudhyan CD
Cult of Luna Vertikal II CD G/F cardboard sleeve
Cultes des Ghoules Häxan 2LP G/F, booklet, postcard, ltd/453
Cultes des Ghoules Spectres Over Transylvania 12″EP Poster, insert
Cultes des Ghoules The Rise of Lucifer 10″EP
Cynic Focus CD
Daft Punk Discovery CD
Dag Vag Palsternacka LP
Dag Vag Blöt dröm 12″EP
Dag Vag 7 lyckliga elefanter LP
Dag Vag Helq LP
Damnation Divine Darkness MC Red cassette, demo
Damnation Divine Darkness 7″EP
Damnation Destructo Evangelia CD
Damngod Humanity – the Legacy of Violence and Evil CD
Dan McCafferty Into the Ring LP
Dan Swanö Moontower CDS
Dan Swanö Moontower CD
Dan Swanö Moontower LP
Danny Elfman Instinct CD OST
Darius Milhaud Piano Music CD Alexandre Tharaud, piano
Dark Fortress Tales from Eternal Dusk 2LP G/F, limited to 486
Dark Fortress Profane Genocidal Creations CD
Dark Fortress Stab Wounds 2LP G/F, insert, ltd/500
Dark Fortress Séance CD
Dark Fortress Eidolon CD
Dark Fortress Ylem CD Slipcase, ltd
Dark Fortress Venereal Dawn 2LP G/F, silver vinyl, booklet, ltd/200
Dark Funeral Dark Funeral CD
Dark Funeral The Secrets of the Black Arts CD
Dark Funeral The Secrets of the Black Arts 2LP G/F
Dark Funeral The Secrets of the Black Arts 2CD Ltd
Dark Funeral Vobiscum Satanas CD
Dark Funeral Teach Children to Worship Satan 10″MLP
Dark Funeral Teach Children to Worship Satan CD
Dark Funeral Diabolis Interium CD
Dark Funeral Attera Totus Sanctus CD
Dark Funeral Attera Orbis Terrarum – Part I 2DVD
Dark Funeral Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus CD/DVD Slipcase, ltd
Dark Funeral Where Shadows Forever Reign LP G/F, clear vinyl, #90/200
Dark Funeral Where Shadows Forever Reign CD Digipak in slipcase, ltd
Dark Funeral/Infernal Under Wings of Hell CD
Dark Tranquillity A Moonclad Reflection 7″EP
Dark Tranquillity Of Chaos and Eternal Night CD
Dark Tranquillity Of Chaos and Eternal Night 12″EP Purple vinyl, #273/500
Dark Tranquillity The Gallery CD
Dark Tranquillity Skydancer/Of Chaos and Eternal Night CD
Dark Tranquillity Enter Suicidal Angels CD
Dark Tranquillity The Mind’s I CD
Dark Tranquillity Projector CD Digipak, ltd
Dark Tranquillity Where Death Is Most Alive 2DVD/2CD Digipak in slipcase, ltd
Darkane Rusted Angel CD
Darkane Insanity CD
Darkane Layers of Lies CD
Darkified Cthulhu Riseth – The Complete Works of Darkified CD
Darkspace Dark Space I CD Slipcase
Darkspace Dark Space II CD Slipcase
Darkspace Dark Space III CD Slipcase
Darkthrone Soulside Journey CD Digipak, ltd
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky CD Digipak, ltd
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky LP G/F, clear vinyl, #350/2000
Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon CD
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger CD Digipak, ltd
Darkthrone Panzerfaust CD
Darkthrone Goatlord CD Digipak
Darkthrone Total Death CD
Darkthrone Total Death LP/CD #1644/2000
Darkthrone Plaguewielder 2CD Slipcase
Darkthrone Ravishing Grimness 2CD
Darkthrone The Cult Is Alive CD
Darkthrone Forebyggende krig 7″EP #1350/2000
Darkthrone F.O.A.D. CD
Darkthrone Frostland Tapes 3CD Digibook
Darkthrone Dark Thrones and Black Flags CD
Darkthrone Circle the Wagons LP Insert, download drop card, #213/2000
Darkthrone Circle the Wagons CD Rough board digipak and slipcase, ltd
Darkthrone The Underground Resistance LP G/F, poster, patch
Darkthrone The Underground Resistance CD Digibook
Darkthrone Black Death and Beyond 3LP Box, white/black/clear vinyl, book, patch, signed, ltd/1000
Darkthrone Arctic Thunder LP Orange vinyl, ltd/300
Darkthrone Arctic Thunder CD
Darkthrone The Wind of 666 Black Hearts 2LP G/F, white vinyl, ltd
Darkthrone Burial Bliss/Visual Aggression 7″EP
Darzamat Oniriad CD
David Dundas David Dundas LP
David Essex In Scandinavia LP Poster
David Hasselhoff True Survivor 7″EP
David Lee Roth Crazy from the Heat 12″EP
David Lee Roth Eat ‘Em and Smile LP
David Lee Roth Skyscraper LP
David T. Chastain Instrumental Variations LP
David T. Chastain/CJSS Praise the Loud LP
Dawn Nær sólen gar niþer for evogher CD
Dawn Nær sólen gar niþer for evogher LP G/F, red vinyl, ltd/300
Dawn Sorgh på svarte vingar fløgh CD
Dawn Sorgh på svarte vingar fløgh MLP Silver vinyl, ltd
Dawn Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy) CD Digipak
Dawn Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy) 2LP G/F, gold vinyl, ltd
Dawn The Eternal Forest – Demo Years ’91-’93 LP
Dawn The Eternal Forest – Demo Years ’91-’93 CD
De Infernali Symphonia de Infernali CD
De la Soul ///AOI:BIONIX CD
Dead to This World Sacrifice CD
Dean Martin A Winter Romance CD
Death Scream Bloody Gore LP
Death Leprosy LP
Death Leprosy CD
Death Spiritual Healing LP Picture disc
Death Human CD
Death Individual Thought Patterns 2CD
Death Symbolic CD
Death The Sound of Perseverance CD
Death Angel Killing Season CD/DVD Digipak, ltd
Death Breath Stinking Up the Night CD Digipak
Death Breath Let It Stink CD
Death Hawks Death & Decay LP
Death Hawks Death & Decay CD Digipak
Death Tyrant Opus De Tyranis CD
Deathbound To Cure the Sane with Insanity CD
Deathchain Deadmeat Disciples CD
Deathchain Cult of Death CD
Deathchain Death Gods 2LP G/F
Deathchain Ritual Death Metal LP G/F, gold vinyl, booklet, ltd/200
Deathchain Ritual Death Metal CD Digibook, ltd
Deathcode Society Eschatonizer CD Digipak, ltd
Deathevokation The Chalice of Ages CD
Deathspell Omega Infernal Battles CD
Deathspell Omega Inquisitors of Satan CD
Deathspell Omega Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum: Chaining the Katechon CD Digipak
Deathspell Omega Paracletus LP G/F, booklet
Deathspell Omega/Moonblood Demoniac Vengeance/Sob a lua do bode CD
Decameron My Grave Is Calling MC Demo
Decameron My Shadow… CD
Decapitated Organic Hallucinosis LP G/F, poster
Decapitated Carnival Is Forever CD
Decapitated Blood Mantra LP Dark green vinyl, #148/300
Decapitated Anticult LP G/F, silver vinyl, ltd/300
Decline/T.S.M.E.D./Aryman Calopalenie CD Ltd/1000
Decortication Lucichrist – the Third God MC Demo
Decortication Promotape-94 MC Promo
Deep Purple Deep Purple in Rock LP G/F
Deep Purple In Rock CD
Deep Purple Fireball LP
Deep Purple Fireball CD Slipcase, 25th anniversary edition
Deep Purple Machine Head 2CD Slipcase
Deep Purple Made in Japan 2CD
Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are LP G/F, insert
Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are CD
Deep Purple Burn CD 30th anniversary edition
Deep Purple Stormbringer CD
Deep Purple Come Taste the Band CD
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers LP
Deep Purple The House of Blue Light LP
Deep Purple The Halcyon Years 2DVD Slipcase
Deep Space Destructors III CD Sleeve, #114/200
Def Leppard Pyromania LP
Def Leppard Hysteria LP
Def Leppard Hysteria CD
Def Leppard Adrenalize LP
Defleshed Fast Forward CD Slipcase
Defleshed Abrah Kadavrah/Ma Belle Scalpelle CD
Defleshed Royal Straight Flesh CD Slipcase
Defleshed Reclaim the Beat CD Slipcase
Deftones White Pony CD
Deftones Saturday Night Wrist CD
Deicide Deicide LP
Deicide Deicide CD
Deicide Legion CD
Deicide Amon: Feasting the Beast CD
Deicide In Torment in Hell CD
Deicide Scars of the Crucifix CD/DVD
Deicide Till Death Do Us Part CD Glen Benton patch, ltd
Dellamorte Uglier and More Disgusting CD
Démis Roussos LP
Demonoid Riders of the Apocalypse CD
Demons & Wizards Demons & Wizards CD
Depeche Mode Some Great Reward CD
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses CD
Depeche Mode Violator CD
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion CD
Depeche Mode Ultra CD
Depeche Mode Exciter CD
Depeche Mode Playing the Angel CD
Desolate Shrine Tenebrous Towers CD
Desolate Shrine The Sanctum of Human Darkness CD
Destruction Infernal Overkill LP
Desultory Death Unfolds MC Demo
Desultory Visions MC Demo
Desultory Forever Gone 12″EP Ltd/1000
Desultory Into Eternity CD
Desultory Into Eternity LP G/F, ltd/300
Desultory Bitterness CD
Desultory Bitterness LP G/F, ltd/300
Desultory Swallow the Snake CD
Desultory From Beyond the Visions of Death CD
Det Hedenske Folk Northland Rules Supreme MLP Ltd/500
Devadip Carlos Santana & Turiya Alice Coltrane Illuminations LP
Devin Townsend Ocean Machine – Biomech CD
Devin Townsend Terria CD
Devin Townsend Ziltoid the Omniscient 2CD Digipak
Devin Townsend The Retinal Circus BR
Devin Townsend Project Ki CD Slipcase
Devin Townsend Project Addicted CD
Devin Townsend Project Ghost CD Slipcase
Devin Townsend Project Deconstruction CD Slipcase
Devin Townsend Project Epicloud CD
Dia Psalma Gryningstid CD
Diablo Swing Orchestra The Butcher’s Ballroom CD
Diabolical Neogenesis CD A5 mediabook, 104-page book, ltd
Diabolical Umbra CD Digipak
Diabolical Masquerade Ravendusk in My Heart CD Digipak
Diabolical Masquerade The Phantom Lodge CD Digipak
Diabolical Masquerade The Phantom Lodge LP
Diabolical Masquerade Nightwork CD Digipak
Diabolical Masquerade Death’s Design: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD Digipak
Diabolique Wedding the Grotesque LP Picture disc
Diabolique The Green Goddess CD
Diana Krall Only Trust Your Heart CD
Diana Krall When I Look in Your Eyes CD Digipak
Diana Krall Live in Paris CD
Diana Ross & The Supremes/Neil Diamond It’s Happening! LP
Dimension F3H Reaping the World Winds CD
Dimension F3H Does the Pain Excite You? CD Digipak
Dimension Zero Penetrations from the Lost World CD
Dimension Zero Penetrations from the Lost World CD
Dimension Zero Silent Night Fever CD
Dimension Zero This Is Hell CD
Dimmu Borgir For all tid CD Digipak
Dimmu Borgir Stormblåst CD
Dimmu Borgir Stormblåst LP Printed inner sleeve, ltd/1000
Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant CD Digipak
Dimmu Borgir Godless Savage Garden CD Digipak
Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimensions CD
Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia CD
Dimmu Borgir Death Cult Armageddon CD Digipak, ltd
Dimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli CD/DVD Digipak, mirror, ltd
Dimmu Borgir Abrahadabra CD Box, digipak, book, ltd
Dimmu Borgir & The Norwegian Radio Orchestra & Choir Forces of the Northern Light 2BR/2CD Digibook in slipcase, ltd
Dimmu Borgir/Old Man’s Child Devil’s Path/In the Shades of Life CD
Dio Holy Diver CD
Dio The Last in Line LP
Dio The Last in Line CD
Dio Intermission MLP
Dio Dream Evil LP
Dio Dream Evil CD
Dio Strange Highways CD
Dio Magica CD
Dio Killing the Dragon CD
Dionne Reservations for Two LP
Dire Straits Making Movies LP
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms LP
Dire Straits On Every Street LP
Disco-Mackan Disco-Mackan LP
Disgrace Vol. 2 LP Insert, ltd/450
Dismal Euphony Soria moria slott LP G/F, #43/500
Dismember Like an Everflowing Stream CD Digipak
Dismember Skin Her Alive 7″EP Picture disc
Dismember Pieces CD Digipak
Dismember Indecent and Obscene CD Digipak
Dismember Massive Killing Capacity CD
Dismember Casket Garden CDS
Dismember Misanthropic CDS
Dismember Death Metal CD
Dismember Live Blasphemies 2DVD
Dissection The Grief Prophecy MC Demo, #194/300
Dissection Into Infinite Obscurity 7″EP Ltd/1000
Dissection The Somberlain CD
Dissection The Somberlain LP G/F, picture disc, poster, patch, ltd/1000
Dissection Storm of the Light’s Bane CD Digipak, ltd
Dissection Storm of the Light’s Bane LP Picture vinyl, ltd/1000
Dissection Storm of the Light’s Bane LP G/F, blue vinyl, ltd/500
Dissection The Somberlain (The Ultimate Reissue) 2CD
Dissection Storm of the Light’s Bane LP G/F, picture disc, poster, patch, ltd/1000
Dissection Where Dead Angels Lie CD Shaped CD, ltd
Dissection The Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief) LP Picture disc, #418/500
Dissection Live Legacy LP G/F
Dissection Live Legacy CD Digipak
Dissection Maha Kali CD
Dissection Rebirth of Dissection DVD
Dissection Reinkaos LP G/F, embossed cover, booklet
Dissection Reinkaos CD Slipcase
Dissection Reinkaos LP G/F, picture disc, poster, patch, ltd/1000
Divine:Decay Songs of the Damned CD
Dixie Dregs What If LP
Django Reinhardt Masters of Jazz CD
Dmitry Shostakovich String Quartets Vol. 6 CD Éder Quartet
Dokken Under Lock and Key LP
Dokken Back for the Attack LP
Dolly Parton Ultimate Dolly Parton 2CD
Dolly Parton Here You Come Again LP
Dolly Parton 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs LP
Domenico Scarlatti Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 1 CD Eteri Andjaparidze, piano
Domenico Scarlatti Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 2 CD Michael Lewin, piano
Dominion Caligula A New Era Rises CD
Don Huonot Kaksoisolento 2CD Digipak
Dr. Death Somewhere in Nowhere CD Slipcase, poster, ltd/3000
Dr. Hook Rising LP
Draconian Turning Season Within/Where Lovers Mourn 2CD Digipak
Dragonlord Rapture CD
Dragonlord Black Wings of Destiny CD Digipak
Draugnim Horizons Low CD
Draupner Draupner CD
Draupner Arvet CD
Dream Theater When Dream and Day Unite CD
Dream Theater Images and Words CD
Dream Theater Awake CD
Dream Theater A Change of Seasons CD
Dream Theater Falling Into Infinity CD
Dream Theater Once in a Livetime 2CD
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes from a Memory CD
Dream Theater Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York DVD
Dream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence 2CD
Dream Theater Train of Thought CD
Dream Theater Octavarium CD
Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events CD
Drottnar Welterwerk CD
Dweezil Zappa My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama LP
Dweezil Zappa Zappa Plays Zappa CD
Dååth The Concealers CD
Dødheimsgard Kronet til konge CD Cardboard sleeve, promo, flyer, ltd/500
Dødheimsgard Kronet til konge LP Red vinyl, insert, flyers
Dødheimsgard Kronet til konge CD
Dødheimsgard Kronet til konge LP
Dødheimsgard Kronet til konge 2CD Digipak
Dødheimsgard Monumental Possession CD Digipak
Eagles The Long Run LP G/F
Earth, Wind & Fire All N’ All LP G/F
Earth, Wind & Fire Faces 2LP G/F
Earth, Wind & Fire Raise! LP G/F
Earth, Wind & Fire Powerlight LP
Earth, Wind & Fire Heritage LP
Earth, Wind & Fire Plugged In and Live CD
Earth, Wind & Fire Original Album Classics 5CD Box, incl. “That’s…”, “Gratitude”, “Spirit”, “All…” and “I Am”
Ebba Grön 1978-1982 CD 1st press without barcode
Eclipse Bleed and Scream CDS Digipak
Edge of Sanity Kur-Nu-Gi-A LP Picture disc
Edge of Sanity Nothing But Death Remains LP
Edge of Sanity Nothing But Death Remains CD
Edge of Sanity Unorthodox LP
Edge of Sanity Unorthodox CD
Edge of Sanity The Spectral Sorrows CD
Edge of Sanity Until Eternity Ends CD
Edge of Sanity Purgatory Afterglow CD
Edge of Sanity Crimson CD
Edge of Sanity Infernal CD
Edge of Sanity Cryptic CD
Edge of Sanity Evolution 2CD
Edge of Sanity Crimson II CD
Edguy Vain Glory Opera CD
Edguy King of Fools CD
Édouard Lalo/Pablo de Sarasate Symphonie Espagnole/Zigeunerweisen CD Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin
Edward Elgar/Ralph Vaughan-Williams Violin Concerto/The Lark Ascending CD Hilary Hahn, violin; London SO
Edvard Grieg Lyric Pieces Vol. 1 CD Marián Lapsanský, piano
Edvard Grieg Lyric Pieces Vol. 2 CD Marián Lapsanský, piano
Edvard Grieg Lyric Pieces Vol. 3 CD Marián Lapsanský, piano
Edvard Grieg/F. Chopin Piano Concerto/Piano Concerto No. 1 CD Olli Mustonen, piano/San Francisco Symphony
Edvard Grieg/Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Peer Gynt Suites I & II/Serenade for Strings CD Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra/Peter Stern
Edvard Grieg/Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto/Piano Concerto No. 2 CD Georges Cziffra, piano
Edward MacDowell Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 CD Stephen Prutsman, piano
Edward MacDowell Piano Music Vol. 4 CD James Barbagallo, piano
Eikind Vargtime CDS
Einojuhani Rautavaara Vigilia 2CD Slipcase, Finnish Radio Chamber Choir/T. Nuoranne
Eld Primeval Vespers CD
Eldkvarn Pojkar, pojkar, pojkar CD
Electric Banana Band Pelikanen 12″EP
Electric Banana Band Electric Banana Tajm CD
Electric Boys Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride LP
Electric Boys Are You Ready to Believe CDS Digipak, promo
Electric Light Orchestra A New World Record LP
Electric Light Orchestra Out of the Blue 2LP G/F
Electric Light Orchestra Discovery LP G/F
Electric Light Orchestra Greatest Hits CD
Electric Light Orchestra Time LP
Electric Light Orchestra Secret Messages LP
Electric Light Orchestra Balance of Power LP
Electric Light Orchestra/Olivia Newton-John Xanadu (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP G/F
Elimi Summoned from Ashes CD
Ella Fitzgerald Forever Ella CD
Ella Fitzgerald Duplex Collection CD Slipcase
Ella Henderson Chapter One CD Slipcase
Elvis Presley Love Songs (16 Original Songs) LP
Elvis Presley Elvis 2nd to None CD
Eläkeläiset Pahvische CD Digipak
Embraced Amorous Anathema CD
Embraced Within CD
Emerson, Lake & Palmer In Concert LP
Eminem The Eminem Show CD
Emperor Wrath of the Tyrant LP Poster, signed by the band, #643/666
Emperor Wrath of the Tyrant CD
Emperor Emperor 12″EP
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse CD
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse LP G/F, ltd/2000
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse LP Picture disc, ltd/500
Emperor Reverence CD Ltd
Emperor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk CD
Emperor IX Equilibrium CD Slipcase
Emperor Emperial Live Ceremony CD Slipcase
Emperor Emperial Live Ceremony DVD
Emperor Prometheus – The Discipline of Fire & Demise CD
Emperor Thus Spake the Nightspirit/Inno a Satana 7″EP Golden vinyl, ltd/2000
Emperor Live at Wacken Open Air 2006 – ‘A Night of Emperial Wrath’ DVD
Emperor/Enslaved Emperor/Hordanes land CD
Enforcer Death by Fire CD
Ensiferum Ensiferum CD
Enslaved Yggdrasill MC Demo
Enslaved Yggdrasill LP Ltd
Enslaved Yggdrasill CD
Enslaved Frost CD 1st press with embossed logo, ltd
Enslaved Eld 2LP G/F, #135/1500
Enslaved Eld CD
Enslaved Blodhemn CD
Enslaved Live Retaliation DVD
Enslaved Vikingligr veldi/Hordanes land 2CD
Enslaved Isa CD Slipcase
Enslaved Vertebrae CD
Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini CD/7″ G/F 7″ digibook, ltd
Enslaved In Times 2LP Gatefold, gold vinyl, #5/200
Enthroned Carnage in Worlds Beyond CD Slipcase, ltd
Entombed But Life Goes On MC Demo, 1st press, crystal clear tape, couche booklet
Entombed Left Hand Path CD
Entombed Clandestine LP Insert
Entombed Clandestine CD
Entombed Stranger Aeons 12″EP
Entombed Wolverine Blues CD
Entombed Hollowman CD
Entombed Wreckage CD
Entombed Monkey Puss (Live in London) CD
Entombed Same Difference CD
Entombed Uprising CD
Entombed Morning Star CD
Entombed Inferno CD
Entombed Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments CD Slipcase
Entombed/The New Bomb Turks Split 7″EP
Entrails Human Decay CD Demo, #35/50
Entrails Obliteration LP G/F, red vinyl, ltd/200
Eric Clapton Backless LP G/F
Eric Clapton Another Ticket LP
Eric Clapton Money and Cigarettes LP
Eric Ericson Europäische Chormusik aus fünf Jahrhunderten 4LP Box set, booklet, Stockholms radio- och kammarkör
Eric Ericsons Kammarkör Live in Concert CD Sleeve
Eric Ericsons Kammarkör/Svend Asmussen Kammarkören & Eric Ericson möter Svend Asmussen igen LP
Eric Gadd Spirit CD
Eric Johnson Venus Isle CD
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Musica Sacra CD
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Across the Bridge of Hope CD
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble A Star Is Shining CD
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Liszt: Via Crucis/Scarlatti: Stabat Mater CD Demo
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Musikaliska uttryck kring Östersjön CD Demo
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Vårnatt CD Demo
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Pater Cælestis/Terra Mater/Vox Humana 3CD Digipak
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Arabesques CD Digipak
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Dreamlike CD Digipak, slipcase, booklet, 1st press, ltd/100
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Originals CD Digipak in slipcase, booklet
Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble Vita Nuova CD Digipak
Ernest Chausson/Saint-Saëns/Leclair/Locatelli Poème/Introduction, Rondo capriccioso/Two Sonatas LP David Oistrakh, violin; Boston Symphony Orchestra
Esbjörn Hazelius Blunda och du ska få se CD
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Winter in Venice CD
Essenz Mundus Numen LP G/F, poster, ltd/250
Eternal Oath Wither CD
Eternal Tears of Sorrow The Last One for Life CDS
Eucharist A Velvet Creation CD
Eucharist Mirrorworlds CD
Europe Europe CD
Europe Wings of Tomorrow LP
Europe Rock the Night 7″EP
Europe Rock the Night 12″EP
Europe The Final Countdown 12″EP
Europe The Final Countdown LP
Europe The Final Countdown CD
Europe Superstition 12″EP
Europe Out of This World LP
Europe Out of This World CD
Europe Prisoners in Paradise CD
Europe Start from the Dark CD
Europe Last Look at Eden CD Green Collector’s Edition
Europe Live! at Shepherd’s Bush, London BR/CD
Europe Bag of Bones CD
Europe War of Kings LP Gatefold
Europe Almost Unplugged CD
Eurythmics Revenge LP
Eva Cassidy Live at Blues Alley CD
Eva Cassidy Eva by Heart CD
Eva Cassidy Time After Time CD
Eva Cassidy Imagine CD
Eva Cassidy American Tune CD
Eva Dahlgren Tvillingskäl LP
Eva Dahlgren Ett fönster mot gatan LP
Eva Dahlgren En blekt blondins hjärta CD
Evanescence Anywhere But Home CD/DVD
Evemaster III CD
Evergrey A Night to Remember – Live 2004 2CD Slipcase
Evgeny Kissin Carnegie Hall Debut Concert 2CD
Evile Five Serpent’s Teeth CD
Evoke/Mordbrand Split LP LP Green vinyl, ltd/100
Evoken A Caress of the Void CD
Excretion Voice of Harmony CD
Exivious Exivious CD Digibox, unique poster, #879/1000
Explorers Club Age of Impact CD
Explorers Club Raising the Mammoth CD
Extreme Extreme II: Pornograffitti (A Funked Up Fairy Tale) LP
Extreme Extreme II: Pornograffitti (A Funked Up Fairy Tale) CD
Extreme Waiting for the Punchline CD
Face Down The Twisted Rule the Wicked CD
Face Down The Will to Power CD/DVD Ltd
Faith No More Introduce Yourself LP
Faith No More Introduce Yourself CD
Faith No More The Real Thing CD
Faith No More Live at the Brixton Academy CD
Faith No More Angel Dust CD
Faith No More A Small Victory (Remixed by Youth) CDS
Faith No More I’m Easy/Be Aggressive CDS
Faith No More King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime CD
Faith No More Album of the Year CD
Faith No More Who Cares a Lot? – the Greatest Hits CD
Falkenbach Heralding – the Fireblade CD
Fastway Waiting for the Roar LP
Fastway On Target LP
Fatal Smile Welcome to the Freakshow CDS Digipak
Fate Fate LP
Fate A Matter of Attitude LP
Fate Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ LP
Fear Factory Demanufacture CD
Felix Mendelssohn Songs Without Words, Vol. 1 CD Daniela Ruso, piano
Felix Mendelssohn/Jean Sibelius Violin Concertos LP J. Heifetz, violin; London Philharmonic Orchestra
Felix Mendelssohn/Johannes Brahms Violin Concertos CD A-S. Mutter, violin; Berliner Philharmoniker
Fellwoods Wulfram LP Insert, ltd/300
Fenriz’ Red Planet/Nattefrost Engangsgrill LP
Ferrigno/Leal/Kuprij Promised Land CD
Ferruccio Busoni Complete Recordings CD Ferroccio Busoni and his pupils, piano
Ferruccio Busoni Piano Music Vol. 1 CD Wolf Harden, piano
Fides Inversa Hanc Aciem Sola Retundit Virtus (The Algolagnia Divine) LP Ltd/300
Fides Inversa Hanc Aciem Sola Retundit Virtus (The Algolagnia Divine) CD Ltd/500
Finntroll Midnattens widunder CD
Finntroll Trollhammaren CDS
Finntroll Nattfödd CD Printed jewelcase
Finntroll Ur jordens djup CD
Finntroll Nifelvind LP/CD G/F, poster, ltd
Finntroll Blodsvept CD
Firespawn Shadow Realms LP/CD G/F, poster
Firewind Wall of Sound CDS Digipak
Flagellant Morbus Nefastus 12″EP Insert, ltd
Fleetwood Mac Everywhere 12″EP
Fleshquartet Fire Fire CD
Fleurety Min tid skal komme CD Ltd/1500
Fleurety Min tid skal komme CD
Flotsam and Jetsam Doomsday for the Deceiver LP
Flotsam and Jetsam No Place for Disgrace LP
Flyers Flyers LP
Focus At the Rainbow LP G/F
Foo Fighters Foo Fighters CD
Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape CD Digipak
Foo Fighters Learn to Fly Part 1 CDS
Foo Fighters One by One CD/DVD Black cover, ltd
Foo Fighters In Your Honor 2CD
Foo Fighters Skin and Bones CD
Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace CD
Foo Fighters Live at Wembley Stadium BR
Foo Fighters Greatest Hits CD/DVD Digipak
Foo Fighters Wasting Light CD Digipak
Foo Fighters Sonic Highways CD G/F cardboard sleeve
Forbidden Twisted Into Form CD
Foreigner Head Games LP
Foreigner 4 LP
Fortíd Völuspá Part I – Thor’s Anger LP Ltd
Fortíd Völuspá Part I – Thor’s Anger CD
Fortíd Völuspá Part II: the Arrival of Fenris CD
Fortíd Völuspá Part III: Fall of the Ages CD
Fortíd Pagan Prophecies CD Digipak
Fragile Vastness Excerpts… CD
Fragile Vastness A Tribute to Life 2CD Digipak
Francis Poulenc Complete Chamber Music Vol. 1 CD
Franck Pourcel and the National Philharmonic Orchestra Romancing with Strauss LP
Frank Boggs Spirituals LP
Frank Lind/Anders Åstrand Pleasant Meeting CD
Frank Sinatra The Christmas Album CD
Frank Sinatra Night and Day 2CD Slipcase
Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack The Rat Pack DVD/CD
Frank Zappa Strictly Commercial – the Best of Frank Zappa CD
Franz Liszt 13 Schubert-Lieder/Piano Transcriptions CD Anna Malikova, piano
Franz Liszt Complete Piano Music, Vol. 1 CD Arnaldo Cohen, piano
Franz Liszt Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2/Sonata in B Minor CD John Ogdon, piano
Franz Liszt Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2/Totentanz CD Boris Berezovsky, piano
Franz Liszt Piano Concertos, Totentanz, Hungarian Fantasy CD Georges Cziffra, piano
Franz Liszt Piano Sonata in B Minor CD Jeno Jando, piano
Franz Liszt Pianotranskriptioner av Beethovens symfonier nr 1 & 3 CD Niklas Sivelöv, piano
Franz Liszt/D. Scarlatti/F. Chopin Sonata in B Minor/2 Sonatas/Mazurka No. 32 CD Vladimir Horowitz, piano
Franz Liszt/Franz Schubert Piano Concerto, Hungarian Rhapsodies & La campanella/Sonata CD Mischa Levitzki, piano
Franz Liszt/Johannes Brahms Fantasia and Fugue & Variations/Variations and Fugue CD Michael Ponti, piano
Franz Schubert Symphony No. 9 “The Great” CD Philharmonia Cassovia/Johannes Wildner
Franz Schubert The Greatest Classical Hits CD
Franz Schubert The Unfinished CD Berliner Festspielorchester/Vladimir Petroschoff
Franz Schubert Trout Quintet/the Shepherd on the Rock CD The Nash Ensemble
Freak Kitchen Appetizer CD
Freak Kitchen Spanking Hour CD
Freak Kitchen Freak Kitchen CD
Freak Kitchen Dead Soul Men CD
Freak Kitchen Move CD
Freak Kitchen Organic CD/DVD
Freak Kitchen Land of the Freaks CD
Freak Kitchen Cooking With Pagans CD
Fred Åkerström Guldkorn CD
Fred Åkerström Det bästa 2CD
Frédéric Chopin 4 Ballades/4 Scherzi CD István Székely, piano
Frédéric Chopin Etudes (Complete) CD István Székely, piano
Frédéric Chopin Etudes Op. 10 & Op. 25 CD Claudio Arrau
Frédéric Chopin Etudes Op. 10 & Op. 25 CD Idil Biret, piano
Frédéric Chopin Greatest Hits LP
Frédéric Chopin Etudes Op. 10 & Op. 25 CD Slipcase, Wilhelm Backhaus, piano
Frédéric Chopin Mazurkas CD Sándor Falvay, piano
Frédéric Chopin Nocturnes CD Artur Rubinstein, piano
Frédéric Chopin Nocturnes (Complete) Vol. 1 CD Idil Biret, piano
Frédéric Chopin Nocturnes Nos. 1-10/4 Impromptus CD Peter Schmalfuss & Dubravka Tomsic, piano
Frédéric Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1/Polonaise/Etudes/Grande Valse Brilliante CD Dieter Goldmann & Peter Schmalfuss, piano
Frédéric Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Minor LP E. Gilels, piano; Philadelphia Orchestra/E. Ormandy
Frédéric Chopin Piano Sonatas (Complete) CD Idil Biret, piano
Frédéric Chopin Polonaises CD Sándor Falvay, piano
Frédéric Chopin Preludes & Waltzes CD Alfred Cortot, piano
Frédéric Chopin The Romantic Chopin CD
Frédéric Chopin Waltzes (Complete) CD István Székely, piano
Frédéric Chopin/Joseph Haydn Piano Concerto No. 2/Piano Concerto No. 11 CD Sleeve, Dubravka Tomsic, piano
Frédéric Chopin/Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1/Symphony No. 3 DVD T. Barto, piano / Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana
Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects Sol Niger Within CD
Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects Sol Niger Within 2LP Triple G/F, “Lacquer Cut”, matte vinyl, insert, ltd/500
Free Ride Outlaw Stories CD Demo
Free Style Fantasi LP
Frej Lindqvist Nya äventyr med Paddington LP
Freternia/Persuader Swedish Metal Triumphators Vol. 1 CD Digipak
Frifot Sluring CD Digipak
Fritz Kreisler Kreisler Plays Kreisler CD
Fritz Kreisler & Sergei Rachmaninoff Beethoven/Schubert/Grieg: Violin Sonatas CD
Funeral Mist Devilry CD Ltd/500
Funeral Mist Maranatha 2LP G/F, A5 poster, insert
Funkadelic Funkadelic CD Slipcase
G3 Live: Rockin’ in the Free World 2CD
Gabriela Montero Bach and Beyond CD
Gabriela Montero Baroque CD Digipak
Galenskaparna och After Shave Macken 7″EP
Gamma Ray Valley of the Kings CD
Gardenian Two Feet Stand CD
Gardenian Soulburner CD
Garmarna Vittrad CD
Gary Moore Corridors of Power LP
Gary Moore Dirty Fingers LP
Gary Moore We Want Moore! 2LP G/F
Gary Moore Run for Cover LP
Gary Moore Run for Cover CD
Gary Moore Wild Frontier LP
Gary Moore After the War LP
Gary Moore Still Got the Blues LP
Gary Moore After Hours CD
Gary Moore Have Some Moore – the Best Of 2CD
Gary Moore Scars CD
Gary Moore/Phil Lynott Out in the Fields 12″EP
Gasolin’ Supermix LP G/F
Gates of Ishtar The Dawn of Flames LP/CD G/F, red vinyl, insert, ltd/400
Gates of Ishtar At Dusk and Forever LP/CD G/F, silver vinyl, insert, ltd/400
Gehenna Ancestor of the Darkly Sky 7″EP #875/1000
Gehenna First Spell MLP Booklet, poster, #642/666
Gehenna First Spell CD
Gehenna Seen Through the Veils of Darkness… the 2nd Spell… LP G/F, ltd/700
Gehenna Malice CD
Gehenna Adimiron Black CD
Gehenna WW CD
Gehenna WW LP
Gehenna Unravel LP
Gehennah No Fucking Christmas! 7″EP Golden vinyl, #4/500
Gehennah No Fucking Christmas! 12″EP Lyrics insert, #362/1000
Gehennah Decibel Rebel CD
Gehennah Metal Police 7″EP 1st pressing, lyric/photo insert, ltd/500
Gehennah Metal Police LP Gatefold, silver-black marbled vinyl, ltd/333
Genesis A Trick of the Tail LP G/F
Genesis Seconds Out 2LP G/F
Genesis Duke LP G/F
Genesis Invisible Touch LP
Georg Friedrich Händel Harpsichord Suites Nos. 1-4 LP Glenn Gould, harpsichord
Georg Wadenius Cleo 2 CD Digipak, signed by the whole band
Georg Wadenius & Trio X Psalmer CD Digipak, signed by Wadenius
George Benson Breezin’ LP
George Benson In Your Eyes LP
George Benson Love for Sale LP
George Benson 20/20 LP
George Benson While the City Sleeps… LP
George Benson Twice the Love LP
George Benson Lil Darlin’ LP
George Gershwin/Cole Porter The Best of Broadway LP
George Harrison Extra Texture (Read All About It) LP Die-cut sleeve
George Michael Faith LP
George Michael Faith CD
Georges Cziffra Georges Cziffra DVD
Gerald Finzi Clarinet Concerto/Five Bagatelles CD Robert Plane, clarinet
Ghost Elizabeth 7″EP Ltd
Ghost Opus Eponymous LP G/F, 1st press, purple vinyl, ltd/300
Ghost Opus Eponymous LP G/F, 1st press, red/white/blue vinyl, ltd/300
Ghost Opus Eponymous CD Slipcase
Ghost Secular Haze 10″EP Ltd/800
Ghost Year Zero 10″EP Green transparent vinyl, ltd/1500
Ghost Infestissumam LP G/F, clear vinyl, booklet, ltd/2000
Ghost Infestissumam CD Signed by the band
Ghost Infestissumam Redux 2CD Digibook, ltd/3000
Ghost If You Have Ghost 12″EP
Ghost Meliora LP G/F, bloodred vinyl, #434/666
Ghost Meliora CD
Ghost B.C. Infestissumam CD
Gibson Brothers “Que sera mi vida” and Other Single Smash Hits LP
Gillan Glory Road 2LP Ltd
Gillan Double Trouble 2LP G/F
Gillan & Glover Accidentally on Purpose LP
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Missa l’homme armé (a 5 voci) CD
Gipsy Kings Mosaïque LP
Gipsy Kings Gipsy Kings LP
Gipsy Kings Este mundo CD
Gipsy Kings Tierra Gitana & Live in Concert DVD
Glenn Miller A Memorial 1944-1969 2LP G/F
Gloria Estefan Destiny CD
Gloria Gaynor Glorious LP
Glorior Belli The Great Southern Darkness CD
Gluecifer Soaring with the Eagles at Night to Rise with the Pigs in the Morning CD
Gnarls Barkley St. Elsewhere CD/DVD
Goatwhore Carving Out the Eyes of God CD
God Macabre The Winterlong LP
God Seed I Begin LP G/F, grey vinyl, ltd/1000
Godgory Resurrection CD
Godgory Way Beyond CD
Golden Dawn The Art of Dreaming CD Digipak
Gorefest Soul Survivor CD
Gorgoroth Incipit Satan CD
Gorgoroth Twilight of the Idols – In Conspiracy with Satan CD
Gorgoroth Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam CD
Gorgoroth Bergen 1996 CD Digipak
Gotham City The Unknown LP
Gotthard Firebirth CD Digipak, ltd
Gov’t Mule LIVE… with a Little Help from Our Friends 2CD
Gov’t Mule The Deep End Vol 1 & Vol 2/Hidden Treasures 3CD
Gov’t Mule The Best of the Capricorn Years (& Rarities) 2CD
Gov’t Mule Life Before Insanity/Dose 2CD
Grá Helfärd CD Ltd
Grand Magus Grand Magus CD
Grand Magus Grand Magus LP G/F, transparent black marble vinyl
Grand Magus Monument CD
Grand Magus Wolf’s Return CD
Grand Magus Iron Will LP Black sparkle vinyl, insert, poster, ltd/300
Grand Magus Iron Will CD Slipcase
Grand Magus Hammer of the North LP G/F
Grand Magus Hammer of the North CD/DVD Digipak, ltd
Grand Magus The Hunt CD Slipcase, patch, ltd
Grand Magus Triumph and Power LP G/F, white vinyl, poster, #237/250
Grand Magus Triumph and Power CD
Grand Magus Sword Songs LP G/F, white vinyl, ltd/500
Grand Magus Sword Songs CD Digipak, ltd
Grave Into the Grave CD
Grave You’ll Never See CD
Grave Soulless CD
Grave Digger War Games LP
Grave Digger The Grave Digger CD Digipak, ltd
Graveyard Hisingen Blues LP
Graveyard Hisingen Blues CD Digipak
Graveyard Lights Out LP Insert
Graveyard Lights Out CD Digipak, autographs by whole band on booklet
Graveyard Innocence & Decadence LP G/F
Graveyard Innocence & Decadence CD G/F cardboard sleeve
Green Carnation A Blessing in Disguise CD
Green Carnation The Quiet Offspring CD Digipak, ltd
Green Carnation The Acoustic Verses CD
Greg Howe Greg Howe LP
Greg Howe Introspection CD
Grief of Emerald Malformed Seed CD
Grift Fyra elegier CD
Grift Syner CD Digisleeve
Grotesque Incantation MLP
Grotesque In the Embrace of Evil LP Red splatter vinyl, insert
Groupa Fjalar CD
Gruesome Savage Land LP Bloodred vinyl, insert, ltd/500
Gruesome Dimensions of Horror CD
Guns n’ Roses Appetite for Destruction LP
Guns n’ Roses Appetite for Destruction CD
Guns n’ Roses G N’ R Lies CD
Guns n’ Roses Use Your Illusion I CD
Guns n’ Roses Use Your Illusion II CD
Guns n’ Roses Use Your Illusion II MC
Guns n’ Roses You Could Be Mine CDS
Guns n’ Roses Live in Chicago DVD
Gustav Holst The Planets CD Berliner Philharmoniker/Herbert von Karajan
Gustav Mahler Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4 2CD
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 8 CD Gothenburg Opera & Symphony Orchestra/N. Järvi
Gustav Mahler Symphonies Nos. 9 & 10 2CD
Gåte Jygri 2CD Slipcase, ltd
Gåte Iselilja CD
Gösta Linderholm Jordsmak LP
Hades Alone Walkyng CD Digipak, ltd/1000
Hades …Again Shall Be CD Ltd/1000
Hades The Dawn of the Dying Sun CD 1st press with tower print on CD
Hail of Bullets …Of Frost and War CD
Halford Crucible CD Slipcase
Hall & Oates H2O LP
HammerFall Glory to the Brave LP 1st press
HammerFall Glory to the Brave CD 1st press
HammerFall Legacy of Kings LP Ltd
HammerFall Legacy of Kings CD
HammerFall Renegade CD
HammerFall Crimson Thunder CD
HammerFall Crimson Thunder – Medley Promo CDS Plastic sleeve, promo, ltd/500
HammerFall One Crimson Night DVD
HammerFall Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken CD Digipak, ltd
HammerFall Threshold CD Digipak, ltd
HammerFall Rebels with a Cause: Unruly, Unrestrained, Uninhibited DVD/CD Digipak in slipcase
HammerFall No Sacrifice, No Victory 2LP G/F, red & etched vinyl, #13/250
HammerFall No Sacrifice, No Victory CD
HammerFall Infected CD Slipcase
HammerFall One More Time CDS Digipak
HammerFall Gates of Dalhalla BR/2CD Slipcase
HammerFall Bushido 7″EP White vinyl, ltd/300
HammerFall (r)Evolution 2LP G/F, clear vinyl, ltd/100
HammerFall (r)Evolution CD Digipak, ltd
HammerFall Built to Last LP G/F, gold vinyl, ltd/300
Hanoi Rocks Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks LP
Hans Olding No Place Like Home CD Digipak
Hardingrock Grimen CD
Hassan Vol 3 – Budapeststubbe CD
Hasse & Tage Klassiker 2CD
Hate Eternal I, Monarch/the Perilous Fight CD/DVD Slipcase, ltd
Hate Eternal Fury & Flames CD
Heart Little Queen LP
Heart Bad Animals LP
Heart Brigade LP
Heaven & Hell The Devil You Know CD
Hector Varjot ja lakanat LP
Hector Berlioz Benvenuto Cellini Overture/Symphonie fantastique CD
Hedningarna 1989-2003 CD
Helheim Av norrøn ætt CD
Helheim Yersinia Pestis CD
Helix No Rest for the Wicked LP
Helix Walkin’ the Razor’s Edge LP
Helix Long Way to Heaven LP
Hellbringer Awakened from the Abyss LP Poster, insert, ltd/200
Hellhammer Demon Entrails 2CD Digipak
Helloween Helloween MLP
Helloween Walls of Jericho LP
Helloween Dr. Stein 12″EP
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys – Part II LP G/F
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II 2CD
Helloween I Want Out 12″EP
Helloween Live in the U.K. LP
Helloween Master of the Rings CD
Helloween Better Than Raw CD
Helloween Metal Jukebox CD
Helloween The Dark Ride CD
Helloween Treasure Chest 2CD
Hellsongs Lounge CD
Hellsongs Hymns in the Key of 666 CD
Helstar Remnants of War LP
Henning Mankell Piano Works CD Olov Olofsson, piano
Henryk Wieniawski Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2/Faust Fantasy CD M. Bisengaliev, violin; Polish National RSO
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Sounds Like…Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass LP
Herbie Hancock Lite Me Up LP
Heresiarh Dragons of War MC Demo
Hergé Tintin hos gerillan LP
Hergé Tintin – Castafiores juveler LP
Hilmar Alexandersen Slåttene CD Sleeve
HIM And Love Said No – the Greatest Hits 1997-2004 CD
Hin Onde Fiery September Fire 7″EP White splatter vinyl
Holocaust Eternized Death MC Demo
Holocaust Gloom MC Demo
Hooded Menace Effigies of Evil 2LP G/F, green marble vinyl, ltd/500
Hoola Bandoola Band 1971-76 LP
Hoola Bandoola Band Samlade 1971-1976 CD
Hordes of Nebulah …And Blasphemous Night Shall Fall CD
Horna Sudentaival CD
Horna Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne CD
Horned Dark Society CD Demo
Horned Three Ways to Kill CD Demo
Horricane The Lynch-Lawyers CD
Howard Shore Lord of the Rings – the Fellowship of the Ring CD Collector card
Howard Shore Lord of the Rings – the Two Towers CD
Howard Shore Lord of the Rings – the Return of the King CD Asian press
Howe II Now Hear This LP
Hoven Droven Hia hia CD
Hoven Droven Grov CD
Hoven Droven More Happy Moments With… CD
Hoven Droven Hippa CD
Hurriganes Roadrunner LP G/F
Hypocrisy Penetralia LP Picture disc, ltd
Hypocrisy Osculum Obscenum CD Digipak
Hypocrisy The Fourth Dimension CD
Hypocrisy Maximum Abduction CD Shaped CD
Hypocrisy The Final Chapter CD
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy CD Digipak
Hypocrisy Into the Abyss CD Digipak
Hypocrisy Live & Clips DVD
Hypocrisy 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion CD
Hypocrisy Catch 22 CD
Hypocrisy Virus CD
Hypocrisy A Taste of Extreme Divinity CD Digipak, ltd
Hypocrisy End of Disclosure CD Digipak, ltd
Hypocrite Edge of Existence CD Digipak
Hypocrite Into the Halls of the Blind CD Digipak
Häxkapell Om sanningen CD Demo, #1/50
I Between Two Worlds CD
Ian Gillan What I Did on My Vacation 2LP G/F
Ian Gillan Band Live at the Budokan 2LP
Iannis Xenakis Pléiades/Psappha CD Kroumata; G. Mortensen, percussion
Iced Earth Night of the Stormrider CD
Iced Earth The Dark Saga CD
Iced Earth The Crucible of Man: Something Wicked Part 2 CD Digipak
Igor Kuljeric Croatian Contemporary Composers CD
Igor Stravinsky Psalmensymphonie/Symphonie in C/Concerto in D CD Berliner Philharmoniker/Herbert von Karajan
Igor Stravinsky Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky: The Firebird CD CBC Symphony Orchestra/Igor Stravinsky
Igor Stravinsky/Dmitry Shostakovich Le sacre du printemps/Symphony No. 1 CD Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Georg Solti
Igor Stravinsky/Sergei Prokofiev Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2/Violin Concerto in D CD C-L. Lin, violin; Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra/E-P. Salonen
Ihsahn The Adversary CD
Ihsahn angL CD Slipcase
Ihsahn After CD/DVD Slipcase, ltd
Ihsahn Eremita 2LP Gatefold, grey marble vinyl, ltd
Ihsahn Eremita CD Digibook, ltd
Ihsahn Arktis. CD
Iiro Rantala New Trio Elmo CD
Ikuinen Kaamos The Forlorn CD Digipak, ltd
Ildjarn Det frysende nordariket CD Digipak
Ildjarn Forest Poetry CD
Imma Fast i skägget CD
Immortal Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism LP 1st press, red label text, blank inner sleeve backside
Immortal Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism CD
Immortal Pure Holocaust CD
Immortal Battles in the North CD Digipak
Immortal At the Heart of Winter CD
Immortal Damned in Black CD
Immortal Sons of Northern Darkness CD
Immortal All Shall Fall CD Digipak, ltd
Impaled Nazarene Suomi Finland Perkele LP Picture disc, ltd/500
Impellitteri Eye of the Hurricane/Victim of the System 2CD
Imperium Dekadenz Procella Vadens CD Digipak
Impious Terror Succeeds CD
In Battle Rage of the Northmen CD
In Battle Soul Metamorphosis CD
In Battle Welcome to the Battlefield CD Digipak
In Battle Kingdom of Fear CD
In Flames Lunar Strain CD Slipcase
In Flames Subterranean CD
In Flames The Jester Race CD
In Flames Whoracle CD
In Flames Colony CD
In Flames The Quiet Place CDS
In Flames Come Clarity CD/DVD Digipak, ltd
In Mourning Shrouded Divine LP Ltd/500
In Slumber Scars: Incomplete CD
In Solitude Sister LP White vinyl, photo card, ltd
In Solitude Sister CD
In the Woods… Strange in Stereo CD
Inearthed Shining MC Demo
Infectious Grooves Sarsippius’ Ark CD Ltd
Infectious Grooves The Great Infectious Cover-Up CD Promo
Infectious Grooves Groove Family Cyco CD
Infernö Downtown Hades CD
Infestdead Hellfuck LP Picture disc, ltd/500
Infestdead Hellfuck CD
Infestdead Jesusatan CD
Infinite Mass Bullet CDS
Insania Sunrise in Riverland CD Digipak
Insania Fantasy – a New Dimension CD
Insania Agony – Gift of Life CD
Insomnium Since the Day It All Came Down CD
Insomnium Above the Weeping World CD Slipcase
Interment (FIN) Life Here After 7″EP
Interment (SWE) Where Death Will Increase 1991-1994 CD
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast LP
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast CD
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind LP G/F
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind CD
Iron Maiden Powerslave LP
Iron Maiden Powerslave CD
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time LP
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time CD
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son LP
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son CD
Iron Maiden Holy Smoke 12″EP
Iron Maiden No Prayer for the Dying CD
Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark CD
Iron Maiden The X Factor CD
Iron Maiden A Real Live Dead One 2CD
Iron Maiden Brave New World CD
Iron Maiden Edward the Great CD
Iron Maiden Dance of Death CD
Iron Maiden Death on the Road 3DVD Digipak in slipcase
Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death CD
Iron Maiden The Final Frontier CD Metal box, Mission Edition
Isengard Vinterskugge CD
Isengard Vinterskugge 2LP G/F
Isengard Vinterskugge 2CD Slipcase
Isengard Høstmørke CD
Isengard Høstmørke LP G/F, ltd/500
Isengard Høstmørke 2CD
Isengard Traditional Doom Cult 7″EP
Ishtar Krig CD Ltd/999
Isole Bliss of Solitude CD
Isole Born from Shadows 2LP G/F, ltd/300
Isole Born from Shadows CD
Isvind Isvind 7″EP #927/1000
Isvind Dark Waters Stir CD Digipak
Ivan Rebroff Weihnachten CD
Jack Bruce/Bill Lordan/Robin Trower B.L.T. LP
Jack Johnson On and On CD Digipak
Jacob Karlzon Trio Going Places CD
Jacob Karlzon Trio Today CD
James Brown Sex Machine: the Very Best of James Brown CD
James MacMillan Choral Music 2 CD Sleeve, promo
James Murphy Convergence CD
Jamie Scott & The Town Park Bench Theories Sampler MCDS Sleeve, promo
Jamiroquai Travelling Without Moving CD
Jamiroquai Dynamite CD
Jamiroquai High Times – Singles 1992-2006 CD
Jan Garbarek Works CD
Jan Johansson Spelar musik på sitt eget vis 2LP G/F
Janis Joplin I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama! LP
Janis Joplin I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama! CD
Janis Joplin Pearl CD
Janis Joplin Love, Janis CD
Janis Joplin The Essential 2CD
Janne Lucas Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP
Janne Schaffer Janne Schaffer’s andra LP LP G/F
Janne Schaffer Katharsis LP
Janne Schaffer Earmeal LP
Janne Schaffer Presens LP
Janne Schaffer Blå passager och röda vågor LP
Jason Mraz We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things CD
Jean Sibelius Finland Awakes: Patriotic Music by Jean Sibelius CD Lahti Symphony Orchestra/Osmo Vänskä
Jean Sibelius Piano Music Vol. 1 CD Håvard Gimse, piano
Jean Sibelius The Complete Symphonies 4CD New York Philharmonic/Leonard Bernstein
Jeff Beck Truth CD
Jeff Beck Wired CD
Jeff Beck Flash LP
Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop LP
Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop CD
Jefferson Airplane Original Album Classics 5CD Box, incl. Jefferson…, Surrealistic…, After…, Crown… & Bless…
Jennifer Batten Above Below and Beyond CD
Jens Johansson Ten Seasons CD
Jens Johansson Fission CD
Jerry Cantrell Degradation Trip CD
Jerry Williams & Roadwork No Creases LP
Jess and the Ancient Ones Jess and the Ancient Ones LP G/F, transparent light green vinyl, ltd/400
Jess and the Ancient Ones Jess and the Ancient Ones CD Box, poster, ltd
Jimi Hendrix Best of – the Authentic PPX Studio Recordings 2CD
Jimi Hendrix Midnite Jazz & Blues Collection CD
Jimi Hendrix Artist Touch – Live CD Slipcase
Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsys Live at Fillmore East DVD
Joan Baez Any Day Now – Songs of Bob Dylan 2LP G/F
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts I Love Rock ‘N Roll LP
JoaquÍn Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez CD Gerald Garcia, guitar
Joe Fagin Why Don’t We Spend the Night LP
Joey Tafolla Out of the Sun LP
Joey Tempest A Place to Call Home CDS
Joey Tempest A Place to Call Home CD
Johan Randén Johan: Lead Guitar CD
Johann Christian Bach/G.P. Telemann Sinfonia Op. 6/1 & 9/1/Table Music Suite No. 2 CD
Johann Helmich Roman Then svenska messan CD
Johann Sebastian Bach A Bach Christmas CD
Johann Sebastian Bach Partitas Nos. 2 & 3/Sonata No. 3 CD Hilary Hahn, violin
Johann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concertos/Orchestral Suites 3CD
Johann Sebastian Bach Cantata BWV 56/Easter Oratorio/Christmas Oratorio 3CD
Johann Sebastian Bach Cello Suites 2CD Slipcase, book, Mstislav Rostropovich, cello
Johann Sebastian Bach Complete Works for Harpsichord, Vol. 5 CD Christiane Jaccottet, harpsichord
Johann Sebastian Bach Complete Works for Harpsichord, Vol. 7 CD Christiane Jaccottet, harpsichord
Johann Sebastian Bach Complete Works for Harpsichord, Vol. 9 CD Christiane Jaccottet, harpsichord
Johann Sebastian Bach Complete Works for Harpsichord, Vol. 11 CD Christiane Jaccottet, harpsichord
Johann Sebastian Bach Concertos CD
Johann Sebastian Bach English Suite No. 1/5 Toccatas CD Christiane Jaccottet, harpsichord
Johann Sebastian Bach Famous Organ Works, Vol. 2 CD Otto Winter, organ
Johann Sebastian Bach Goldberg Variations/4 Duets CD Christiane Jaccottet, harpsichord
Johann Sebastian Bach Harpsichord Concertos 3CD Christiane Jaccottet & Nicole Hostettler, harpsichord
Johann Sebastian Bach Harpsichord Works 3CD Christiane Jaccottet, harpsichord
Johann Sebastian Bach Organ Works 3CD Walter Kraft, organ
Johann Sebastian Bach Partitas Nos. 3, 4 & 5 CD Wolf Harden, piano
Johann Sebastian Bach St. John Passion 2CD Slipcase
Johann Sebastian Bach The Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 4-6 CD
Johann Sebastian Bach The Romantic Bach CD
Johann Sebastian Bach Violin Concertos/Violin Sonatas/Die Kunst der Fuge 3CD
Johann Sebastian Bach Wedding Cantata/Peasant Cantata/Masses BWV 233, 234 & 236 3CD
Johann Sebastian Bach/W.A. Mozart Partita in D minor/Concerto in A Major CD Slipcase, Jascha Heifetz, violin
Johann Strauss Jr. The Romantic Waltz Strauss CD
Johannes Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 CD Dubravka Tomsic, piano
Johannes Brahms The Romantic Brahms CD
Johannes Brahms Violin Sonatas CD Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin
Johannes Brahms/Igor Stravinsky Violin Concertos in D Major CD Hilary Hahn, violin; Academy of St. Martin
Johannes Brahms/R. Schumann Piano Concerto No. 2/Piano Sonata No. 2 CD Sviatoslav Richter, piano
Johansson The Last Viking CD
Johansson, Johansson, Holdsworth Heavy Machinery CD
John Adams Harmonielehre CD City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra/S. Rattle
John Adams Violin Concerto/Shaker Loops CD Slipcase, Gidon Kremer, violin
John Coltrane My Favourite Things CD
John Lennon Imagine LP
John Lennon Rock ‘n’ Roll LP
John Mayall with Eric Clapton Blues Breakers LP
John Mayer Continuum CD
John Mayer Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles BR
John Mayer Battle Studies CD
John McLaughlin Devotion LP G/F
John McLaughlin Electric Guitarist LP G/F
John McLaughlin with The One Truth Band Electric Dreams LP
John McLaughlin/Al Di Meola/Paco De Lucia Passion, Grace and Fire CD
John Norum Total Control LP
John Norum Let Me Love You 7″EP
John Norum Face the Truth CDS
John Rutter Requiem and I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes CD Cambridge Singers, City of London Sinfonia/J. Rutter
John Scofield New Morning – the Paris Concert DVD
John Williams Return of the Jedi 2CD OST
John Williams The Star Wars Trilogy CD
John Williams Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom LP OST
John Williams Great Composers CD
John Williams Jurassic Park CD OST
John Williams Star Wars: Episode I – the Phantom Menace CD OST
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison CD
Johnny Cash American III: Solitary Man CD
Johnny Cash The Essential 2CD
Johnny Cash An American Icon 2CD/DVD Slipcase, digibook
Jojje Wadenius Goda’ goda’ CD
Jon Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory LP
Jon Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory 12″EP
Jon English & Maria Millo Mot alla vindar LP
Jón Nordal Sól eg sá CD
Jonas Hellborg Art Metal CD Digipak
Jonas Knutsson Malgomaj CD
Jonas Kullhammar Quartet with Norrbotten Big Band Snake City North CD Digipak
Joni Mitchell Blue CD
Joni Mitchell Shine CD Digipak
Jord Väylän virrassa CD
Jordan Rudess Feeding the Wheel CD
José Feliciano Feliciano! LP
José Feliciano For My Love…Mother Music LP
José Feliciano The Best Of CD
José González Veneer CD
José González In Our Nature CD
Joseph Haydn Symphonies Nos. 53 & 94 CD
Joseph Haydn Symphonies Nos. 94. 100 & 101 CD Camerata Cassovia/Johannes Wildner
Journey Look Into the Future LP
Joy Division/New Order Total (from Joy Division to New Order) CD
Judas Iscariot Distant in Solitary Night CD
Judas Priest Sin After Sin CD
Judas Priest Stained Class LP
Judas Priest Killing Machine LP
Judas Priest Unleashed in the East (Live in Japan) LP
Judas Priest British Steel LP
Judas Priest British Steel CD
Judas Priest Point of Entry LP
Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance LP
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith LP
Judas Priest Ram It Down LP
Judas Priest Ram It Down CD
Judas Priest Painkiller CD
Judas Priest Simply the Best CD
Juice Leskinen Dokumentti CD
Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int. Per Vers, runoilija LP G/F
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam Boogieteorian alkeet peruskoulun ala-astetta varten, lyhyt oppimäärä 2LP G/F
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam Boogieteorian alkeet peruskoulun ala-astetta varten, lyhyt oppimäärä CD
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam Yölento CD
Jukka Tolonen Tolonen! CD
Jukka Tolonen Impressions LP
Jukka Tolonen High Flyin’ LP G/F
Julio Iglesias Raices LP
Jussi Björling Jussis mest önskade CD
Jääportit Kauan koskematon MC Ltd/500
Kaamos Kaamos CD
Kaamos Lucifer Rising LP G/F, ltd/1001
Kaamos Lucifer Rising CD
Kaamos Scales of Leviathan CD Ltd/666
Kalle Moraeus Kalle Moraeus CD
Kamelot Sacrimony CDS Digipak
Kampfar Kampfar CDS
Kampfar Kvass CD Digipak
Kampfar Heimgang CD
Kansas Point of Know Return LP
Kansas Power LP
Kaoma Worldbeat LP
Kaoma Lambada 7″EP
Kataklysm Epic (The Poetry of War) CD
Katatonia Dance of December Souls CD
Katatonia For Funerals to Come… MLP Picture disc, insert, ltd
Katatonia For Funerals to Come… CDS
Katatonia For Funerals to Come… MLP Ltd/1500
Katatonia Brave Murder Day CD
Katatonia Sounds of Decay CD Digipak
Katatonia Sounds of Decay 10″EP
Katatonia Discouraged Ones CD Digipak
Katatonia Tonight’s Decision CD Digipak, ltd
Katatonia Last Fair Deal Gone Down CD Digipak
Katatonia Viva Emptiness CD
Katatonia The Great Cold Distance CD Box, poster, postcards, ltd
Katatonia The Great Cold Distance 2LP G/F, red vinyl, #1519/2000
Katatonia My Twin CDS Digipak
Katatonia Deliberation CDS Digipak
Katatonia Live Consternation CD/DVD Ltd/1000, signed by the band
Katatonia Night Is the New Day 2LP G/F, #489/1000
Katatonia Night Is the New Day CD Digibook, Swedish Ltd
Katatonia The Longest Year CD
Katatonia Dead End Kings CD/DVD/2×10″ Book set, artbook, certificate, ltd/2000
Katatonia Dethroned & Uncrowned CD/DVD Mediabook, ltd, signed by the band
Katatonia Last Fair Day Gone Night 2CD/2DVD Digibook
Katatonia/Hades Jhva Elohim Meth/Alone Walkyng MC
Katatonia/Primordial Scarlet Heavens/To Enter Pagan MCMXCVI 10″EP Purple vinyl, ltd/777
Kazjurol Messengers of Death 7″EP
Kazjurol A Lesson in Love MC Demo
Kazjurol Bodyslam 7″EP
Kazjurol Concealed Hallucinations 7″EP
Keep of Kalessin Skygger av sorg MC Demo, ltd/500
Keep of Kalessin Through Times of War CD Digipak
Keep of Kalessin Through Times of War LP
Keep of Kalessin Armada CD Digipak
Keep of Kalessin Kolossus CD/DVD Digipak
Keep of Kalessin Reptilian CD
Keith Jarrett Eyes of the Heart 2LP G/F
Keith Jarrett Concerts/Bregenz LP
Keith Jarrett The Art of Improvisation DVD
Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red CD
Kenny Burrell Trio Handcrafted – American Jazz & Blues History Vol. 55 LP
Kenny G Miracles – the Holiday Album CD
Kenny O’Dell Let’s Shake Hands and Come Out Lovin’ LP
Kenny Rogers The Kenny Rogers Singles Album LP
Kenny Rogers Share Your Love LP
Kent Kent CD
Kent Verkligen CD
Kent Isola CD
Kent Hagnesta Hill CD
Kent Vapen & ammunition CD
Kent The hjärta & smärta EP CD Digipak
Kent Du & jag döden CD
Kent Tillbaka till samtiden CD
Kent Röd CD
Kent En plats i solen CD
Khold Masterpiss of Pain CD
Khold Phantom CD
Khold Mørke gravers kammer CD
Khold Krek CD
Khold Hundre år gammal CD Digipak
Khold Til endes LP G/F
Khold Til endes CD Slipcase
Khors Wisdom of Centuries CD
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King – An Observation by King Crimson CD
King Diamond No Presents for Christmas 12″EP Reindeer cover
King Diamond Fatal Portrait LP
King Diamond The Family Ghost 12″EP
King Diamond Abigail LP
King Diamond Abigail CD
King Diamond The Dark Sides 12″EP
King Diamond “Them” CD
King Diamond Conspiracy LP
King Diamond Conspiracy CD 24K gold disc
King Diamond The Eye LP
King Diamond In Concert 1987 – Abigail LP
King Diamond The Graveyard CD
King Diamond Voodoo CD Digipak
King Diamond Nightmares in the Nineties CD
King Diamond Deadly Lullabyes Live 2CD
King Diamond Give Me Your Soul…Please CD Digipak, ltd
King Diamond/Mercyful Fate A Dangerous Meeting CD
Kingston Wall I 2LP Gatefold, ltd to 500
Kingston Wall I CD
Kingston Wall Kingston Wall – I 2LP Gatefold, ltd
Kingston Wall II 2LP G/F, magenta vinyl, ltd/650
Kingston Wall II CD
Kingston Wall III – Tri-Logy CD
Kingston Wall Kingtime 2DVD Digibook, ltd/2000
KISS Destroyer LP
Koinonia Celebration LP
Kommandant/Nominon Absence of Light/Impaling the Nazarene 7″EP Inner sleeve, insert
Korp Demon – Reborn CD
Kreator Extreme Aggression LP
Krokus The Blitz LP
Krokus Change of Address LP
Krokus Heart Attack LP
Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass CD
Krux II CD
Krux II LP G/F, orange vinyl, ltd/100
Krux Live DVD
Krux III: He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars LP G/F, blue vinyl, insert, ltd/300
Krux III: He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars CD
Kult ov Azazel Oculus Infernum CD
Kummeli Artisti maksaa CD
Kuolemanlaakso Uljas uusi maailma LP G/F, grey vinyl, ltd/350
Kuolemanlaakso Uljas uusi maailma CD Digibook
Kvist For kunsten maa vi evig vike CD
Kvist For kunsten maa vi evig vike LP
Kylähullut Keisarinleikkaus CD
Laibach Jesus Christ Superstars CD
Lake of Tears Forever Autumn CD
Lara St. John re: Bach CD
Larry Carlton Larry Carlton LP
Larry Carlton Mr. 335 – Live in Japan LP
Larry Carlton Strikes Twice LP
Larry Carlton Sleepwalk LP
Larry Carlton Friends LP
Larry Carlton Deep Into It CD
Larry Carlton featuring Terry McMillan Renegade Gentleman CD
Lars Danielsson Liberetto II CD Digipak, signed by Cæcilie Norby
Lars Gullin Jazz i blåton CD
Lars Vegas Trio På korståg för schlagerns bevarande CD
Lars Vegas Trio Lars Christmas – Från oss alla till er alla CD
Lars Vegas Trio Låt det vara kul CDS
Lasse Lindbom Band Nineteen and the Sixties LP
Led Zeppelin I CD
Led Zeppelin II CD
Led Zeppelin III CD
Led Zeppelin IV LP G/F
Led Zeppelin IV CD
Lee Ritenour Rit/2 LP
Legenda Autumnal CD Digibook, ltd/1000
Legenda Eclipse CD Digipak
Lena Maria Lena Maria LP
Lena Willemark När som gräset det vajar CD
Lena Willemark Windogur CD Digipak
Leningrad Cowboys Zombies Paradise CD
Leningrad Cowboys Buena Vodka Social Club CD
Lennarts Bossanova Sällskap Julmusik CD
Lenni-Kalle Taipale Trio Nothing to Hide 2CD
Lenni-Kalle Taipale Trio & Friends Reset CD
Lenny Kravitz Mama Said LP
Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way CD
Lenny Kravitz Fly Away CDS
Lenny Kravitz Again CDS
Leonard Cohen The Future CD
Leopold Godowsky The Complete Studies on Chopin’s Etudes 2CD Marc-André Hamelin, piano
Leukemia Innocence Is Bliss MC Demo
Leukemia Love CD
Liers In Wait Spiritually Uncontrolled Art CD
Lik Mass Funeral Evocation LP
Limbonic Art Moon in the Scorpio 2LP G/F, insert
Limbonic Art Moon in the Scorpio CD
Limbonic Art In Abhorrence Dementia 2LP G/F, ltd
Limbonic Art In Abhorrence Dementia CD
Limbonic Art Epitome of Illusions CD
Limbonic Art Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death 2LP Insert
Limbonic Art Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death CD
Limbonic Art The Ultimate Death Worship CD Slipcase
Limbonic Art Legacy of Evil CD
Limbonic Art Phantasmagoria CD Slipcase
Lina Nyberg So Many Stars CD
Lina Nyberg Brasilien CD
Lina Nyberg/Esbjörn Svensson Close CD
Linda Brava Linda Brava CD
Linda Ronstadt Silk Purse LP
Lionel Richie Back to Front CD
Lion’s Share Fall from Grace CD
Liquid Hips Fool Injection CD
Liquid Hips Static CD
Liquid Tension Experiment Liquid Tension Experiment CD
Liquid Tension Experiment Liquid Tension Experiment 2 CD
Lisa Ekdahl En samling sånger CD
Lisa Rydberg/Gunnar Idenstam Bach på svenska CD Digipak
Lita Ford Stiletto LP
Lithium Cold CD
Live Throwing Copper 2CD
Live Elephant Speak the Truth Or Die Alone LP G/F
Living Colour Stain CD Transparent red jewelcase
Living Colour Ausländer CD Digipak, #7683/xxxx
Lobotomy Lobotomy CD
Lobotomy Kill CD
Lobotomy Born in Hell CD
Lobotomy Holy Shit CD
Lock Up Necropolis Transparent CD
Loits Ei kahetse midagi CD Digipak, ltd/2000
Loits Must album CD
LOK Naken, blästrad och skitsur CD
London Symphony Orchestra Rock Symphonies 3 CD
Lord Belial Kiss the Goat – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi CD
Lord Belial Kiss the Goat – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi LP G/F, magenta splatter vinyl, ltd/250
Lord Belial Enter the Moonlight Gate CD
Lord Belial Enter the Moonlight Gate LP G/F, blue splatter vinyl, ltd/250
Lord Belial Unholy Crusade CD
Lord Belial Angelgrinder CD
Lord Belial Purify Sweden 7″EP Picture disc, ltd/300
Lord Belial The Seal of Belial CD
Lord Belial Revelation – the 7th Seal CD
Lord Belial The Black Curse CD
Los Lesbos and the Onanist Boys Ollin kurjuus MC
Lost Society Fast Loud Death LP G/F, clear vinyl, poster, #98/150
Lost Society Fast Loud Death CD Digipak, pick, ltd
Lost Society Terror Hungry LP G/F, clear vinyl, #105/275
Lost Society Braindead 2LP G/F, red vinyl, ltd/300
Lost Soul Scream of the Mourning Star CD Red jewelcase
Lost Soul Übermensch (Death of God) LP Ltd/500
Lost Soul Übermensch (Death of God) CD
Lost Soul Chaostream CD
Lost Soul Immerse in Infinity CD Digipak, ltd
Loudness Lightning Strikes LP
Loudness Hurricane Eyes LP
Loudness Soldier of Fortune LP
Louis Armstrong The Definitive CD
Louise Hoffsten Genom eld och vatten LP
Louise Hoffsten Stygg LP
Louise Hoffsten Message of Love CD
Louise Hoffsten Nowhere in This World CDS
Louise Hoffsten Collection 1991-2002 CD
Luca Turilli Prophet of the Last Eclipse 2LP G/F, picture disc, ltd
Ludwig van Beethoven Berühmte Sinfonien 2CD
Ludwig van Beethoven Complete String Quartets Vol. 9, Op. 135 & Op. 131 CD Kodály Quartet
Ludwig van Beethoven Diabelli Variations/Piano Sonatas 3CD Alfred Brendel & Werner Haas, piano
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3/Piano Sonata No. 26 LP Alfred Brendel, piano/Vienna Pro Musica Orchestra
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5/Symphony No. 2 CD Martha Bergerich, piano
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concertos Nos. 1-3/Piano Sonatas 3CD F. Blumental, A. Brendel & C. Hansen, piano
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonatas 2CD Jeno Jando, piano
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonatas Nos. 14, 17 & 23 CD Wilhelm Kempff, piano
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 3/Leonora Overture No. 1 CD
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 6/Leonora Overture No. 2 CD
Ludwig van Beethoven The First Romantic Beethoven CD
Ludwig van Beethoven The Late String Quartets 4LP Box, Alban Berg Quartett
Ludwig van Beethoven The Nine Symphonies 7LP Box set, booklet, Philharmonia/H. von Karajan
Ludwig van Beethoven The Piano Sonatas 9CD Box set, Daniel Barenboim, piano
Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto, Romances Nos. 1 & 2 CD Yehudi Menuhin, violin
Ludwig van Beethoven/J. Brahms/A. Vivaldi Beautiful Violin Music CD
Ludwig van Beethoven/J. Brahms/C. Franck Sonatas CD Slipcase, Jascha Heifetz, violin
Ludwig van Beethoven/Leonard Bernstein Violin Concerto in D Major/Serenade CD Hilary Hahn, violin; Baltimore SO
Ludwig van Beethoven/Max Bruch Concertos for Violin & Orchestra CD Jaime Laredo, violin
Lugnet All the Way CDS
Lurk Lurk LP Insert, ltd/500
Luther Vandross Luther Vandross LP
Luther Vandross The Best of Luther Vandross… the Best of Love 2LP G/F
Luther Vandross Power of Love LP
MacAlpine, Aldridge, Rock, Sarzo Project: Driver LP
Machine Men Elegies CD
Machine Men Circus of Fools CD
Mactätus Provenance of Cruelty CD
Madder Mortem Deadlands CD
Madder Mortem Desiderata CD Digipak
Madonna True Blue MC
Madonna Like a Prayer MC
Madonna Ray of Light CD
Madonna American Life 12″EP
Magic Pie Motions of Desire CD
Magic Pie Circus of Life CD
Magic Pie The Suffering Joy CD Digipak
Magnum Kingdom of Madness LP
Magnum Marauder LP
Magnum Chase the Dragon LP
Magnum On a Storyteller’s Night LP
Magnum Vigilante CD
Magnum Vigilante LP
Magnum Wings of Heaven LP
Magnum Wings of Heaven CD
Magnus & Brasse Levande på Nya Bacchi LP
Magnus & Brasse Varning för barn LP
Magnus & Brasse Det är serverat LP
Magnus & Brasse Guldkorn CD
Magnus kvintett med Lars Waldefeldt Magnus kvintett med Lars Waldefeldt LP
Mahavishnu Orchestra/John McLaughlin Inner Worlds LP
Majestic Abstract Symphony CD Digipak, ltd
Majestic Trinity Overture CD
Malevolent Creation Stillborn CD
Malevolent Creation Warkult CD
Mando Diao Ode to Ochrasy CD
Manes How the World Came to an End CD Slipcase
Manetheren Time CD Digipak
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Nightingales & Bombers LP
Manii Kollaps LP #57/150 (FI)
Manii Kollaps CD
Mannhai Spiritraiser CDS
Manowar Battle Hymns LP
Manowar Battle Hymns CD
Manowar Into Glory Ride CD Digipak
Manowar Hail to England LP
Manowar Hail to England CD
Manowar Sign of the Hammer LP
Manowar Sign of the Hammer CD
Manowar Fighting the World LP
Manowar Fighting the World CD
Manowar Kings of Metal CD
Manowar The Triumph of Steel CD
Manowar The Hell of Steel CD
Manowar Louder Than Hell CD
Manuel de Falla La Vida Breve CD
Marcus Miller Renaissance CD
Marduk Fuck Me Jesus CD
Marduk Dark Endless CD
Marduk Those of the Unlight CD 1st press with pink logo, ltd/1000
Marduk Opus Nocturne CD
Marduk Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered LP Picture disc, ltd/500
Marduk Glorification CD
Marduk Here’s No Peace CD
Marduk Nightwing CD
Marduk Panzer Division Marduk LP
Marduk Panzer Division Marduk CD
Marduk Infernal Eternal 2CD Ltd/15,000
Marduk La Grande Danse Macabre CD
Marduk Slay the Nazarene 7″EP Ltd/1500
Marduk Hearse CDS Ltd/5000
Marduk World Funeral CD
Marduk Plague Angel CD
Marduk Deathmarch Tour EP CDS
Marduk Rom 5:12 CD
Marduk Iron Dawn CD Digipak
Marduk Souls for Belial CDS Digipak
Marduk Frontschwein LP G/F, booklet
Marduk Frontschwein CD
Mari Boine Goaskinviellja/Ørnebror CD
Maria Zankovetska NA Ukrainian Drama Theatre The Best CD
Marie Fredriksson Het vind CD
Marie Fredriksson Den sjunde vågen CD
Marie Fredriksson …efter stormen LP G/F
Marie Fredriksson …efter stormen CD
Marie Fredriksson I en tid som vår CD
Marie Fredriksson Äntligen – Marie Fredrikssons bästa 1984-2000 CD
Marie Fredriksson The Change CD
Marie Fredriksson Tid för tystnad CD
Mark Boals Ring of Fire CD
Marte Krogh Canzonetta CD Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, piano
Marty Friedman Introduction CD
Marvin Gaye The Orange Collection 2CD Slipcase
Mary Kuollut CD
Mary Beats Jane Old CDS
Mary Beats Jane Mary Beats Jane CD
Mary Beats Jane Locust CD
Mary J. Blige Reflections (A Retrospective) CD
Marzi Nyman Marzi CD Digipak
Master Master LP Embossed sleeve
Mats/Morgan Radio Da Da CD Signed by Morgan Ågren
Mats/Morgan The Teenage Tapes CD Signed by Morgan Ågren
Mats/Morgan Band On Air with Guests CD Digipak, signed by Morgan Ågren
Mattias IA Eklundh Freak Guitar CD
Mattias IA Eklundh Freak Guitar – the Road Less Traveled CD
Mattias IA Eklundh Freak Guitar – The Smorgasbord 2CD
Maurice Ravel/Frédéric Chopin Bolero & Piano Concerto/Impromptus, Nocturnes & Fantasy 2CD
Max Bruch/Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto No. 1/Violin Concerto CD Takako Nishizaki, violin
Max Reger Songs for Male Chorus, Opus 83 CD Gli Scapoli
Mayhem Deathcrush CD 1st press without barcode
Mayhem Live in Leipzig LP Picture disc, ltd/1000
Mayhem Live in Leipzig CD Digipak
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas CD
Mayhem Wolf’s Lair Abyss CD Digipak
Mayhem Chimera CD
Mayhem From the Darkest Past CD Digipak, ltd
Mayhem Life Eternal CD A5 digipak in slipcase, stickers, insert, #1689/3000
Mayhem Live in Zeitz LP Booklet
Mayhem Live in Zeitz CD Digipak
Mayhem Live in Sarpsborg LP Clear vinyl, booklet, ltd/1000
Maze of Torment Hammers of Mayhem CD
Maze of Torment Hidden Cruelty CD
Megadeth Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good ! LP
Megadeth Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? CD
Megadeth So Far, So Good… So What ! LP
Megadeth So Far, So Good… So What ! CD
Megadeth No More Mr. Nice Guy 7″EP
Megadeth Rust in Peace LP
Megadeth Rust in Peace CD
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction LP
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction CD
Megadeth Youthanasia CD
Megadeth Hidden Treasures CD
Megadeth Cryptic Writings CD
Megadeth The World Needs a Hero CD
Melechesh The Epigenesis CD
Melissa Horn Långa nätter CD
Memento Mori Life, Death and Other Morbid Tales CD
Memento Mori La Danse Macabre CD
Memento Mori Songs for the Apocalypse Vol. IV CD
Memfis The Wind-Up CD Digipak
Memory Garden Forever CD
Memory Garden Tides CD
Men at Work Business As Usual LP
Men at Work Cargo LP
Merciless The Awakening CD
Merciless The Awakening LP Clear vinyl, ltd
Merciless The Treasures Within LP
Merciless Unbound CD
Merciless Unbound LP
Merciless Merciless CD
Mercyful Fate Melissa LP
Mercyful Fate Don’t Break the Oath CD
Mercyful Fate In the Shadows CD
Mercyful Fate The Bell Witch CD Ltd
Mercyful Fate Time CD
Mercyful Fate Into the Unknown CD
Mercyful Fate Dead Again CD
Mercyful Fate 9 CD
Meshuggah Meshuggah (Psykisk testbild) 12″EP Ltd/1000
Meshuggah Contradictions Collapse LP
Meshuggah Contradictions Collapse CD Digipak
Meshuggah None CD
Meshuggah Destroy Erase Improve CD
Meshuggah Chaosphere CD
Meshuggah Rare Trax CD
Meshuggah Nothing CD
Meshuggah I CD
Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree CD
Meshuggah obZen CD Slipcase
Meshuggah Koloss CD/DVD Digibook in slipcase, ltd
Meshuggah The Ophidian Trek 2CD/BR Digipak in slipcase, ltd
Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason 2LP G/F, gold vinyl, ltd/300
Metal Church The Dark LP
Metallica Kill ‘Em All LP
Metallica Kill ‘Em All CD
Metallica Ride the Lightning LP
Metallica Ride the Lightning CD
Metallica Creeping Death 12″EP 1st press without barcode
Metallica Master of Puppets LP 1st press without barcode
Metallica Master of Puppets LP Picture disc
Metallica Master of Puppets CD
Metallica The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Re-Revisited 12″EP
Metallica One 12″EP
Metallica …And Justice for All 2LP
Metallica …And Justice for All CD
Metallica Harvester of Sorrow 12″EP
Metallica Enter Sandman 7″EP
Metallica Wherever I May Roam 7″EP
Metallica Sad But True CDS
Metallica Metallican CD/VHS Can, signed gold disc “Metallica”, VHS, T-shirt, ltd/35,000
Metallica Live Shit: Binge & Purge 3CD/3VHS Road case box, book, stage pass, stencil, ltd
Metallica One CDS
Metallica Load CD
Metallica Until It Sleeps Part 1 CDS
Metallica Until It Sleeps Part 2 CDS
Metallica The Memory Remains Part 1 CDS
Metallica Reload CD
Metallica Fuel CDS
Metallica Garage Inc. 2CD
Metallica S&M 2CD
Metallica Die, Die My Darling CD
Metallica Metallica DVD
Metallica St. Anger CD/DVD Digipak, ltd
Metallica Some Kind of Monster CD Ltd
Metallica Some Kind of Monster DVD
Metallica Cunning Stunts 2DVD
Metallica Live in Europe DVD
Metallica Death Magnetic CD Digipak, ltd
Metallica All Nightmare Long (Disc 1) CD Digipak
Metallica All Nightmare Long (Disc 2) CDS
Metallica All Nightmare Long (Disc 3) DVDS
Metallica Broken, Beat & Scarred (Disc 1) CD Digipak
Metallica Broken, Beat & Scarred (Disc 2) CDS
Metallica Broken, Beat & Scarred (Disc 3) DVDS
Metallica Beyond Magnetic CD
Metallica The First 30 Years 7″EP
Metallica Through the Never 2DVD
Mgla Presence CD
Mgla Mdlosci + Further Down the Nest CD
Mgla Groza CD
Mgla With Hearts Toward None CD
Mgla Exercises in Futility LP
Michael “Patches” Stewart Blue Patches CD
Michael Bolton Soul Provider LP
Michael Bolton Greatest Hits 1985-1995 CD
Michael Brecker Tales from the Hudson CD Digipak
Michael Jackson One Day in Your Life LP
Michael Jackson Thriller CD Slipcase
Michael Jackson The Essential 2CD
Middle of the Road Dice LP
Midlake The Trials of Van Occupanther CD
Midvinter At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon CD
Mikael Berglund Memories & Visions CD
Mikael Wiehe och Kabaréorkestern Sjömansvisor LP
Mikael Wiehe, Nyberg, Franck & Fjellis Kråksånger LP
Mike Patton Mondo Cane CD Digipak
Mike Stern Upside Downside LP
Mike Stern Time in Place LP
Mike Stern Time in Place CD
Mike Stern Jigsaw LP
Mike Stern Give and Take CD
Mike Stern Big Neighborhood CD
Miles Davis Kind of Blue CD
Mind Odyssey Schizophenia CD
Misantrophia Pagan CD Demo
Misteltein Rape in Rapture CD
Misteltein Divine . Desecrate . Complete CD
Mithotyn Nidhogg MC Demo
Mithotyn In the Sign of the Ravens LP Picture disc, ltd/1000
Mithotyn In the Sign of the Raven CD
Mithotyn King of the Distant Forest LP Picture disc, ltd/1000
Mithras Forever Advancing……Legions CD
Mixed Emotions Just for You LP G/F
Moby Play CD
Mokoma Punainen kukko CD
Mokoma Tämän maailman ruhtinaan hovi CD
Mokoma Mokoma DVD
Mokoma Viides vuodenaika CD Digipak
Mokoma Kuoleman laulukunnaat CD Digipak, ltd
Mokoma Luihin ja ytimiin CD Digipak, ltd
Molly Maguire 40-års kalas CD
Moloken Rural 2LP G/F, one etched side, poster, ltd
Moloken All Is Left to See LP
Monica Zetterlund Monica Z LP
Monica Zetterlund/Bill Evans Waltz for Debby CD
Monolithe Monolithe III CD Digipak
Monster Magnet Powertrip CD
Moonsorrow Suden uni CD/DVD
Moonsorrow Voimasta ja kunniasta CD
Moonsorrow Kivenkantaja CD
Moonsorrow Kivenkantaja 2LP G/F, ltd/150
Moonsorrow V: Hävitetty CD
Moonsorrow V: Hävitetty 2LP G/F, ltd/150
Moonsorrow Tulimyrsky CD
Moonsorrow Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa 2LP/CD G/F, poster, ltd
Moonsorrow Jumalten aika CD
Moonspell Wolfheart CD
Moonspell Irreligious CD
Moonspell Sin/Pecado CD
Moonspell Under Satanae CD
Moonspell Night Eternal CD
Moratorium Soul Collector CD Demo
Morbid Year of the Goat 3LP G/F in slipcase, white vinyl, A5 booklet, ltd/200
Morbid Angel Altars of Madness CD
Morbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick LP
Morbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick CD
Morbid Angel Abominations of Desolation LP
Morbid Angel Abominations of Desolation CD
Morbid Angel Covenant CD
Morbid Angel Domination CD
Morbid Angel Formulas Fatal to the Flesh CD
Morbid Angel Gateways to Annihilation CD
Morbid Angel Heretic CD
Morbid Angel Illvd Divinvm Insanvs CD Metalpak, ltd
Morbus Chron Sleepers in the Rift CD
Morbus Chron Sleepers in the Rift LP Insert, ltd/900
Morbus Chron Sweven LP Booklet
Morbus Chron Sweven CD
Mordbrand Necropsychotic CD
Mordbrand Necropsychotic 12″EP White vinyl, patch, ltd/100
Mordbrand Kolumbarium 7″EP White vinyl, ltd/200
Mordbrand Unmake 12″EP
Mordbrand Unmake CD
Mordbrand Hymns of the Rotten CD
Mordbrand Wilt CD
Mordbrand/Bombs of Hades No Life 10″EP White/black splatter vinyl, ltd/200
Mordicus Dances from Left LP+7″ G/F, clear grey vinyl, insert, ltd/300
Morgan Ågren Morgan Ågren’s Conundrum (A Percussive Misadventure) DVD Digipak, signed by Morgan Ågren
Morgoth 1987-1997: the Best of Morgoth 2CD
Mornaland/Abominator Prelude to World Funeral… CD
Mortal Sin Face of Despair LP
Morthirim Morthirim CD Digipak
Mortuary Drape Into the Catachthonium CD
Mother Love Bone Mother Love Bone 2CD
Motörhead Overkill CD
Motörhead Bomber CD
Motörhead On Parole CD
Motörhead No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith CD
Motörhead Iron Fist LP
Motörhead Iron Fist CD
Motörhead Another Perfect Day CD
Motörhead No Remorse 2LP Leather sleeve, ltd
Motörhead Orgasmatron CD
Motörhead Rock ‘N’ Roll LP
Motörhead Rock ‘N’ Roll CD
Motörhead 1916 CD
Motörhead March Ör Die LP
Motörhead March Ör Die CD
Motörhead Ace of Spades CD
Motörhead Sacrifice CD
Motörhead We Are Motörhead CD
Motörhead Hammered LP
Motörhead Inferno 2LP
Motörhead Inferno CD
Motörhead Stage Fright 2DVD Digipak
Motörhead Kiss of Death CD
Motörhead Motörizer CD
Motörhead Aftershock CD
Mountain Climbing! CD
Mr. Big Photographic Smile LP
Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle CD
Mr. Libido Sensually Primitive CD
Mundanus Imperium Ode to the Nightsky CD Digipak, 2nd issue
Mundanus Imperium The Spectral Spheres Coronation CD
Murder Squad Ravenous Murderous CD
Murg Gudatall CD
Musikhögskolans i Piteå Kammarkör Music for a While CD
Musikhögskolans i Piteå Kammarkör En ny himmel CD Digipak
Mustasch Sounds Like Heaven, Looks Like Hell CD
My Dying Bride 34.788%… Complete CD
My Own Grave Unholy CD Digipak
Myrkskog Deathmachine CD
Myrkur Myrkur CD
Mystic Circle Open the Gates of Hell CD Digipak
Mysticum In the Streams of Inferno LP Red vinyl, poster, ltd/200
Mysticum In the Streams of Inferno LP G/F, white vinyl, poster
Mysticum In the Streams of Inferno CD/DVD Slipcase
Mysticum Demons Never Sleep CD
Mysticum Lost Masters of the Universe 2LP G/F
Mysticum Lost Masters of the Universe CD Slipcase, poster/booklet
Mysticum Planet Satan LP G/F, poster
Mysticum Planet Satan CD Deluxe edition, mediabook
Månegarm Havets vargar CD
Månegarm Vargaresa – The Beginning LP Insert
Månegarm Vargaresa – The Beginning CD
Månegarm Urminnes hävd CD
Månegarm Vargstenen LP Picture disc, ltd
Månegarm Vargstenen CD
Mårran Vid liv CD G/F cardboard sleeve
Möller+Knutsson Latitudes Crossing CD
Mörk Gryning Tusen år har gått… CD
Mörk Gryning Tusen år har gått LP Slipcase, G/F, red vinyl, booklet, ltd/300
Mörk Gryning Return Fire CD
Mörk Gryning Maelstrom Chaos CD
Mörk Gryning Pieces of Primal Expressionism CD Slipcase
Mörk Gryning Mörk gryning CD Digipak, ltd
Mörker Den sista utfärden CD Ltd/2000
Mörker Skuggornas rike CD
Mörker Höstmakter LP/CD G/F, orange splatter vinyl, poster, #53/66
Mötley Crüe Too Fast for Love LP
Mötley Crüe Shout at the Devil LP
Mötley Crüe Girls, Girls, Girls LP
Mötley Crüe Mötley Crüe CD
Naglfar Stellae Trajectio MC Demo
Naglfar Vittra LP Picture disc, ltd/1000
Naglfar Vittra CD
Naglfar Vittra LP G/F, ltd/400
Naglfar When Autumn Storms Come 7″EP Ltd/500
Naglfar Diabolical LP Picture disc
Naglfar Diabolical CD
Naglfar Ex Inferis CD
Naglfar Sheol LP #203/500
Naglfar Sheol LP Picture disc, #255/500
Naglfar Sheol CD
Naglfar Pariah LP Ltd
Naglfar Pariah CD Digipak
Naglfar Harvest LP G/F, red vinyl, poster, ltd/500
Naglfar Harvest LP G/F, poster, ltd/500
Naglfar Harvest CD/DVD Digipak
Naglfar An Extension of His Arm and Will 7″EP Red vinyl, #16/500 (1-100=red)
Naglfar An Extension of His Arm and Will 7″EP White vinyl, #143/500 (101-200=white)
Naglfar An Extension of His Arm and Will 7″EP #366/500 (201-500=black)
Naglfar Téras 2LP G/F, red/black marbled vinyl, ltd/250
Naglfar Téras 2LP G/F, one etched side, ltd
Naglfar Téras CD Digipak, patch, ltd
Naglfar Téras CD
Napalm Death Scum CD
Napalm Death Fear, Emptiness, Despair CD
Napalm Death Diatribes CD
Napalm Death Leaders Not Followers CD
Napalm Death Punishment in Capitals CD
Narnia Long Live the King CD
Narthraal Blood Citadel CD
Narthraal Screaming from the Grave CD Digipak
Nasum Helvete CD
Nathan Milstein The Last Recital CD
Nation Without Remorse CD
Nationalteatern Ta det som ett löfte…ta det inte som ett hot LP Booklet
Nationalteatern Barn av vår tid LP
Nàttsòl Stemning LP Poster, ltd/300
Nàttsòl Stemning CD Digipak
Nattvindens gråt A Bard’s Tale CD
Nazareth Razamanaz LP G/F
Nazareth Rampant LP
Nazareth Hair of the Dog LP
Nazareth Greatest Hits LP
Nazxul Totem CD
Ne Obliviscaris The Aurora Veil CD Demo
Ne Obliviscaris Portal of I CD Digipak, poster
Ne Obliviscaris Citadel LP Silver and purple mixed vinyl, ltd/100
Neal Schon Late Nite LP
Necromicon Peccata Mundi CD
Necrophobic Unholy Prophecies MC Demo, ltd/200
Necrophobic The Nocturnal Silence CD
Necrophobic Darkside CD
Necrophobic Darkside LP Blue vinyl, lyric sheet
Necrophobic The Third Antichrist LP
Necrophobic The Third Antichrist CD
Necrophobic Bloodhymns CD
Necrophobic Tour EP 2003 CD Ltd/1000
Necrophobic Hrimthursum CD Slipcase, ltd
Necrophobic Satanic Blasphemies CD Box, poster, patch, jewelcase CD, ltd
Necrophobic Death to All CD Slipcase
Necrophobic Womb of Lilithu 2LP G/F, clear vinyl, ltd/400
Necrophobic Womb of Lilithu CD Digipak, ltd
Necros Christos Doom of the Occult 2LP G/F, booklet, poster
Necrowretch Putrid Death Sorcery LP Poster, insert
Necrowretch With Serpents Scourge LP Poster
Nekromantheon Divinity of Death LP G/F
Nekromantheon Rise, Vulcan Spectre CD
Nephenzy Where Death Becomes Art CD
Nephenzy In Anguish and Furious Pain 7″EP G/F
Nephenzy Chaos Order Pure Black Disease CD
Neptune Towers Caravans to Empire Algol CD
Niccolo Paganini The Best of Paganini CD
Nifelheim Nifelheim CD
Nifelheim Devil’s Force CD
Nifelheim Unholy Death 7″EP Ltd/353
Nifelheim Envoy of Lucifer CD
Nifelheim Envoy of Lucifer LP G/F, 2nd press with printed inner
Nifelheim/Sadistik Exekution Tribute to Slayer Magazine 7″EP G/F, poster, ltd
Nigel Kennedy Beethoven: Violin Concerto/Bach: Preludio & Allegro Assai CD
Night in Gales Necrodynamic CD
Nightfall I Am Jesus CD
Nightfall Lyssa: Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments CD Digipak
Nightingale The Breathing Shadow CD
Nightingale The Closing Chronicles: the Breathing Shadow Part II CD
Nightingale I CD
Nightingale Alive Again: the Breathing Shadow Part IV CD
Nightingale Live in the Night DVD
Nightingale Invisible CD
Nightingale Nightfall Overture CD Ltd/500
Nightingale Nightfall Overture LP
Nightingale White Darkness CD Digipak
Nightside Demo 1997 MC Demo
Nightside Ad Noctvm 7″EP Insert, ltd/200
Nightwish Angels Fall First CD
Nightwish Oceanborn CD
Nightwish Sacrament of Wilderness CDS
Nightwish Walking in the Air CDS
Nightwish Deep Silent Complete CDS
Nightwish Wishmaster CD Lenticular cover, ltd
Nightwish Ever Dream CDS
Nightwish Bless the Child CDS
Nightwish Century Child CD
Nightwish Imaginaerum 2CD Cardboard case, digipak, poster
Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful 2CD Digibook, ltd
Niklas Strömstedt Om! LP
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov/Modest Mussorgsky Scheherazade/Pictures at an Exhibition CD
Nile Ithyphallic CD
Nine Covens On the Coming of Darkness CD
Nine Covens …On the Dawning of Light CD
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile 2CD Digipak
Ninnuam Process of Life Separation CD
Nintendo Project Mega Man CD Demo
Nintendo Project A Tribute to Nintendo CD Demo
Nirvana Nevermind CD
Nirvana Incesticide CD
Nirvana In Utero CD
Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York CD
Nirvana 2002 Recordings 89-91 CD Digipak
Noctes Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni CD Digipak
Noctiferia Per Aspera CD
Nocturnal Rites The Sacred Talisman CD
Nocturnal Rites New World Messiah CD
Nocturnal Rites Grand Illusion CD
Nocturnal Winds Everlasting Fall CD
Nocturno Culto The Misanthrope CD/DVD
Nocturnus The Key LP Insert
Nocturnus Thresholds CD
Nocturnus Ethereal Tomb CD Digipak
Nominon Manifestation of Black 7″EP Red vinyl, inner sleeve, download card, ltd/300
Nominon The Cleansing LP G/F, blue splatter vinyl, patch, ltd/250
Nominon The Cleansing CD Digipak
Non Serviam Between Light and Darkness CD
Non Serviam Necrotical CD
Non Serviam Play God 7″EP #310/1000
Non Serviam The Witches Sabbath CD
Nordic Necropolis Trapped CD Demo, #104/xxx
Nordiska Kören Norden synger LP
Nordman Nordman CD
Norrbottens Ungdomssymfoniker Kiruna 100 år CD Demo
Northern Europe Jazz Quartet Northern Europe Jazz Quartet CD Digipak
Notre Dame Nightmare Before Christmas LP #132/1000
Notre Dame Abattoir, Abattoir Du Noir 7″EP
Notre Dame Demi Monde Bizarros CD Digipak
Novembers Doom To Welcome the Fade CD
Novembre The Blue CD Digipak
Nuclear Assault Brain Death 12″EP
Nåstrond From a Black Funeral Coffin MC #78/666
Nåstrond Toteslaut LP
Nåstrond Age of Fire LP
Nåstrond Muspellz Synir CD Slipcase
Oasis (What’s the Story) Morning Glory ? CD
Obituary Xecutioner’s Return CD Slipcase
Obligatorisk tortyr Obligatorisk tortyr CD
Obliteration Perpetual Decay CD
Obscurity Wrapped in Plastic CDS
October Tide Grey Dawn CD Digipak
Odyssey Reinventing the Past CD
Ofermod Mystérion Tés Anomias CD
Ofermod Tíamtü LP G/F, insert
Ofermod Tíamtü CD
Ofermod Thaumiel LP Booklet
Ola Gjeilo Northern Lights – Choral Works by Ola Gjeilo CD Phoenix Chorale/Charles Bruffy
Ola Magnell Nya perspektiv CD
Old Down with the Nails CD
Old Man’s Child In the Shades of Life CD
Old Man’s Child Born of the Flickering CD
Old Man’s Child The Pagan Prosperity CD
Old Man’s Child Ill-natured Spiritual Invasion CD
Old Man’s Child Revelation 666 (The Curse of Damnation) CD
Old Man’s Child In Defiance of Existence CD DiscBox slider
Old Man’s Child 666 – The Historical Plague 5LP Box, G/F, #66/2000
Old Man’s Child Slaves of the World CD
Old Wainds Death Nord Kult CD Digipak, ltd/1000
Olemba Oli dielo CD Demo
Ondskapt Arisen from the Ashes CD
Oopsie Mamushka String Quartet CD
Opeth Orchid CD 1st press without logo on front cover
Opeth Morningrise CD
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse CD
Opeth Still Life CD Australian press
Opeth Still Life 2LP G/F, ltd/1000
Opeth Still Life CD/DVD Digibook
Opeth Blackwater Park 2CD Slipcase, ltd/2000
Opeth Blackwater Park 2LP/DVD G/F, booklet, ltd
Opeth Still Day Beneath the Sun 7″EP Ltd/1092
Opeth Deliverance CD Digipak, ltd
Opeth Deliverance 2LP Picture disc, ltd/2000
Opeth Deliverance 2LP G/F, ltd/1000
Opeth Damnation LP Ltd/1000
Opeth Damnation CD Digipak, ltd
Opeth Lamentations – Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2003 DVD
Opeth Lamentations – Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2003 2CD
Opeth Selections from Ghost Reveries CD Sleeve, promo
Opeth Ghost Reveries CD
Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes 3LP/2CD Box, booklet, poster, digipak, slipcase, #322/1000
Opeth Watershed Radio Sampler CD Promo
Opeth Mellotron Heart CDS Sleeve, promo
Opeth Burden CDS Sleeve, promo
Opeth Watershed 2LP/CD G/F, poster, ltd/3000
Opeth Watershed CD/DVD Digibook
Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes DVD/2CD Digibook/-pak in slipcase, postcards, ltd
Opeth The Wooden Box (Orchid, Morningrise & My Arms, Your Hearse) 6LP Die Hard wooden box, white vinyl, stencil, T-shirt, #20/200
Opeth In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall 4LP/2DVD Box, deluxe edition, G/F, booklet, insert, #2470/4000
Opeth The Devil’s Orchard – Live at Rock Hard Festival 2009 CD
Opeth Heritage 2LP/CD/DVD/7″ Box, G/F, booklet, lithograph, ltd
Opeth Heritage CD/DVD Digipak, lenticular cover art, Opeth coin, ltd
Opeth Pale Communion 2LP G/F, ltd
Opeth Pale Communion CD/BR/3×7″ Box, deluxe edition, double slipcase, booklet, ltd/2500
Opeth Sorceress 2LP/2CD/DVD Box set, G/F, rosewood vinyl, digipak, parchment, poster, photo card
Ophthalamia A Journey in Darkness CD
Ophthalamia A Journey in Darkness LP Ltd/500
Ophthalamia Via Dolorosa CD
Ophthalamia Via Dolorosa 2LP G/F, ltd/500
Ophthalamia To Elishia CD
Ophthalamia Dominion CD
Orcivus Consummatum Est LP
Orcivus Consummatum Est CD
Orphei Drängar OD sjunger nutida musik LP Insert, Eric Ericson
Orphei Drängar Diamonds CD
Orup Bästa 2CD
Otis Redding The Definitive Soul Collection 2CD
Otyg Älvefärd CD
Otyg Sagovindars boning CD
Oulu All Star Big Bang & J. Ahola Big Band Goes Heavy CD
Ove Liff Trio Travel LP
Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz CD
Ozzy Osbourne Diary of a Madman CD
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon CD
Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Sin LP
Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads Tribute 2LP
Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads Tribure CD
Ozzy Osbourne No Rest for the Wicked LP
Ozzy Osbourne No Rest for the Wicked CD
Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears CD
Ozzy Osbourne Ozzmosis CD
Ozzy Osbourne The Ozzman Cometh 2CD Ltd
Ozzy Osbourne Down to Earth CD
Ozzy Osbourne Live at Budokan DVD
Ozzy Osbourne The Essential 2CD
Paatos Timeloss CD Digipak
Paatos Kallocain CD
Paco De Lucia/Al Di Meola/John McLaughlin The Guitar Trio CD
Paganizer No Divine Rapture CD
Paganizer Cadaver Casket (On a Gurney to Hell) CD Digipak, promo
Pagan’s Mind Intermission CDS Digipak
Pain Just Hate Me CDS
Pain of Salvation One Hour by the Concrete Lake CD
Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane CD
Pain of Salvation Be CD
Pain of Salvation The Second Death of Pain of Salvation 2CD
Pain of Salvation Road Salt One LP G/F
Pain of Salvation Road Salt One CD
Pain of Salvation Road Salt Two CD
Pantera Cowboys from Hell CD
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power CD
Pantera Far Beyond Driven CD
Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill CD
Pantera Official Live: 101 Proof CD
Pantera 3 Vulgar Videos from Hell 2DVD
Pantera Reinventing the Steel CD
Pantera Reinventing Hell – the Best of Pantera CD
Pantheon I Atrocity Divine CD
Pantheon I The Wanderer and His Shadow CD
Pantheon I Worlds I Create CD
Paolo Spoladore Shiloh CD A5 digibox, book
Paradise Lost Gothic CD
Paradise Lost Shades of God CD
Paradise Lost Icon CD
Paradise Lost Draconian Times CD
Paradise Lost One Second CD
Pat Metheny Group Pat Metheny Group LP
Pat Metheny Group Travels 2LP G/F
Pat Metheny Group Still Life (Talking) CD
Pat Metheny Group The Road to You CD
Pat Metheny Group Imaginary Day Live DVD
Pat Metheny Group Speaking of Now Live DVD
Pat Metheny Trio Live 2CD Digipak
Pathos Katharsis CD
Paul Anka Rock Swings CD
Paul Anka Paul Anka’s Greatest Hits LP
Paul Gilbert Acoustic Samurai CD
Paul Gilbert The Best of Paul Gilbert CD
Paul Jones The Best of Paul Jones LP
Paul Okkenhaug Tonar frå Trøndelag CD
Paulo Mendonca 11PM CD
Pavarotti Carreras Domingo Die drei grössten Tenöre der Welt CD
Pearl Jam Ten CD
Pearl Jam Vs CD
Pearl Jam Binaural CD Digipak
Peer Günt Backseat LP
Peer Günt Good Girls Don’t… LP
Per Nilsson Scar Guitar DVD Booklet
Peter & Patrik Jablonski Music for 2 Pianos CD
Peter LeMarc Ge henne tid CDS
Phenomena Phenomena LP Booklet
Phil Collins Face Value CD
Phil Collins Hello, I Must Be Going! LP G/F
Phil Collins No Jacket Required LP
Phil Collins …But Seriously LP
Philip Bailey Chinese Wall LP
Pierre Isacsson Pierre! LP
Pierre Isacsson Hemma LP
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon LP G/F
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon CD
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here LP
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here CD
Pink Floyd The Wall 2CD
Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder 2LP G/F
PJ Harvey Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea CD
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Music Goes On – Romeo and Juliet Overture/Swan Lake Suite CD The London Festival Orchestra/Alberto Lizzio
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 LP E. Gilels, piano; Chicago Symphony Orchestra/F. Reiner
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 LP V. Ashkenazy, piano; London Symphony Orchestra
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 3/Works for Solo Piano 3CD D. Wayenberg, M. Ponti & P. Schmalfuss, piano
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Swan Lake/1812 Overture/Piano Concerto No. 1 CD J. Hill, piano; The London Symphony Orchestra/Y. Ahronvitch
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4/Fatum CD Bratislava Radio Symphony Orchestra/Ondrej Lenárd
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky The Romantic Tchaikovsky CD Georgian SIMI Festival Orchestra/Nodar Tsatishvili
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky/F. Mendelssohn Violin Concertos CD Slipcase, Nathan Milstein, violin
Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky/Franz Liszt Piano Concerto No. 1/Piano Concerto No. 1 LP Martha Argerich, piano
Pleurisy Seizure CD
Poison Look What the Cat Dragged In LP White vinyl
Polterkrist The Death Cell MC Demo, #27/300
Polyteknikkojen Kuoro Joulupukki CD
Porcupine Tree On the Sunday of Life… CD Digipak
Portal Forthcoming CD
Portishead Dummy CD
Portishead Portishead CD
Portrait We Were Not Alone CDS G/F cardboard sleeve
Possessed Seven Churches LP
Possessed Seven Churches CD
Possessed Beyond the Gates LP G/F
Possessed The Eyes of Horror 12″EP
Powertrip Cold Black Lie CD
Preprophecy A Tomb of Sanity MC Demo
Pretty Maids Jump the Gun LP
Prime Sthlm 24 Song CDS
Primordial Imrama CD
Primordial A Journey’s End 2CD Digipak in slipcase
Primordial The Gathering Wilderness CD
Primordial To the Nameless Dead CD
Primordial Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand 2LP G/F, white vinyl, ltd
Primordial Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand CD/DVD Digipak, slipcase, ltd
Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen 2LP G/F, red/black splatter vinyl, inlay, poster, ltd/300
Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen CD/DVD Mediabook, deluxe edition
Prodigy Breathe CD
Prodigy The Fat of the Land CD
Profundi The Omega Rising LP G/F, splatter vinyl, poster, ltd/100
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back CD
Pugh Rogefeldt Attityder LP
Pugh Rogefeldt & Rainrock Bolla och rulla LP
Pär Westling Pär Westling CD Demo
Q5 Steel the Light LP
Queen Queen CD
Queen Queen II CD
Queen A Day at the Races LP G/F
Queen A Day at the Races CD
Queen News of the World LP G/F
Queen Jazz LP G/F
Queen Greatest Hits I & II 2CD
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf CD
Queens of the Stone Age Lullabies to Paralyze CD
Queensryche Rage for Order LP
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime CD
Queensryche Empire 2LP
Queensryche Empire CD
Queensrÿche The Warning CD
Quiet Riot Metal Health LP
Quiet Riot Condition Critical LP
Quiet Riot QR III LP
Quorthon Album CD
R.E.M. New Adventures in Hi-Fi CD
R.E.M. In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 CD
Raate Menetyksen tie CD
Racer X Technical Difficulties CD
Racey Smash and Grab LP
Radiohead The Bends CD
Radiohead OK Computer CD
Radiohead Kid A CD
Radiohead Amnesiac CD
Radiohead Hail to the Thief CD
Rage Ghosts CD Digipak, ltd
Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine CD Digipak
Rage Against the Machine Evil Empire CD
Ragnarök Ragnarök CD
Ragnarök Fata Morgana LP
Ragnarøk Nattferd CD
Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow LP
Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow CD
Rainbow Rising CD
Rainbow On Stage 2LP G/F
Rainbow Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll LP
Rainbow Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll CD
Rainbow Down to Earth LP
Rainbow Down to Earth CD
Rainbow Difficult to Cure LP
Rainbow Bent Out of Shape LP
Rainbow Live in Munich 1977 2CD
Raise Hell Not Dead Yet CD
Raise Hell City of the Damned CD Digibook, ltd
Rajaton Nova CD Digipak
Rajaton Joulu 2CD
Rajaton Joulu DVD
Rajaton Sings ABBA with Lahti Symphony Orchestra CD
Rajaton Maa CD
Ralf Gothoni Schubert, Haydn, Rautavaara CD
Ram Death LP G/F, ltd/500
Ram Death CD/DVD Ltd
Ram-Zet Intra CD
Ram-Zet Neutralized CD
Ranarim För världen älskar vad som är brokot CD Digipak
Ranarim Morgonstjärna CD Digipak
Ranarim 3 låtar från Allt vid den ljusa stjärnan CD Promo, advance CD
Ranger Metal Gear MC Demo
Ranger Combat Metal MC Demo
Ranger Knights of Darkness MLP Patch, pin, ltd
Ranger Where Evil Dwells LP Insert
Ranger Where Evil Dwells CD
Rare Earth Get Ready LP
Rare Earth Midnight Lady LP
Rare Earth Rarearth LP
Rare Earth Grand Slam LP
Ratt Out of the Cellar LP
Ratt Invasion of Your Privacy LP
Ratt Dancing Undercover LP
Raubtier Kamphund CDS
Raubtier Det finns bara krig CD
Raven Wiped Out CD
Rebecka Gordon Yiddish’N Jazz CD
Rebecka Törnqvist A Night Like This CD
Rebecka Törnqvist Good Thing CD
Rebecka Törnqvist & Per ‘Texas’ Johansson The Stockholm Kaza Session CD
Recall Global Me CD Demo
Red Army Choir Russian Favourites CD
Red Harvest Nomindsland CD
Red Hot Chili Peppers Mother’s Milk CD
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik CD
Red Hot Chili Peppers What Hits!? CD
Refused Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent CD
Refused The Shape of Punk to Come CD
Refused Freedom LP G/F, white vinyl, ltd
Renée Harris I’m a Music-Machine LP
Return to Forever featuring Chick Corea Where Have I Known You Before LP
Reverend Bizarre Slave of Satan CDS
Reverend Bizarre II: Crush the Insects CD
Reverend Bizarre III: So Long Suckers 4LP Box, translucent moss green vinyl, poster, booklet, ltd/600
Rex Mundi IHVH CD
Rhapsody Legendary Tales CD
Rhapsody Emerald Sword CD
Rhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands CD Korean press
Rhapsody Tales from the Emerald Sword Saga CD Box, poster, photo cards, sticker, ltd
Richard Andersson The Ultimate Andersson Collection CD
Richard Cheese The Sunny Side of the Moon: the Best of Richard Cheese CD Digipak
Richie Kotzen Break It All Down CD
Rickfors Vingar LP
Rigmor Gustafsson When You Make Me Smile CD
Rilkeensemblen En god jul CD
Rise and Shine Promo 2002 CD Sleeve, promo
Rise and Shine/Gehennah Rise and Shine and Gehennah 7″EP
Rival Sons Pressure & Time Redux CD/DVD Slipcase
Rob Johnson Rob Johnson CD
Rob Johnson Peripheral CD
Robben Ford The Inside Story LP
Robben Ford Talk to Your Daughter LP
Robert Plant Pictures at Eleven LP
Robert Schumann Piano Sonata No. 1, Fantasy in C Major CD Leif Ove Andsnes, piano
Robert Schumann Carnaval/Kinderszenen/Papillons CD Ethella Chuprik, piano
Robert Schumann Symphonies Nos. 1 and 3 CD Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra/Karol Stryja
Robert Schumann The Best of Schumann CD
Robert Schumann/Edvard Grieg Piano Concertos in A Minor CD T. Hlawatsch & S. Zamborsky, piano
Robert Wells World.Wide.Wells CD
Robert Wells Rhapsody in Rock – the Stadium Tour Summer 2002 DVD
Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs LP
Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs CD
Robin Trower For Earth Below LP
Robin Trower Long Misty Days LP
Robin Trower Live! LP
Robin Trower In City Dreams LP
Robin Trower Back It Up LP
Robin Trower Take What You Need LP
Robyn Robyn Is Here CD
Rod Stewart Atlantic Crossing LP
Roger Rönning Telepati LP
Rosalyn Tureck Live in St. Petersburg – All Bach Recital CD
Rosetta The Anaesthete CD Digisleeve
Rotten Sound Murderworks CD
Rotten Sound Napalm CD/DVD Digipak
Rotten Sound Cursed LP Dark red vinyl with black marble, insert, ltd/520
Rotten Sound/Mastic Scum Seeds of Hate/Crap 7″EP
Rotting Christ Non Serviam CD
Rotting Christ A Dead Poem 2CD
Rotting Christ Genesis CD
Route Nine Before I Close My Eyes Forever 7″EP
Roxette Look Sharp! LP
Roxette Look Sharp! CD
Roxette Look Sharp! MC
Roxette Joyride LP
Roxette Tourism 2LP G/F
Roy Orbison The Roy Orbison Collection 2LP
Roy Orbison 20 Original Hits – Only the Lonely LP
Roy Orbison Oh Pretty Woman LP
Roy Orbison Mystery Girl LP
Roy Orbison The Roy Orbison Story 20 Classical Hits LP
Ruins Front the Final Foes CD Digipak
Rune Gustafsson Rune at the Top LP
Rune Gustafsson Himself Plays Gilbert O’Sullivan LP
Runemagick Ancient Incantations 7″EP #40/500
Runemagick Requiem of the Apocalypse CD
Runemagick On Funeral Wings CD Ltd/500
Runemagick/Lord Belial Doomed by Death 7″EP #599/666
Rush 2112 CD
Rush Moving Pictures CD
Rutthna Doomsdaylight CD Digipak
Sabaton Burn in Hell CDS Digisleeve
Sacramentum Far Away from the Sun LP Poster, insert
Sacramentum Far Away from the Sun CD
Sacramentum The Coming of Chaos CD
Sacrilege Lost in the Beauty You Slay CD
Sacrilege The Fifth Season CD
Sacrilegious Impalement World in Ashes 7″EP
Sacrilegious Impalement Cultus Nex LP Booklet
Sade Promise LP G/F
Sadist Above the Light CD
Sadist Tribe CD
Sadistik Exekution Fukk CD
Samael Blood Ritual CD
Samael Passage CD
Samael Eternal CD Digipak
Samael Black Trip 2DVD
Samael Above CD
Samael Antigod CD Digipak
Samael Lux Mundi CD
Sandra The Long Play LP
Santana Borboletta LP
Santana Amigos LP G/F
Santana Inner Secrets LP
Santana Marathon LP
Santana Zebop! LP
Santana Shango LP
Santana Beyond Appearances LP
Santana Freedom LP
Santana Viva Santana! 3LP Triple G/F, booklet
Santana Spirits Dancing in the Flesh LP
Santana Abraxas/Santana 2LP G/F
Santana The Very Best of Santana CD
Santana Supernatural CD
Saraya Saraya LP
Sarcasm Burial Dimensions 2CD
Sarcasm Burial Dimensions LP Insert
Sarcasm Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds LP Insert, ltd/250
Sarcasm Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds CD
Sarcófago Rotting MLP
Sargatanas Reign Euthanasia…Last Resort CD
Sargatanas Reign Bloodwork: Techniques of Torture CD
Sargoth Lay Eden in Ashes CD
Sarke Oldarhian CD
Satanic Slaughter Land of the Unholy Souls CD
Satanic Slaughter Banished to the Underworld CD Slipcase
Satanic Warmaster Revelation 12″EP Insert, #1474/2000
Satanic Warmaster/Clandestine Blaze CD
Satariel Lady Lust Lilith CD
Satariel Phobos and Deimos CD
Satariel Hydra LP #221/666
Satariel Hydra CD Digipak
Satyricon Dark Medieval Times CD
Satyricon The Shadowthrone CD
Satyricon Nemesis Divina CD
Satyricon Nemesis Divina LP G/F, purple vinyl, poster, ltd/400
Satyricon Megiddo – Mother North in the Dawn of a New Age 12″EP Ltd/1000
Satyricon Megiddo – Mother North in the Dawn of a New Age CD
Satyricon Intermezzo II CD
Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza CD
Satyricon Volcano CD
Satyricon K.I.N.G CDS Ltd/1000
Satyricon Now, Diabolical CD
Satyricon Now, Diabolical LP G/F
Satyricon My Skin Is Cold 7″EP/CD G/F, white marble vinyl, ltd/400
Satyricon The Age of Nero LP G/F, poster
Satyricon The Age of Nero 2CD Box, digipak, poster, Norwegian Ltd
Satyricon Satyricon 2LP G/F, silver vinyl, poster, ltd/150
Satyricon Satyricon CD Digipak, ltd
Satyricon Live at the Opera DVD/2CD Digipak in slipcase, ltd
Satyricon/Enslaved The Forest Is My Throne/Yggdrasil CD Digipak
Sav Varje stund CD
Sav Stanna kvar CD
Savatage Fight for the Rock LP
Savatage Hall of the Mountain King CD
Savatage Streets (A Rock Opera) CD
Saxon Strong Arm of the Law LP G/F
Saxon Power & the Glory LP
Saxon Rock the Nations LP
Scar Symmetry Symmetric in Design CD Digipak
Scar Symmetry Pitch Black Progress CD Slipcase, sticker, ltd
Scar Symmetry Holographic Universe CD
Scar Symmetry Dark Matter Dimensions CD Digipak, ltd
Scar Symmetry The Singularity (Phase 1 – Neohumanity) CD Digipak, ltd
Scorpions Tokyo Tapes CD
Scorpions Blackout LP
Scorpions Love at First Sting CD
Scorpions Big City Nights/Bad Boys Running Wild 12″EP
Scorpions Gold Ballads LP
Scorpions World Wide Live 2LP G/F
Scorpions Savage Amusement LP
Scorpions Crazy World LP
Scorpions Crazy World CD
Scorpions Best CD
Scorpions Acoustica CD
Scorpions Unbreakable CD
Scott Henderson and Tribal Tech Dr. Hee LP
Scott Henderson and Tribal Tech Nomad LP
Scum Mother Nature CD
Scum Purple Dreams & Magic Poems CD
Seance Saltrubbed Eyes CD
Sear Begin the Celebrations of Sin CD
Sear Lamentations of Destruction CD Digipak
Sentenced The Trooper CDS
Sentenced Amok CD
Sentenced Down CD
Sentenced Story – Greatest Kills CD
Sentenced Frozen CD
Sentenced Crimson CD Digipak
Sentenced North from Here/Shadows of the Past 2CD
Sentenced The Cold White Light CD Digibook
Sentenced The Funeral Album CD
Septic Flesh Sumerian Daemons CD
Sepultura Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation CD
Sepultura Schizophrenia CD
Sepultura Beneath the Remains LP
Sepultura Beneath the Remains CD
Sepultura Arise LP
Sepultura Arise CD
Sepultura Chaos A.D. CD
Sepultura The Roots of Sepultura 2CD
Sergei Prokofiev Piano Sonatas Nos. 1, 3 and 4 CD Bernd Glemser, piano
Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos 2 & 3 CD Vladimir Ashkenazy, piano
Sergei Rachmaninoff Préludes & Moments musicaux CD Andrei Gavrilov, piano
Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2/Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini CD Jeno Jando, piano; Budapest Symphony Orchestra
Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2/Rhapsody/Symphony No. 2 2CD S. Richter & V. Ashkenazy, piano; Berliner Philharmoniker
Sergei Rachmaninoff Rachmaninoff Plays Rachmaninoff: Piano Concertos 2 & 3 CD The Philadelphia Orchestra/L. Stokowski & E. Ormandy
Sergei Rachmaninoff/F. Liszt/Schubert-Liszt Piano Concerto No. 3/Paganini Etude No. 5/Liebesbotschaft CD Vladimir Horowitz, piano
Sergei Rachmaninoff/P.I. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 3/Piano Concerto No. 1 CD Martha Argerich, piano
Serpent Obscene Chaos Reign Supreme CD
Sesam Sesam LP
Setherial För dem mitt blod 7″EP #682/1000
Setherial Nord… CD
Setherial Lords of the Nightrealm CD
Setherial Hell Eternal CD
Setherial Endtime Divine CD
Setherial Ekpyrosis CD Slipcase
Shade Empire Intoxicate O.S. CD
Shadow Gallery Carved in Stone CD
Shadow Gallery Tyranny CD
Shakin’ Stevens Shaky LP
Shanes The Best of Shanes LP
Shape of Despair Monotony Fields CD
Shining Submit to Selfdestruction 7″EP #216/300
Shining Within Deep Dark Chambers CD Digipak, ltd
Shining Livets ändhållplats LP White splatter vinyl, ltd/300
Shining Livets ändhållplats CD Digipak, ltd
Shining III – Angst – Självdestruktivitetens emissarie CD
Shining The Darkroom Sessions CD
Shining IV – the Eerie Cold CD
Shining V – Halmstad (Niklas angående Niklas) LP Ltd/500
Shining V – Halmstad (Niklas angående Niklas) CD Digipak, ltd
Shining VI – Klagopsalmer CD
Shining Förtvivlan min arvedel CDS Digipak
Shining VII: Född förlorare LP Ltd/500
Shining VII: Född förlorare CD
Shining Lots of Girls Gonna Get Hurt CD
Shining 8½ – Feberdrömmar i vaket tillstånd LP G/F, white vinyl, ltd/500
Shining 8½ – Feberdrömmar i vaket tillstånd CD
Shining IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends 2LP Gatefold, red/black marble vinyl, patch, ltd/230
Shining IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends CD Box, digipak, mirror in pouch, goat leather patch, ltd/3500
Shining/Monumentum Split 7″EP Ltd/300
Siebenbürgen Grimjaur CD
Siebenbürgen Delictum CD
Siebenbürgen Darker Designs & Images CD
Siena Root Different Realities LP G/F
Sigh Imaginary Sonicscape CD
Sigh/Abigail Evilized Japan Volume 1 7″EP G/F, ltd/500
Silent Voices Chapters of Tragedy CD
Silent Voices Infernal CD
Silver Convention Madhouse LP
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water LP
Simon & Garfunkel The Essential 2CD
Sinergy Beware the Heavens CD Purple jewelcase
Sinergy To Hell and Back CD
Sinergy Suicide by My Side CD
Sinner Danger Zone LP
Sinner Touch of Sin LP
Sinsaenum Echoes of the Tortured 2LP G/F, white vinyl, d/L card
Six Feet Under Haunted CD
Six Feet Under Warpath CD Digipak, ltd
Six Feet Under Live with Full Force CD/DVD
Skambankt Hardt regn CD
Skid Row Skid Row LP
Skid Row Slave to the Grind CD
Skineater Dermal Harvest CD
Skitliv Skandinavisk misantropi CD
Skogen Vittra CD
Skogen Vittra 2LP G/F, ltd/300
Skogen Svitjod 2LP G/F, blue marbled vinyl, ltd/200
Skogen Svitjod CD
Skogen Eld CD
Skogen Eld 2LP G/F, gold vinyl, booklet, ltd/500
Skogen I döden CD Digipak
Skogen I döden 2LP G/F, white vinyl, poster, ltd/400
Skyfire Timeless Departure CD
Slade The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome LP
Slash’s Snakepit It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere CD
Slayer Show No Mercy LP
Slayer Show No Mercy CD
Slayer Haunting the Chapel 12″EP
Slayer Reign in Blood LP
Slayer Reign in Blood CD
Slayer South of Heaven LP Ltd
Slayer South of Heaven CD
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss LP
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss CD
Slayer Decade of Aggression 2CD
Slayer Divine Intervention CD
Slayer Undisputed Attitude CD
Slayer Diabolus in Musica CD
Slayer God Hates Us All CD
Slayer Still Reigning DVD
Slayer Christ Illusion CD
Sleepy Sleepers Metsäratio CD
Sleepy Sleepers Levyraati CD
Sleepy Sleepers Rock’y VI – Pölkyllä päähän LP
Slipknot Slipknot CD
Slipknot Iowa CD
Slipknot Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) CD
Slipknot All Hope Is Gone CD/DVD Digipak, ltd
Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter CD
Snapsakademien Ett decennium med Snapsakademien CD
Sodom In the Sign of Evil/Obsessed by Cruelty CD
Sofa Surfers Transit CD
Sofia Pettersson & Petter Bergander Det liknar ingenting CD Digipak
Soilwork Steel Bath Suicide CD
Soilwork The Chainheart Machine CD
Soilwork Figure Number Five 2CD Slipcase, ltd
Soilwork Stabbing the Drama CDS
Soilwork Stabbing the Drama CD
Soilwork The Panic Broadcast LP G/F, #104/xxx
Soilwork The Panic Broadcast CD
Solefald Jernlov 2×7″EP/CD G/F, ltd/200
Solefald The Linear Scaffold CD Digipak
Solefald The Linear Scaffold LP
Solefald Neonism CD
Solefald Black for Death – an Icelandic Odyssey Part II CD Digipak
Sonata Arctica UnOpened CDS
Sonata Arctica Ecliptica CD
Sonata Arctica Wolf & Raven CDS
Sonata Arctica Silence CD
Sonata Arctica Reckoning Night CD Digipak, ltd
Sonata Arctica Unia CD
Sons of Crom Victory CDS Demo
Sons of Crom Riddle of Steel LP Ltd/500
Sons of Crom Riddle of Steel CD Digipak
Sons of Crom The Black Tower LP Green/blue splatter vinyl, insert, ltd/200
Sons of Crom The Black Tower LP Insert, ltd/300
Sons of Crom The Black Tower CD Digibook, ltd/200
Sorcery Arrival at Six LP Insert
Sorhin I fullmånens dystra sken MC Promo
Sorhin Skogsgriftens rike CD Digipak
Sorhin Åt fanders med ljusets skapelser 7″EP Picture disc, ltd/500
Sorhin I det glimrande mörkrets djup LP Picture disc, #287/500
Sorhin I det glimrande mörkrets djup CD
Sorhin Döden MCMXCVIII CD Digipak, #941/1998
Sorhin Apokalypsens ängel CD
Sorhin/Puissance To Give Death by the Sword of Christ! 7″EP G/F, 2 postcards, #464/500
Sotajumala Panssarikolonna CD
Sotajumala/Deathchain Sotajumala/Deathchain CD
Soulburn Behind the Scenes CD Demo
Souldrainer Reborn CD
Soulgrind Helkavirsiä MC Promo
Soulgrind Whitsongs CD
Soulreaper Written in Blood CD Digipak, #91/2000
Soulreaper Son of the Dead 7″EP
Soulreaper Liferazer CD
Soundgarden Louder Than Love CD
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger CD
Soundgarden Superunknown CD
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun Part 2 CDS
Soundgarden Fell on Black Days CDS
Soundgarden Down on the Upside CD Digipak
Speedtrap Raw Deal CD
Speedtrap Straight Shooter LP Transparent red vinyl, ltd/350
Spiritual Beggars Ad Astra CD
Spiritual Beggars On Fire CD
Sportlov Aska CD Digipak, ltd/200
Stam1na Kadonneet kolme sanaa CDS
Stam1na Stam1na CD
Stam1na Uudet kymmenen käskyä CD
Stam1na Raja CD
Stam1na K13V 2DVD
Stam1na Viimeinen Atlantis CD A5 digibook, ltd
Stam1na Vanhaa paskaa CD Digipak
Stam1na Nocebo CD
Status Quo Hello! LP
Status Quo Blue for You LP G/F
Status Quo Whatever You Want LP
Status Quo Classic Status Quo CD
Steel Panther Feel the Steel CD
Steel Panther Balls Out CD
Stefan Andersson It’s Over Now CDS
Stefan Elmgren’s Full Strike We Will Rise CD
Stephane Grappelli Stephane’s Tune CD
Steve Lukather Lukather LP
Steve Lukather Lukather CD
Steve Morse High Tension Wires LP
Steve Morse Band The Introduction LP
Steve Morse Band Stand Up LP
Steve Morse Band Southern Steel LP
Steve ‘n’ Seagulls Farm Machine CD Digipak
Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet/Pat Metheny Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint LP
Steve Vai Passion & Warfare CD
Steve Vai Sex & Religion CD
Steve Vai Alien Love Secrets CD
Steve Vai Fire Garden CD
Steve Vai The 7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies – Archives Vol. 1 CD
Stevie Ray Vaughan Most Famous Hits Live DVD Box set
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Texas Flood CD
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Couldn’t Stand the Weather LP
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Couldn’t Stand the Weather CD
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Soul To Soul LP
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Live Alive 2LP G/F
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Live at the El Mocambo DVD
Stevie Wonder Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants LP
Stevie Wonder Hotter Than July LP G/F
Stevie Wonder The Woman in Red – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP G/F
Stevie Wonder In Square Circle LP G/F, insert
Stillborn The Permanent Solution CD
Stillborn State of Disconnection CD
Sting …Nothing Like the Sun CD
Sting I Was Brought to My Senses CDS Promo
Stone Stone LP
Stone Back to the Stone Age/Symptom of the Universe 12″EP
Stone No Anaesthesia! CD
Stone Colours LP
Stone Empty Suit 12″EP
Stone Emotional Playground LP
Stone Emotional Playground CD
Stone Free CD
Stone Stoneage CD
Stone Get Stoned, Stay Stoned DVD Digipak in slipcase, patch
Stone Sour Audio Secrecy CD/DVD Digipak, ltd
Storm Nordavind LP Poster, ltd
Storm Nordavind CD
Storm Corrosion Storm Corrosion 2LP G/F, poster, art print signed by Wilson & Åkerfeldt
Storm Corrosion Storm Corrosion CD/BR Digipak, ltd
Strapping Young Lad Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing CD
Strapping Young Lad City CD
Strapping Young Lad For Those Aboot to Rock – Live at the Commodore DVD
Strapping Young Lad Alien CD Logo sticker on jewelcase front cover
Strapping Young Lad The New Black CD
Stratovarius Episode CD
Stratovarius Visions CD
Stratovarius The Chosen Ones CD
Stratovarius Infinite CD
Stratovarius A Million Light Years Away CD
Stratovarius Stratovarius CD
Streaplers The Streaplers LP
Streaplers Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP
Sturm und Drang A Gypsy Rhapsody CD
Suburban Tribe Frozen Ashes CDS
Suicidal Tendencies Join the Army CD
Suicidal Tendencies The Art of Rebellion CD
Summoning Lugburz CD
Summoning Minas Morgul CD
Summoning Dol Guldur CD
Summoning Dol Guldur 2LP G/F, gold vinyl, poster, ltd/200
Summoning Nightshade Forests CD
Summoning Stronghold CD
Summoning Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame CD
Summoning Lost Tales CD
Summoning Oath Bound CD
Summoning Old Mornings Dawn 2LP G/F, gold vinyl, ltd/200
Sunrise Call On Me LP
Survivor Caught in the Game LP
Survivor Vital Signs LP
Survivor Too Hot to Sleep LP
Susanne Sundfør Susanne Sundfør CD
Susanne Sundfør The Silicone Veil CD Digipak
Svante Henryson Enkidu CD Slipcase
Svart Vanära, vanmakt och avsmak CD Ltd/1000
Svartalfheim Well of the Highest Knowledge MC Demo
Svefi Studiomusiker Studiomusiker 2012/13 CD Demo
Sven Hedlund Sven Hedlund Sings Elvis LP
Svend Asmussen Evergreens CD
Svend Asmussen/Jan Johansson Spelar jazz på ungerska LP
Sven-Ingvars Sven-Ingvars bästa LP
Svenne & Lotta Rolls Royce LP
Sviatoslav Richter Beethoven 2CD Digipak
Sviatoslav Richter The Enigma DVD
Sviatoslav Richter In Concert 5CD Box set
Svullo med Electric Boys För fet… 7″EP
Swallow the Sun The Morning Never Came CD
Swallow the Sun Forgive Her… CDS
Swallow the Sun Ghosts of Loss CD
Swallow the Sun Hope CD Digipak
Swallow the Sun Plague of Butterflies CD
Swallow the Sun New Moon LP Ltd/500
Swallow the Sun Emerald Forest and the Blackbird 2LP G/F, dark green vinyl, ltd/400
Swedish Erotica Swedish Erotica LP G/F
Swedish Metal Aid Give a Helpin’ Hand 12″EP G/F
Swordmaster Studio Rehearsal March 1994 MC #144/xxx
Swordmaster Wraths of Time 12″EP Ltd/1000
Swordmaster Wraths of Time CD
Swordmaster Postmortem Tales CD
Swordmaster Moribund Transgoria CD
Sworn Impious Beast Within CD Ltd/500
Sworn/Alvsvart When Damnation Takes Its Course… CD #93/500
Symphony X Symphony X CD
Symphony X The Divine Wings of Tragedy CD
Symphony X Twilight in Olympus CD
Symphony X V: the New Mythology Suite CD
Symphony X The Odyssey CD Slipcase, ltd
Symphony X Paradise Lost CD
System of a Down System of a Down CD
System of a Down Toxicity CD
System of a Down Steal This Album ! CD
System of a Down Mezmerize CD Digipak
System of a Down Hypnotize CD Digipak
Taake Nattestid ser porten vid CD
Taake Over Bjoergvin graater himmerik CD
Tad Morose Paradigma CD
Tages Tages LP
Take 6 So Much 2 Say CD
Take 6 He Is Christmas CD
Take 6 Beautiful World CD
Talisman Talisman LP
Talisman Talisman 2CD
Talisman I’ll Be Waiting 7″EP
Talisman Life CD
Talla A Day in Paradise CD
Talla Punapaula CD
Tan Dun Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon CD OST, Yo-Yo Ma, cello
Tarot The Spell of Iron CD
Tarot Stigmata 2CD
Tarot Suffer Our Pleasures CD
Tarot Shining Black – the Best of Tarot 2CD
Tarot Gravity of Light CD
Tartaros The Grand Psychotic Castle CD Digipak
Tartaros The Red Jewel CD
Ted Gärdestad Upptåg LP
Ted Gärdestad Franska kort LP
Ted Gärdestad Blue Virgin Isles LP
Ted Gärdestad Sol, vind och vatten – Det bästa 2CD
Ted Neeley 1974 A.D. LP
Teddybears Sthlm Rock ‘N ‘ Roll Highschool CD
Teitanblood Death 2LP Insert
Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog CD
Tenacious D Tenacious D CD
Tenacious D The Complete Master Works 2DVD
Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny CD Box, digipak, cards, pick, ltd
Tenebrosus The Fall of Worthless Morals CD
Terrorizer World Downfall CD
Testament The Legacy LP
Testament The Legacy CD
Testament Live at Eindhoven 12″EP
Testament The New Order LP
Testament Trial by Fire 7″EP
Testament Practice What You Preach LP
Testament Practice What You Preach CD
Testament Souls of Black LP
Testament The Ritual CD
Testament Return To the Apocalyptic City CD
Testament Low CD
Testament Live at the Fillmore CD
Testament Demonic CD
Testament The Gathering CD
Testament First Strike Still Deadly CD
Testament Live in London CD
Testament Seen Between the Lines DVD
Testament The Formation of Damnation CD
Testament/Acid Reign Kerrang! Plastic Explosive 7″EP Flexi vinyl, promo
Tetra Guitar Quartet Vivaldi: the Four Seasons CD
Textures Polars CD Slipcase, ltd
Thaurorod Tales of the End CD Sleeve, promo
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Armed Love CD
The 11th Hour Lacrima Mortis CD
The 3rd and the Mortal Painting on Glass CD
The 3rd and the Mortal In This Room CD Digipak, ltd/5000
The Allman Brothers Band Mycology – an Anthology CD
The Arcane Order The Machinery of Oblivion CD
The Beatles The Beatles’ Second Album LP 1st press
The Beatles Revolver LP
The Beatles Beatles’ Greatest LP
The Beatles 1967-1970 2LP G/F
The Beatles The Singles 2CD Asian press
The Black Black Blood CD Sleeve
The Black The Priest of Satan CD
The Black The Priest of Satan CD Ltd/1000
The Black Alongside Death LP G/F, poster, ltd/666
The Black Alongside Death CD Sticker, ltd/2000
The Black Keys Turn Blue CD G/F cardboard sleeve
The Brand New Heavies Dream Come True – the Best of the Acid Jazz Years CD
The Brand New Heavies Anthology of the Brand New Heavies 2CD
The Brecker Brothers Don’t Stop the Music LP
The Brecker Brothers Heavy Metal Be-Bop LP
The Brecker Brothers Straphangin’ CD
The Brecker Brothers East River CD
The Byrds The Original Singles 1965-1967 Volume 1 LP
The Chick Corea Elektric Band The Chick Corea Elektric Band LP
The Choir of Vengeance The Choir of Vengeance CD Ltd/500
The Crown Hell Is Here CD
The Crown Crowned in Terror CD
The Crown Possessed 13 2CD Digipak
The Danish Hildegard Ensemble Ave Maria – Monastic Chants in the Middle Ages CD
The Darkness Permission to Land CD
The Dave Weckl Band Rhyhm of the Soul CD
The Derek Trucks Band Songlines Live DVD
The Devil’s Blood The Time of No Time Evermore 2LP G/F
The Devil’s Blood The Time of No Time Evermore CD Digibook
The Devil’s Blood Fire Burning CDS Digipak
The Devin Townsend Band Synchestra CD
The Embraced In My Dreams…I Am Armageddon CD
The Embraced Songs of Death 7″EP #259/500
The Embraced The Birth CD
The Everdawn Opera of the Damned CD
The Everdawn Poems – Burn the Past CD
The Faceless Akeldama CD
The Faceless Planetary Duality CD Digipak
The Forge Players Flow My Teares – Songs by John Dowland CD Slipcase
The Forsaken Manifest of Hate CD
The Forsaken Traces of the Past CD
The Four Tops Fourteen Fabulous Favorites LP
The Gathering Nighttime Birds CD
The Great Kat Beethoven on Speed LP
The Great Kat Guitar Goddess CD
The Great Kat Bloody Vivaldi CD Signed by Kat
The Grotesquery Tales of the Coffin Born LP G/F
The Grotesquery The Facts and Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales LP G/F, ltd/500
The Hamrahlíd Choir Icelandic Folksongs CD
The Haunted The Haunted CD
The Haunted Made Me Do It CD
The Haunted One Kill Wonder CD
The Haunted rEVOLVEr CD Digipak, ltd/20,000
The Haunted The Dead Eye CD/DVD Slipcase, ltd
The Haunted Versus 2CD Box, poster, sticker, pick, ltd
The Haunted Warning Shots 2CD
The Haunted Road Kill CD
The Haunted Unseen LP/CD
The Haunted Exit Wounds LP Clear transparent vinyl, ltd/100
The Hellacopters Supershitty to the Max! CD
The Hellacopters Payin’ the Dues CD
The Hellacopters Grande Rock CD
The Hellacopters High Visibility CD
The Hellacopters By the Grace of God CD
The Hellacopters Strikes Like Lightning CD
The Hellacopters Rock & Roll Is Dead CD
The Hep Stars We and Our Cadillac LP
The Hollies For Certain Because… LP G/F
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced? CD
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis: Bold As Love CD/DVD Digipak
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland CD
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced?/Axis: Bold as Love 2LP G/F
The King’s Singers Original Debut Recording CD
The King’s Singers Watching the White Wheat CD
The Kinks Word of Mouth LP
The Legion Unseen to Creation CD
The Legion A Bliss to Suffer CD
The Magnificent The Magnificent CD
The Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire CD Digipak
The Manhattan Transfer The Manhattan Transfer LP
The Manhattan Transfer Pastiche LP
The Michael Schenker Group Assault Attack LP
The Michael Schenker Group Built to Destroy LP
The Moaning Promo-94 MC Promo
The Moaning Blood from Stone CD
The Moaning Blood from Stone LP Blue vinyl, poster, ltd
The Modern Jazz Quartet Space LP G/F
The Moody Blues Days of Future Passed LP
The Moody Blues In Search of the Lost Chord LP G/F
The Moody Blues A Question of Balance LP G/F
The Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn LP G/F
The Moody Blues This Is the Moody Blues 2LP G/F
The Moody Blues Octave LP G/F
The New Glenn Miller Orchestra, Ray McKinley The New Glenn Miller Orchestra Under the Direction of Ray McKinley LP
The Offspring Smash CD
The Offspring Americana CD
The Piano Jazz Trio Stormy Weather CD
The Police Ghost in the Machine LP
The Police Synchronicity LP
The Police Greatest Hits CD
The Presidents of the United States of America The Presidents of the United States of America CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Cybersonic Superchrist CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX When We Are Done Your Flesh Will Be Ours CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Armageddon March Eternal – Symphonies of Slit Wrists CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX In Hora Mortis Nostræ CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Deadmarch – Initiation of Blasphemy CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX The Lustrate Process CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Bleeding the New Apocalypse (Cum Victricus in Manibus Armis) CD
The Project Hate MCMXCIX The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda CD Digipak, signed by Lord K, #25/200
The Project Hate MCMXCIX There Is No Earth I Will Leave Unscorched CD Digipak, ltd/200
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Of Chaos and Carnal Pleasures CD Digipak
The Real Group Röster LP
The Real Group Varför får man inte bara vara som man är? CD
The Real Group En riktig jul CD
The Real Group Commonly Unique CD
The Real Group Allt det bästa 2CD
The Real Group Stämning CD Eric Ericson
The Resistance Rise from Treason CD
The Romeo & Juliet Choir L’amour de moy CD
The Simpsons Do the Bartman 7″EP
The Sisters of Mercy Some Girls Wander by Mistake CD
The Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream CD
The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 2CD
The Smashing Pumpkins Adore CD
The Spotnicks In Stockholm LP
The Spotnicks The Spotnicks in Berlin LP
The Spotnicks The Spotnicks in Winterland LP
The Spotnicks Live in Japan LP
The Storyteller Crossroad CD
The Storyteller Seed of Lies CD
The Supremes Floy Joy LP
The Sweet Desolation Boulevard LP G/F
The Swingle Singers Bach Hits Back CD
The Tapiola Choir Christmas Album CD
The Violents Live at the Star Club LP
The Wake Ode to My Misery CD
The Whispers The Whispers LP
The Wicked Sonic Scriptures of the End Times/Songs to Have Your Nightmares With CD Sleeve, promo
The Wretched End Inroads CD
The Yardbirds featuring Jeff Beck The Yardbirds Featuring Jeff Beck LP
Theatre of Tragedy Velvet Darkness They Fear CD
Thelonious Monk ‘Round Midnight CD Slipcase
Them Demoniac Crescendos CD Demo
Them Unhallowed CD Demo
Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures CD
Therion Of Darkness LP
Therion Of Darkness CD
Therion Beyond Sanctorum LP
Therion Beyond Sanctorum CD
Therion Theli CD
Therion A’ Arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming CD Digipak
Therion Vovin CD Digipak, ltd
Therion Deggial CD
Therion Live in Midgård 2CD
Therion Lemuria/Sirius B 2CD Digipak in plastic slipcase, ltd
Therion Gothic Kabbalah 2CD Digipak, ltd
Therion The Miskolc Experience 2CD/DVD Box, 2 digipaks, ltd
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak CD
Thin Lizzy Johnny the Fox CD
Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation CD
Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous CD
Thin Lizzy Black Rose LP
Thin Lizzy Black Rose CD
Thin Lizzy Chinatown CD
Thin Lizzy Renegade LP
Thin Lizzy Renegade CD
Thin Lizzy Thunder and Lightning CD
Thorn Memories MC Demo, #72/300
Thornium Mushroom Clouds and Dusk CD
Thorns/Emperor Thorns Vs. Emperor CD
Thou Shalt Suffer Into the Woods of Belial CD
Throes of Dawn The Blackened Rainbow CDS
Throne of Ahaz Nifelheim CD
Throne of Ahaz Nifelheim LP Insert, ltd/300
Throne of Ahaz On Twilight Enthroned CD
Throne of Chaos Menace and Prayer CD
Throne of Chaos Pervertigo CD
Throneaeon Neither of Gods CD
Throneaeon Godhate CD
Thunderstone Virus CDS
Thundra Worshipped by Chaos CD Digipak
Thy Primordial Kristallklar vinternatt 7″EP #385/500
Thy Primordial Where Only the Seasons Mark the Paths of Time LP G/F, ltd/500
Thy Primordial Where Only the Seasons Mark the Paths of Time CD
Thy Serpent Frozen Memory MC Demo
Thy Serpent Into Everlasting Fire MC Demo
Thy Serpent Christcrusher CD
Thy Serpent Forests of Witchery/Lords of Twilight 2CD
Thyrane Black Harmony CD
Thyrane/The Dead Beginners Black Harmony/The Dead Beginners CD
Thyrfing Hednaland MC Ltd/300
Thyrfing Thyrfing LP G/F, green vinyl, ltd
Thyrfing Valdr Galga CD Digipak
Thyrfing De ödeslösa CD Digipak, ltd
Tiamat A Winter Shadow 7″EP
Tiamat The Astral Sleep CD
Tiamat Clouds CD
Tiamat Wildhoney LP
Tiamat Wildhoney 2CD Digipak
Tiamat Cold Seed CDS Digipak
Tiamat A Deeper Kind of Slumber CD Digipak
Tiamat Skeleton Skeletron CD Digipak
Tiamat Judas Christ CD
Tiamat Cain CDS Digipak
Tiamat Amanethes CD Digipak, ltd
Tiamat Amanethes 2LP Ltd
Tidfall Instinct Gate CD
Time Requiem Time Requiem CD
Timo Tolkki Classical Variations and Themes CD
Timo Tolkki Hymn to Life CD
TNT Tell No Tales LP
Tobias Lundmark/Arnold Schönberg Kantat för fjärde söndagen i Advent/Verklärte Nacht CD Promo
TOC Loss Angeles CD
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits CD
Tomas Ledin Ett samlingsalbum CD
Tomas Martin Silent Dance CD Demo
Tommy Körberg Julen är här CD
Tonttu Nekrognomekon CD Cardboard wallet
Tonttu Nekrognomekon CD Promo
Tony MacAlpine Edge of Insanity LP
Tony MacAlpine Eyes of the World LP
Torchbearer Yersinia Pestis CD
Torchbearer Warnaments CD
Tori Amos Under the Pink CD
Tori Amos Boys for Pele CD
Tori Amos Strange Little Girls CD 4th cover, “Raining Blood”
Tori Amos A Tori Amos Collection – Tales of a Librarian CD
Tormentor Anno Domini LP Picture disc, ltd/666
Torture Division With Endless Wrath We Bring Upon Thee Our Infernal Torture CD Digipak
Torture Division Evighetens dårar III CD Demo, ltd, handed out onstage @ Getaway Rock 2010
Torture Division Evighetens dårar CD Digipak
Torture Division Through the Eyes of a Dead CD Sleeve, promo
Torture Division The Army of Three CD Digipak, signed photo, #36/100
Torture Killer For Maggots to Devour CD
Torture Killer Swarm! CD
Totalt Jävla Mörker Det ofrivilliga lidandets maskineri CD
Toto Turn Back LP
Toto Toto IV LP
Toto Isolation LP
Toto Fahrenheit LP
Toto The Seventh One CD
Toto Livefields 2CD Ltd
Toto The Best Of CD
Tower of Power Soul with a Capital “S” – the Best of Tower of Power CD
Tracy Chapman Crossroads LP
Trap Assassinations MC Patch, ltd/100
Traveling Wilburys Traveling Wilburys LP
Trazan & Banarne Sångtajm med Trazan & Banarne LP
Treat We Are One 12″EP
Treat The Pleasure Principle LP
Treat Organized Crime LP
Trelldom Til et annet… CD
Trelldom Til minne… CD
Tribulation The Horror LP G/F, poster, ltd
Tribulation The Horror CD Digipak
Tribulation The Formulas of Death CD
Tribulation The Children of the Night 2LP/7″/CD Box, booklet, signed art print, pendant, ltd/1000
Triptykon Eparistera Daimones 2LP G/F, posters, ltd
Triptykon Eparistera Daimones CD Digibook
Triptykon Shatter CD
Triptykon Melana Chasmata CD
Triumphator The Triumph of Satan (Promo ’96) MC Promo
Triumphator Wings of Antichrist LP G/F
Troll Trollstorm over Nidingjuv CD
Tsjuder Desert Northern Hell LP Poster, insert
Tulus Evil 1999 CD
Tulus Biography Obscene CD
Tunnelvision Tomorrow CD
Turbonegro Scandinavian Leather CD
Turbonegro Party Animals CD
Turisas The Varangian Way – Director’s Cut CD
Turisas A Finnish Summer with Turisas DVD
Twisted Sister You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll LP
Twisted Sister The Kids Are Back 12″EP
Twisted Sister Come Out and Play LP Pop-up sleeve
Two Man Sound Basic Tropical LP
Tygers of Pan Tang The Cage LP
Type O Negative October Rust CD
Type O Negative The Least Worst Of CD Digipak, ltd
Type O Negative Dead Again CD
Týr Land CD/DVD
Tyranex Death Roll LP
Tyrant (GER) Fight for Your Life LP
Tyrant (SWE) Reclaim the Flame CD Digipak
U2 Under a Blood Red Sky (Live) 12″EP
U2 Achtung Baby CD
U2 The Best of 1980-1990 CD
U2 Songs of Innocence CD
Uada Devoid of Light CD
UFO Phenomenon CD
UFO Lights Out CD
UFO The Best of UFO CD
Ulisses Rocha Alguma coisa a ver com o silêncio CD
Ulver Vargnatt MC Promo, #97/100
Ulver Vargnatt CD A5 white leatherbook, poster, ltd/1000
Ulver Bergtatt – Et eeventyr i 5 capitler CD
Ulver Bergtatt – Et eeventyr i 5 capitler LP G/F, green vinyl, inlay, ltd/300
Ulver Kveldssanger CD
Ulver Kveldssanger LP G/F, green vinyl, inlay, ltd/300
Ulver Nattens madrigal – Aatte hymne til ulven i manden LP
Ulver Nattens madrigal – Aatte hymne til ulven i manden LP G/F, green vinyl, inlay, ltd/300
Ulver The Trilogie – Three Journeys Through the Norwegian Netherworlde 3LP Box, picture disc, booklet, 3 posters, ltd/1000
Ulver Silence Teaches You How to Sing CD Ltd/2000
Ulver/Mysticum Split EP 7″EP #656/1000
Unanimated Fire Storm MC Demo
Unanimated In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead CD
Unanimated Ancient God of Evil CD
Unanimated In the Light of Darkness CD
Uncreation’s Dawn Lightning Hammer Falls CD
Under That Spell Apotheosis CD
Unicorn Ever Since CD
Unicorn Emotional Wasteland CD
Unleashed And the Laughter Has Died… 7″EP
Unleashed Where No Life Dwells LP
Unleashed Where No Life Dwells CD
Unleashed Across the Open Sea LP
Unleashed Victory CD
Unleashed Sworn Allegiance CD
Unleashed Viking Raids 1991-2004 – the Best of Unleashed CD
Unleashed Immortal Glory (The Complete Century Media Years) 10CD Wooden box, #130/2000
Unleashed Hammer Battalion CD
Unleashed As Yggdrasil Trembles CD Digipak, ltd
Unleashed Odalheim LP G/F, clear red vinyl, poster, ltd/500
Unleashed Odalheim CD Slipcase, ltd
Unleashed Dawn of the Nine LP G/F
Uno Svenningsson Uno CD
Urga Loco CDS
Urga Urgasm CD
Urgehal Goatcraft Torment CD
Urgehal The Eternal Eclipse – 15 Years of Satanic Black Metal CD
Uriah Heep …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble LP
Uriah Heep Salisbury CD
Uriah Heep Look at Yourself LP
Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards CD
Uriah Heep Live 2LP G/F
Uriah Heep Wonderworld CD
Vader Reborn in Chaos CD
Vader Live in Japan CD
Vader Reign Forever World CD
Vader Impressions in Blood CD Slipcase
Vader Necropolis CD
Vader Welcome to the Morbid Reich CD Digipak, ltd
Vader Tibi et Igni CD Digipak, ltd
Vainaja Kadotetut LP G/F, white vinyl, insert, mp3 d/l coupon
Valar Towards the Great Unknown MC Promo
Valkyrja The Invocation of Demise LP Gray splatter vinyl, insert, patch, #89/100
Valkyrja The Invocation of Demise CD
Valkyrja Contamination CD
Valkyrja Contamination 2LP G/F, ltd/400
Vallenfyre A Fragile King CD Digipak, ltd
Vallenfyre Desecration 7″EP Yellow vinyl, #309/500
Vampire Vampire 7″EP Goat yellow vinyl, ltd/500
Vampire Vampire LP Patch
Vampire Vampire CD
Vampire With Primeval Force LP G/F, blue vinyl, booklet, ltd/400
Van Halen Van Halen LP
Van Halen Van Halen II LP
Van Halen Women and Children First LP
Van Halen Fair Warning LP
Van Halen 1984 LP
Van Halen 1984 CD
Van Halen 5150 LP
Van Halen OU812 LP
Van Halen Best Of Volume I CD
Vandenberg Alibi LP
Vandenberg Once in a Lifetime 12″EP
Vanhelgd Relics of Sulphur Salvation LP Insert
Vanhelgd Temple of Phobos LP/7″ White vinyl, insert, ltd
Vargavinter Frostfödd CD
Vargavinter Frostfödd LP Picture disc, ltd/500
Vassago Knights from Hell CD
Vassago/Antichrist Hail War! LP #176/500
Vaya con Dios Time Flies CD
Ved Buens Ende Written in Waters CD
Vektor Terminal Redux 2LP G/F, void black vinyl, insert, ltd
Velvet Revolver Contraband CD
Velvet Revolver Contraband CD Slipcase
Venom At War with Satan LP
Verjnuarmu Kurjuuvven valssi CDS
Verjnuarmu Muanpiällinen helevetti CD
Vermin Millennium Ride CD
Vermin Filthy F***ing Vermin CD
Vetus Obscurum Blood Revelations CD
Viba Femba Alla talar svenska CD
Viba Femba Viba Femba önskar julefrid CDS
Viba Femba Samla alla fem CD
Vicious Art Fire Falls and the Waiting Waters CD
Vicious Art Weed the Wild 7″EP Ltd/200
Victor Borge Comedy in Music CD
Vigrid Throne of Forest CD
Viktoria Tolstoy Blame It on My Youth CD
Vince Neil Exposed CD
Vince Neil Carved in Stone CD
Vinnie Moore Time Odyssey LP
Vinterland Welcome My Last Chapter CD
Vinterriket Promo 2001 CD
Vinterriket Retrospektive CD Ltd/1000
Vintersorg Till fjälls CD
Vintersorg Ödemarkens son LP G/F, ltd/300
Vintersorg Visions from the Spiral Generator CD Slipcase
Vintersorg The Focusing Blur CD
Vintersorg Cosmic Genesis CD
Vintersorg Jordpuls CD
Vintersorg Naturbål CD
Vintersorg Till fjälls del II 2LP G/F, ltd/300
Vitalij Kuprij High Definition CD
Vitalij Kuprij Extreme Measures CD
Vitalij Kuprij VK3 CD
Vitalij Kuprij Forward and Beyond CD Digipak
Vladimir Horowitz Plays Chopin CD
Vladimir Horowitz Plays Scriabin LP
Vomitory Opus Mortis VIII CD Digipak, ltd
Vond Selvmord CD
Värttinä Seleniko CD
Väsen Världens väsen CD
Väsen Gront CD
Väsen Live at the Nordic Root Festival CD Digipak
Väsen Trio CD
Väsen Live in Japan CD/DVD
Väsen Linnaeus väsen CD
W.A.S.P. The Last Command LP
Walhalla War Over Nordland MC Demo
Walk on Fire Blind Faith LP
Waltari Space Avenue CD
War We Are…Total War CD
Wargasm Why Play Around? LP
Warloghe Womb of Pestilence CD
Warmen Unknown Soldier CD
Warmen Alone CDS
Warmen Beyond Abilities CD
Warrant Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich LP
Warrant Dog Eat Dog CD
Watain Rabid Death’s Curse CD
Watain Casus Luciferi LP Lyrics booklet
Watain Casus Luciferi CD
Watain Sworn to the Dark – No Return 2LP G/F, A1 poster, lyrics booklet, ltd
Watain Sworn to the Dark CD Digipak
Watain Reaping Death 7″EP Picture disc, insert, sticker, ltd/1300
Watain Reaping Death CDS Digipak
Watain Lawless Darkness 2LP G/F die-cut, booklet, poster, ltd/2500
Watain Lawless Darkness CD Box, digipak, pendant, flag, candle, cards, ltd/1000
Watain Opus Diaboli DVD/2LP/2CD Box, photobook, 4 postcards, signed sheet, #759/1000
Watain All That May Bleed 7″EP Bloodred vinyl, insert, ltd/500
Watain The Wild Hunt 2LP/2×7″/CD Box, cloth, poster, 5 photos, pin, signed photo, #835/2000
Watain Tonight We Raise Our Cups and Toast in Angels Blood – A Tribute to Bathory LP Poster, #570/1300
Way to End Desecrated Internal Journey CD
Weather Report Weather Report LP
Weather Report The Best Of CD
Weather Report Collections CD
Weeping Daemon Delirium of Insanity CD Demo
White Lion Fight to Survive LP
White Lion Pride LP
White Lion Big Game LP
Whitesnake Ready an’ Willing LP
Whitesnake Live….In the Heart of the City CD
Whitesnake Slide It In LP
Whitesnake Slide It In CD
Whitesnake 1987 LP
Whitesnake 1987 CD
Whitesnake Is This Love 12″EP
Whitesnake Slip of the Tongue LP
Whitesnake Slip of the Tongue CD
Whitesnake Good to Be Bad CD
Whitney Houston Whitney Houston LP
Whitney Houston Whitney Houston CD
Whitney Houston Whitney CD
Whitney Houston I’m Your Baby Tonight CD
Whitney Houston The Essential 2CD
Wigwam Nuclear Nightclub CD
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger Complete Songs for Mixed Choir a Cappella 2CD Erik Westbergs Vokalensemble, Mhsk i Piteå Kammarkör
Wilma Lapiolahti Wilmas juleskiva CD Demo with handmade cover
Wilson Pickett It’s Too Late LP
Winds Reflections of the I CD
Wintersun Wintersun CD Slipcase
Wintersun Time I LP G/F, blue vinyl, poster, ltd
Wintersun Time I CD/DVD A5 digibook, ltd
Wintersun The Forest Seasons 2LP G/F, green/gold vinyl, ltd/300
Wintersun The Forest Seasons 3CD/4LP Box, picture disc, green/gold vinyl, digibook, digipak, ltd/300
Witch Cross Fit for Fight LP
Witchery Restless & Dead CD
Witchery Dead, Hot and Ready CD Digipak
Witchery Symphony of the Devil CD
Witchery Don’t Fear the Reaper CD
Witherscape The Inheritance LP/CD Blue vinyl
Witherscape The New Tomorrow 12″EP Transparent red vinyl, ltd/200
Witherscape The Northern Sanctuary LP/CD G/F, poster
Within Temptation The Silent Force CD
Wizex Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP
Woe A Spell for the Death of Man LP Red vinyl, ltd/500
Wolf Moonlight CD
Wolf Black Wings CD
Wolf Evil Star CD
Wolfen Society Conquer Divine CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Clarinet Concerto/Piano Concerto/Fantasy CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Clarinet Concerto/Violin Concerto/Horn Concerto CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concertos in A Major KV 488 & C Minor KV 491 LP W. Kempff, piano; Bamberger Symphoniker
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concertos Nos. 9 & 21 CD Sleeve, Leonard Hokanson & Svetlana Stanceva, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concertos Nos. 12 & 19/Rondo K. 511 CD Maria-João Pires, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Quintet KV 452, Piano Sonatas KV 545 & 331 CD Greta Erikson, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonatas Nos. 11 & 14/Fantasy/Variations CD Jeno Jando, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol. 1 CD Jeno Jando, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol. 2 CD Jeno Jando, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol. 3 CD Jeno Jando, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol. 4 CD Jeno Jando, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol. 5 CD Jeno Jando, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Requiem CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 40/Piano Concerto No. 21/Piano Pieces CD Svetlana Stanceva & Rosel Molzer, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Classical Romantic Mozart CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Violin Concertos Nos. 1-3 CD David Oistrakh, violin; Berliner Philharmoniker
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Violin Concertos Nos. 4 & 5 CD David Oistrakh, violin; Berliner Philharmoniker
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/J. Brahms/Bach-Busoni Piano Concerto No. 15/Variations on a Theme/Chaconne CD Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto in G Major/Piano Concerto in C Minor CD Sleeve, Leonard Hokanson & Dubravka Tomsic, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Mendelssohn/Schubert Clarinet Concerto/Nocturne/Symphony no. 8 CD
Wolfmother Wolfmother CD
Wolfmother Cosmic Egg CD
Wolves in the Throne Room Two Hunters CD
Wongraven Fjelltronen CD
Work of Art The Great Fall CDS Digipak
Wynton Marsalis Best of the Early Years CD
Wyvern No Defiance of Fate CD
Xerath II CD Slipcase
Xysma Yeah LP
Xysma Lotto CD
Xysma Xysma 2CD
Y & T In Rock We Trust LP
Y & T Down for the Count LP
Y & T Contagious LP
Yattering Genocide CD
Yellowjackets Mirage à trois LP
Yellowjackets Four Corners LP
Yes Fragile CD
Yes Close to the Edge CD Digipak in slipcase
Yes Drama LP G/F
Yes 90125 LP
Yes Big Generator LP
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Black Star 7″EP Flexi vinyl
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Trilogy LP
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Trilogy CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Trial by Fire – Live in Leningrad LP
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Eclipse LP
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Eclipse CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Fire & Ice CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen The Seventh Sign CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Magnum Opus CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra CD Japan press, poster
Yngwie J. Malmsteen The Best Of 1990 – 1999 CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra LIVE DVD Japan press
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Rising Force LP
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Rising Force CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Studio/Live ’85 12″EP Ltd
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Marching Out LP
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Marching Out CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Heaven Tonight 7″EP
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Odyssey LP
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Odyssey CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Alchemy CD Slipcase
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Attack!! CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Unleash the Fury CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force Perpetual Flame CD
Yob The Unreal Never Lived CD
Yob The Illusion of Motion CD
Yundi Li The Best of Yundi Li 2CD Digipak, Asian press
Yyrkoon Oniric Transition CD
Zakk Wylde Book of Shadows 2CD
Zero 7 Simple Things CD
ZilliacusPerssonRaitinen Mozart: Divertimento CD Digipak
Zoltan Kocsis Piano Recital DVD
Zyklon Aeon CD Slipcase
Zyklon Disintegrate LP G/F, ltd/1850
Zyklon-B Blood Must Be Shed CD
ZZ Top Eliminator LP
ZZ Top Afterburner LP
ZZ Top Recycler LP
Änglagård Hybris CD Digipak
Änglagård Epilog 2CD Digipak
V/A 20 Blazing Bullets LP
V/A 20 Original Chart Hits – 1979 CD Sleeve
V/A A Black Mark Tribute CD
V/A A Black Mark Tribute Vol. II CD
V/A A History of a Time to Come – Proem I MC
V/A Absolute Dance 2 CD
V/A Absolute Reggae CD
V/A Absolute Rock Classics 2CD
V/A Absolute Rock Classics 2 2CD
V/A Anthological Works of the Croatian 20th Century Choral Music CD Slovenian Chamber Choir
V/A Aural Opiates CD
V/A Barbarian Songs CD Sleeve, promo
V/A Beauty in Darkness Vol. 2 CD Digipak
V/A Berühmte Overtüren CD
V/A Black & White Box of Jazz 8CD Box
V/A Black Mark – Metal by Metal DVD
V/A Black Mark Attack CD
V/A Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation Volume I CD
V/A Blågula sommartoner CD
V/A Cavatina – Guitar Collection CD
V/A Choosing Death: the Original Soundtrack CD
V/A Chopin’s Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 and Many Other Piano Jewels 2CD
V/A Choral Music from Bo Ejeby Förlag 2011 CD Sleeve, promo
V/A Christmas Sax Volume One CD
V/A Classical Guitar: the Best of John Williams & Andres Segovia CD
V/A Classical Themes from TV Commercials, Vol. 1 CD
V/A Corelli Albinoni Scarlatti Manfredini Locattelli CD
V/A Crusade from the North 2LP
V/A Death Is Just the Beginning LP Insert
V/A Death …Is Just the Beginning IV 2CD Digipak
V/A El Merengue Vivelo – Con los mejores CD
V/A En salig samling – tolkningar av Frälsningsarméns mest önskade sånger CD
V/A Eternal Flame of Gehenna/Noise of Finland DVD
V/A Fame – Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture LP G/F
V/A Famous Ballet Music CD
V/A Famous Baroque Music CD
V/A Finlir & glöd CD Digipak
V/A Flamenco – Millennium Collection 2CD
V/A Flavour Sampler CD Promo
V/A Ghostbusters (Original Soundtrack) LP
V/A Global Metal DVD
V/A Great Pianists of the Century 5CD Slipcase
V/A Guitar Heroes 2CD
V/A Habana de noche CD Slipcase
V/A Headbangers Against Disco 7″EP
V/A Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 2 7″EP
V/A Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 3 7″EP
V/A Hits of the 80s CD
V/A In Conspiracy with Satan – a Tribute to Bathory CD Digipak
V/A Jazz Collection 2000 CD
V/A Jazz från det svenska 70-talet 2LP G/F
V/A Jesus Christ Superstar 2LP Box set, booklet, insert
V/A Jul i folkton – I solvändets tid (Live 2010) CD Digipak
V/A Julens sånger CD
V/A Kaikkien aikojen Suomirock klassikot 3CD
V/A Kapitel I CD Cardboard sleeve
V/A Klassisia suosikkisävelmiä 3CD Slipcase
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Barndomsminnen CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Berömda ouvertyrer CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Bitterljuva minnen CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Bortom tid och rum CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Brinnande passioner CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Brittisk pompa CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Då dagen gryr CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: En afton i Wien CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: En fröjdefull jul CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: En förlorad värld CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: En galakväll på operan CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: En kunglig bankett CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Ett stänk av romantik CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Festyra CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Franska stämningar CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Från Nya världen CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Havets sång CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Hymner och lovsånger CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: I avskildhet CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: I dansens virvlar CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: I goda vänners lag CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: I kärlekens tecken CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: I vårens tid CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Italien i toner CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Krig och fred CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Körverk CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Magiska krafter CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Med sorg i hjärtat CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Mellan dröm och verklighet CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Musik i sommarnatt CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Musikaliska resor CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Mästerstycken för piano CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Naturens krafter CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Nordiskt ljus CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: När hösten nalkas CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Oförglömliga baletter CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Om vintern CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Paradmarscher CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Rysk rapsodi CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Sinnesfrid CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Skymningsljus CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Spanska rytmer CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Speglingar CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Stråkarnas musik CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Stunder av stillhet CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Utflykt i det gröna CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Zigenarmusik CD Digibook
V/A Klassiska musikstunder: Österlandets mystik CD Digibook
V/A Knebworth 2LP G/F
V/A Komponisten der Neuzeit 2CD
V/A Kung Fury (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP Red vinyl, ltd
V/A Linköpings musikskola 50 år CD
V/A Lira #4 2006 CD Sleeve, promo
V/A Lira #4 2008 CD Sleeve, promo
V/A Ljusa ögonblick CD Digipak
V/A Metal: a Headbanger’s Journey DVD
V/A More Power Ballads CD
V/A Mr Music Hits 11/91 CD
V/A Music for Two Guitars CD Hildén & Lehtinen, Guitar duo
V/A Music for Two Pianos CD John Ogdon & Brenda Lucas, piano
V/A Music! CD Sleeve, promo
V/A No Fashion Records – Classics 2CD
V/A Norwegian Violin Favourites CD Henning Kraggerud, violin
V/A O helga natt CD
V/A Odium Records XX Anniversary CD Sleeve
V/A Piano Collection CD Annette Servadel, piano
V/A Piano Moods 2CD
V/A Piano Solo, Moment Musical CD
V/A Popligan – För FN och Flykting-67 LP
V/A Pulp Fiction: Music from the Motion Picture (Collector’s Edition) CD
V/A Pure… Soul 4CD Digipak
V/A Romantic Piano CD Kerri Kavanavich, piano
V/A Romantic Piano Concertos CD
V/A Romantic Symphonies CD
V/A Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack) 2LP G/F
V/A Scandinavian Metal Attack LP
V/A Scandinavian Metal Attack II LP
V/A Schumann: Träumerei ja muita maailman kauneinta pianomusiikkia CD Hui-Ying Liu & Erik T. Tawaststjerna, piano
V/A Seven Gates of Horror – a Tribute to Possessed CD Digipak
V/A Skandinavisk önskekonsert 3CD Slipcase
V/A Smask 2002 – Riksfinalen i Piteå CD
V/A Smells Like Team Spirit II CD
V/A Sounds Like This LP
V/A Speed Kills…But Who’s Dying? Vol. 4 2LP G/F
V/A Spinetingler CD
V/A Sun Trip – Third Phase CD
V/A Suomi Finland Perkele Compilation 2 – How to Understand Finland!? CD Sleeve, promo
V/A Tamla Motown Is Hot, Hot, Hot! LP
V/A Ten Years of Success CD
V/A The Art of Piano DVD
V/A The Art of Violin DVD
V/A The Classical Romantic Bolero CD
V/A The Coolest Cuban Music Sampler CD Promo
V/A The Country Show Vol. 6 (Peta in en pinne i brasan) LP
V/A The Soul Goes On LP
V/A Toner för miljoner CD
V/A Touch of Death CD
V/A Urban Cowboy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2LP G/F
V/A Valkea joulu CD
V/A Vägen till mästarna 2CD
V/A We Are the Law CD Sleeve, promo
V/A World Music Network – the Rough Guide Music Sampler CD Sleeve, promo
V/A X-mas Project Vol. I + II CD